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Howto write a recommendation on Linkedin? Write a recommendation nn Linkedin Sample
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Howto write a recommendation on Linkedin? Write a recommendation nn Linkedin Sample

LinkedIn Wiki

LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on business and employment, and is accessible via websites and mobile applications. It was launched on May 5, 2003, and is presently owned by Microsoft. The platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development, enabling job seekers to post their resumes and employers to post job vacancies. Since 2015, a significant portion of the company’s revenue has been generated by selling access to its members’ information to recruiters and sales professionals. LinkedIn became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft in December 2016. As of January 2023, the platform has more than 900 million registered members from over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn allows both workers and employers to create profiles and connect with each other, representing real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone, whether they are already members or not, to connect with them. Additionally, LinkedIn can be used to arrange offline events, join groups, publish articles and job postings, share photos and videos, and more.

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

Having collaborated on various projects, I can confirm that he is a highly skilled and committed professional. His knowledge and proficiency in the field of AI have been instrumental in our company’s success. Additionally, he is a pleasure to work with, possessing excellent interpersonal skills. I enthusiastically endorse him to anyone seeking assistance with their team or AI project.

How To Write A Recommendation On Linkedin?

Start with a knockout line.

When it comes to writing effectively, it’s essential to begin with a captivating line that captures the reader’s interest and entices them to read further. This is particularly important in the case of a recommendation letter where you want to ensure that the hiring managers read it thoroughly. Your opening sentence should showcase the exceptional qualities of your recommendee.It’s worth noting that you needn’t rely solely on phrases like “the best” or “my favorite” to convey the person’s excellence. There are numerous other powerful words and expressions at your disposal, such as:

Describe your relationship.

After creating a captivating opening, it’s crucial to provide the reader with some background information regarding your relationship with the person you’re recommending. This could include details such as your reporting structure, shared work projects, or the duration of your acquaintance. Although you need not provide an exhaustive account of your association (LinkedIn can reveal your job titles and company), it’s important to establish your credibility to the reader and explain why you’re qualified to provide the recommendation.

Share a standout trait.

When writing a recommendation for someone, it’s probable that you hold them in high regard and believe they possess numerous positive qualities such as intelligence, talent, and organizational skills. Given this, it’s unnecessary to use the limited characters in your recommendation to reiterate these obvious traits. Instead, consider highlighting one or two exceptional qualities that make the person stand out to you or that they excel in.

Furthermore, you can inquire with the person you’re recommending if there’s anything specific they would like you to mention in your recommendation. For instance, if your former executive assistant is now seeking their first management position, they may want you to emphasize their experience managing volunteers more than their organizational skills.

  • I was particularly impressed by Darren’s ability to handle even the toughest clients effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among customer service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.”

Add a touch of personality

Many employers desire to hire individuals who not only fulfill the job requirements but are also pleasant to work with. Hence, if you possess any information regarding the person’s work style or personality that you could share, it would be valuable to include in the recommendation. However, it’s essential to be mindful of your audience and exercise discretion. For example, sharing an anecdote like “Sophie always bought everyone tequila shots at happy hour!” might not be the most appropriate to mention to future employers.

End with your solid recommendation

Lastly, it’s advisable to conclude your recommendation with a closing sentence that conveys your strong endorsement of the person. You need not write a lengthy conclusion; instead, aim for a succinct, heartfelt statement.

  • Allison would be an asset to any team.”

  • “As a team member or a leader, Jianyu earns my highest recommendation.”

Write a Recommendation on Linkedin Sample

Having worked together on multiple projects, I can attest that he is a highly skilled and committed professional. His proficiency in the field of AI has been invaluable to our company. Furthermore, he is a pleasure to work with, making him an excellent addition to any team or AI project. I wholeheartedly recommend him to those seeking his expertise.

Linkedin Recommendation for Developer

Here are a few examples of Linkedin Recommendation for Developer

Kareem is a skilled software developer with expertise in multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, Kotlin, and PHP. He has been a valuable asset to both my company and clients, delivering projects on time and to a high standard. Kareem is receptive to feedback and continually strives to improve. He is also a self-motivated team player.

Ria has been a website developer at our company for five years, and in that time, she has proven to be a master of her craft. Her exceptional work always meets the company’s standards and exceeds clients’ expectations. Ria is a skilled and experienced professional who is always willing to help and has a positive attitude. I have learned a great deal from working with her, and it has been an excellent experience. Thank you, Ria.

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