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How To Defeat Plyusch In Atomic Heart? Ways To Defeat Plyusch In Atomic Heart
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How To Defeat Plyusch In Atomic Heart? Ways To Defeat Plyusch In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart 

Mundfish created the first-person shooter Atomic Heart, which Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity published. On February 21, 2023, the game was made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. When the game was released, most of the reviews were positive. The setting of Atomic Heart is Facility 3826, the Soviet Union’s most important research facility in 1955. Mundfish, which bills itself as an international studio with headquarters in Cyprus and offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is responsible for the development of Atomic Heart.

How To Defeat Plyusch In Atomic Heart?

  • Preparing for a prolonged battle is the best strategy for dealing with Plyusch. This is the ideal time to purchase Second Wind from the Character upgrade menu. It’s great that Second Wind will grant you an additional dodge charger.

  • Capsules of neuro meds should be in your inventory. Additionally, if you have one, choose Adrenaline Capsules. For one to two minutes, these capsules will boost your dodge recovery rate and restore your health.

  • Due to its resistance to firearms, shooting it from a range is not recommended. Therefore, the greater the strength of your melee weapons, the greater your chances of success. 

  • If you have the spare Neuropolymer, you should also improve your Polymer Shield skill to withstand its more dangerous attacks.

  • The Plyusch typically unleashes a string of attacks, as well as numerous Critical Attacks that will stagger you and make it simple to reduce your health. When you do it right, your Polymer Shield will absorb the damage and reflect it at the boss for retaliation.

  • Additionally, you may miss a dodge or two, resulting in one of its Critical Attacks landing. You’ll be grabbed as a result of one of those, and you’ll need some quick-time events to get away. When you need to, heal up by pressing the right button prompt in the middle of your screen two to three times.

  • Don’t get greedy and choose your windows to attack because avoiding its attacks will allow you to swipe at it for a few attacks. It’s also a good idea to equip your melee weapons with an elemental cartridge, with flame and ice being the best choices for increased damage. Even if you’re far away, you can still fire your weapons, but the Plyusch won’t be badly hurt.

  • The organic creature will soon be defeated if you maintain a strong defense and attack whenever possible. Although this will not be the last time you see the other Plyusch, it is a good thing that it will remain behind glass.

Plyusch In Atomic Heart

The terrifying Plyusch is the experimental bionic creature’s endoskeleton, a reanimated ball of polymer muscle with a dog brain implanted in it. The Plyusch walks on its hind legs most of the time, but it can also run on all fours at the speed of a wolf in the wild. The biorobot can easily jump great distances and transform its paws to make them several times longer. The Plyusch, or Ivy, naturally moves quickly. While flailing at you with its two arms that reach a great distance and stand primarily on two legs, It is strong against shock and gunfire but weak against fire and melee. This indicates that the Zvezdochka, Fox, Snowball, and Swede are your preferred weapons. Choose weapons that don’t take too long to swing because the Plyusch moves quickly and attacks quickly. Three attacks are available to Plyusch, two of which are potent. Two circles on each arm signify the first power attack. As a result, Plyusch will lunge at you and slam aggressively on you with its tendrils. A huge circle will appear in preparation for its unique attack.

Meeting The Plyusch In Atomic Heart

In Atomic Heart, you’ll have to complete several tasks to build a robot named Claire to meet the organic monster.  The Plyusch, whose cell is not secure enough. A dog brain is inserted into this polymeric muscle-animated blob. Her left arm will be located in an area where the boss happens to be while her parts are scattered throughout the facility. You will first need to deal with this monstrous being before you can get the appendage.

Atomic Heart Gameplay

Atomic Heart is a role-playing and stealth-based first-person shooter video game. Using improvised weapons, the combat consists of shooting and slashing. There are many different types of enemies to choose from, some of which are airborne and others mechanical, biomechanical, or biological. The player can create weapons out of metal components that can be taken from robots or household appliances through a crafting system. Through a mechanic known as “cassettes,” weapons can be upgraded. The game has limited ammunition and a stealth mode. The game features quick-time events. The Polymer Glove is a special glove that the player wears to defeat enemies and grants powers like telekinesis, freezing, and electricity. It can use both melee and ranged weapons to combine its abilities.

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