Is Dear Zoe In Netflix, Prime, HBO or Apple TV+? Where To Watch Sadie Sink’s New Movie?

Is Dear Zoe In Netflix, Prime, HBO or Apple TV+? Where To Watch Sadie Sink’s New Movie?

After its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, Dear Zoe was shown in some theaters around the world.

In Dear Zoe, Sadie Sink plays Tess, a 17-year-old girl who is sad about the death of her younger sister. Sink is best known for her breakout role on “Stranger Things.”

Gren Wells is in charge of the drama film Dear Zoe, which comes out in 2022. Marc Lhormer and Melissa Martin wrote the script. It is based on Philip Beard’s book of the same name from 2005.

Sadie Sink is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses. Her performance as Max Mayfield in Season 4 of Stranger Things was praised by critics, and her role opposite Brendan Fraser in Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar-hopeful The Whale has gotten a lot of attention.

If you decide to watch the movie, find out more about how, where, and when to do so.

Dear Zoe

How Can I See Dear Zoe?

“Dear Zoe” opened on November 4 in a few theaters around the United States. On the same day it came out online, it was also made available on video-on-demand services like VUDU, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV for people who would rather watch it when they don’t have internet access.

Even though the movie was shot in 2019, the pandemic kept it from coming out. After three years, Dear Zoe opened in a few high-end American theaters.

The movie is based on the same-named book by Pittsburgher Philip Beard. Beard, a former lawyer who became an author, wrote the book in the early 2000s. In 2019, after a long time in development, it was filmed in Pittsburgh.

The novel was first picked up for the movie in 2010, and the pre-production process took a long time. Most of the people who worked on the production in Pittsburgh were from the area.

Even though the wait for Dear Zoe to come out on big screens was already long enough, there wasn’t much longer to wait to watch it on demand.

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Can I watch Dear Zoe on Netflix or HBO?

Dear Zoe is not on Netflix or HBO Max, but it is on other streaming services.

The movie became a big hit because of how well it touched people’s hearts and how well-known its main actor is. We think it will be available soon on popular streaming services like Netflix or HBO.

Wednesday night, a big party was held to show the movie for the first time at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center. Sadie Sink, who was in the movie, came from a set in Berlin to be there. She said that coming back to the town made her think of good times.

“Dear Zoe” was shown locally this weekend at the Oaks Theater, the Manor Theatre, Waterworks Cinema, Century Square Luxury Cinemas, and Cranberry Cinemas. Some of the screenings included Q&As with the filmmakers.

Also, the soundtrack, which includes songs by Porridge Radio, Haerts, and the Sweeplings, as well as Collins, is a great addition to the movie.

According to Pittsburgh Cinema, many people in the room could be heard crying during the Wednesday premiere. This shows that the story hit a nerve with the local audience. In “Dear Zoe,” the story takes place in Pittsburgh, where Iron City and post-industrial rust are always present.

What is the movie about, Zoe Plot?

A teenage girl named Tess DeNunzio (Sink) lives with her mother and stepfather in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Jessica Capshaw and Justin Bartha). Since September 11, 2001, when her baby half-sister Zoe was killed in a hit-and-run accident, her relationship with her family has become very tense.

Tess (Theo Rossi), fed up with what life has given her, decides to move in with Nick, her strict but loving biological father. During her stay, she starts to open up to Nick’s next-door neighbor Jimmy (Kweku Collins) and falls in love with him.

But she also starts to deal with the grief that has kept her from being around other people. It has a lot of strange things in it, like 9/11, which seems like a bad idea, as well as cute puppies, friends who cheat on each other, and montages of dates at an amusement park set to upbeat pop music.

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Sadie Sink gave a fantastic performance

As Tess, Sadie Sink goes above and beyond what was written in the script and gives a great performance, which is what some people may have expected. She looks so natural on screen, just like she did in her other roles, and it’s easy to feel sorry for her character.

She more than deserves it, considering how much more of a role Max had in the most recent episode of Stranger Things and how her big scene set to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” was one of the most talked-about moments of the year. Her co-stars have given her a lot of praise, and Winona Ryder has called her “the next Meryl Streep.”

Even though it’s a little strange that he was chosen to play Sink’s father, he does a great job with a lot of heart and charm that seems almost natural.

