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How To Find Linkedin Url? Where To Find Linkedin Url On App?
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How To Find Linkedin Url? Where To Find Linkedin Url On App?

Linkedin Wiki

Microsoft’s business and employment-focused social media platform, LinkedIn, was launched on May 5, 2003, and has since become a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. With over 900 million registered members from 200 countries and territories, the platform is primarily used for professional networking, career development, and job searching. Its revenue comes mainly from selling access to member information to recruiters and sales professionals. Members can create profiles, connect with others, invite non-members to join, organize offline events, join groups, publish job postings, and post photos and videos.

Ryan Roslansky is the current CEO of LinkedIn, while Jeff Weiner, the former CEO, now serves as the Executive Chairman, and Reid Hoffman, the platform’s founder, is the chairman of the board. Sequoia Capital, Greylock, Bain Capital Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and the European Founders Fund were among the investors who funded LinkedIn, which became profitable in March 2006. The company received a total of $103 million in investment until January 2011. In a 2016 New York Times article, it was reported that high school students in the US were creating LinkedIn profiles to boost their college applications. As of 2013, the platform is available in 24 languages, and in May of that year, it traded its first shares under the NYSE symbol “LNKD” after filing for an initial public offering in January 2011.

How To Find Linkedin Url?

LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for professionals to establish connections with colleagues, business associates, and potential employers. By creating a publicly accessible profile that showcases their skills and accomplishments, users can expedite their job search and advance their career prospects.

However, many users may wonder how they can share their profile with others on the site, as well as with individuals who are not yet connected to them. Fortunately, LinkedIn has made it simple for users to obtain their unique profile URL, which they can share for networking purposes, job applications, or any other relevant purposes.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn by visiting its website and entering your username and password.

  2. Locate the “Me” button on the toolbar at the top of your home screen. It will be accompanied by your profile photo. Click on it to open a dropdown menu of options.

  3. Select “View Profile” from the options to navigate to your profile page.

  4. Once your profile page loads, take a look at the URL bar. The URL displayed in the bar is your unique LinkedIn URL.

Where To Find Linkedin Url On App?

  1. Open from a browser on your Mac or PC. Then, sign in with your LinkedIn account.

  2. On the top right of your LinkedIn account, click your profile photo. A drop-down with options will be displayed.

  3. From the displayed options, click View profile.

  4. When you click View profile, your LinkedIn URL will be displayed on the browser’s URL bar.

  5. However, you can also find LinkedIn URL by clicking the Edit public profile & URL link – on the right pane of the page. The link opens in a new browser tab.

  6. Your LinkedIn URL will be displayed on the top right of the new page. To edit the URL, click the edit button beside the current URL. 

  7. Finally, to change your LinkedIn URL, after clicking the edit button beside your current URL, enter a new name in the last part of the URL. Then, click the Save button.

  1. A LinkedIn URL on your resume is a professional way of letting companies and Human Resource teams look you up and know more about you.

  2. Finding your LinkedIn URL is quite simple. Just log in to your Linkedin profile and look for the URL at the top of your browser.

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