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How to Unfriend All Friends on Facebook at Once?
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How to Unfriend All Friends on Facebook at Once?

What is Facebook

It is a famous social media platform to connect with the world as connecting with people as friends. Million people till now surfing around Facebook for many other reasons like market, and business, and many entrepreneurs developed by this period via Facebook. So most of the changes are occurring now with this Facebook. In that building, a friends circle and developing our knowledge is the biggest thing done on this platform so many of them get a chance in different sectors as they and overall it comes as a full-time job for them.

About Facebook

App  Facebook 
Type Of Site Social Networking 



Available In 112 Languages
Founded February 4, 2004
Area Served Worldwide, Except Blocking Countries
Owner Meta Platforms
Founders Mark Zuckerberg 

Eduardo Saverin

Ceo Mark Zuckerberg
Users 2.94 Billion Monthly Active Users (As Of 31 March 2022)
Launched February 4, 2004

How to Unfriend All Friends on Facebook?

It can be done by selecting your profile picture on the right side of your screen, then tap on your personal profile then click on to settings in that by clicking on the unfriend option you may able to select the unwanted profile that you want to unfriend as you like, it takes a moment to finish this work. Because somebody has more than 500 friends in their profile, even if they met face to face, most of the people have such type of condition, for those people nearly 1 hour takes to complete this task. If you are a person who wants some privacy from others you may use this technic to secure your account from others view. Basically, a general user on Facebook uses this app to communicate and grow their friendship circle in a vast manner.

How to Unfriend All Friends on Facebook at Once?

1. Click on your profile icon next to it to get to your page

2. Below your profile name in the middle of the page, click on the tab that says “Friends.”

3. Locate a friend (or more!) you like to remove then click on the “Friends” button.

4. In the dropdown menu, select “Unfriend.”

5. You can use the filters to find your oldest friends, newest friends, or friends from different days.

By doing these above-mentioned steps you can reject some friends by unfriending them. It creates a total privacy experience for the particular user. 

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