In the movie, Justin Bartha, who has already proven himself to be a very good actor, plays the stereotypically cold stepfather. Near the end of Dear Zoe, there is a scene between Capshaw and Sink that really makes you feel.

Where can I find Dear Zoe to watch?

You can watch Dear Zoe on VUDU, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

What about Dear Zoe?

The movie came out in a few theaters and on demand on November 4, 2022.

Dear Zoe
Dear Zoe

What is the story of Dear Zoe?

It tells the story of Tess DeNunzio, a 15-year-old girl who is full of guilt after her half-sister was killed in a hit-and-run accident on September 11, the day of the terrorist attacks.

History and writing

Beard got the idea for Tess from his stepdaughter, who was the same age as Tess when he first began writing. Beard started writing this book before September 11, 2001. Zoe’s death wasn’t planned until after September 11. Beard’s first plan was just for Tess to move in with her real father. The things that happened on 9/11 made him wonder how many other people died on that day and aren’t being remembered. So, Beard’s first book came to be. Beard had said in an interview that writing this book was hard on him. Beard had trouble getting the book published after he was done writing it. A friend of his who ran a local bookstore gave his manuscript to a Penguin Books representative. This person gave the book to Viking, and they asked Beard if they could publish it. After this Beard came out, Dear Zoe became a big hit. Beard wrote “Dear Zoe” from the heart, but it was easy for him to do so. Beard first called the chapters by their numbers, but later he decided to give each one a name. Some of the chapters were harder to name than others. To name each chapter, Beard tried to find what was most important about it. Beard says that the hardest part of writing “Dear Zoe” was not letting 9/11 take over and keeping it in the background. Beard got ideas from his own life and from his stepdaughter.


At the beginning of the story, Tess Denuizo, who is 15 years old, thinks back to how her family named her sister. In the first chapter, Tess tells us about her family. The reader finds out that David is Tess’s stepfather and that she has two half sisters. The man who gave her life is a mess. Tess says that her relationship with David is very different from her relationships with her two sisters. By the third chapter, it becomes clear that something terrible happened to her sister Zoe almost a year before. She often talks about how the family is doing. The family goes to therapy to deal with Zoe’s death, but things have been hard. Tess’s mother has become very depressed. She used to run the house, but now David and Tess do everything. Tess finds out that her mother might have been sleeping with Justin, a young man who works at the store down the street from their house. After this happens, Tess makes the decision to move in with her real father. She starts to get used to her new living situation, and it’s hard for her to remember that she left her younger sister Em behind. She goes to her school to see her and says she’ll see her every week. Tess spends some time with Jimmy Freeze, the boy next door, and listens to the music he is playing. After this, she starts to run into him more often. One day, she finally talks to him while sitting on her porch. She offers him a beer, but his dad won’t let her. Then, her dad tells her not to go near him. When she is sitting on her porch one day, a man named Travis comes up to her. Travis says he is a friend of her dad and gives her money to give to her dad, which is strange to Tess. He asks her if she’s ever tried the “product,” but Tess doesn’t know what he means. Travis then asks her if she wants to smoke marijuana, but Tess says no. Tess talks to her dad about selling weed after Travis leaves. Tess starts hanging out with Jimmy Freeze after meeting him, but she doesn’t tell her dad. Jimmy sneaks into Tess’s room one night and smokes weed with her. Now that it’s summer, Tess gets a job at a lemonade stand on the boardwalk. Jimmy and Tess start spending more time together. Most of the time, they smoke and kiss. David tells Tess to call her mother again, and things get better between them. When Tess wakes up on her sixteenth birthday, she finds out that her dad and Jimmy are in jail for selling marijuana. When Tess’s dad gets out of jail, he finds her at home with her dog. When her dog runs into the street, her dad hits it. Jimmy stays with her while her dad takes the dog to the vet. This makes her think about what happened to Zoe. She says that she was supposed to be watching Zoe outside, but she ran inside to watch the news about 9/11 instead. When her sister ran into the street, she was hit and killed by a car. After a few hours, her dad comes back and tells Tess that her dog will be fine. She goes to sleep that night, but when she wakes up, she makes her dad bring her home so she can get a picture of Zoe. As soon as she goes inside, she knows she has to stay. Tess talks about how she is doing in the last chapter. She keeps seeing Jimmy, and things seem to be getting better.

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