Is Jamal Edwards Dead Or Still Alive? Death Hoax Debunked, Confusion Explained The Talks Today

Is Jamal Edwards Dead Or Still Alive? Death Hoax Debunked, Confusion Explained

British entrepreneur Jamal Edwards is rumored to be dead. Fans are not sure if he has passed away but we have the news so stay with us.

Jamal Edwards, MBE, was a British entrepreneur and founder of the online urban music platform SB T.V.

Furthermore, he has established himself as a director and a DJ as well.

The British pioneer for the music industry, especially for the rap scene of local Britain underground is now being considered to be dead.

Netizens online are posting about his death without the official source’s confirmation, which have made people conjecture about his present status amidst all these rumors.  

Follow the article to find out more.

Is Jamal Edwards Is Dead Or Still Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

Jamal Edwards is dead and the news has been confirmed by the British rapper Silky 1.

He posted devastating news on his Instagram story and thanked Jamal Edwards for his work.

Fans wondering if the director’s news of death is a hoax or truth have now been cleared by the statements made by rapper Silky 1.

While the Twitter world has started mourning the death of an entrepreneur earlier than the statement made by a verifiable source, people were praying for Edwards to be fine and were hoping the rumors to be false one.

The fans were confused with the rumor of his death circling around and now the news can be confirmed via the Insta story of rapper Silky 1.

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Edwards, who is highly active on Instagram was last seen posting a photo 3 days earlier when he shared birthday wishes to Ed Sheeran.

Jamal Edwards Age: How Old Was He?

Jamal Edwards, aged 31, was a veteran in the entertainment industry with over 15 years of experience.

Born in 1990, August 24, Edwards launched an online media platform SBTV at the age of 15 which have platforms to the new artists and helped the music industry to recognize new faces.

Born to his mother Brenda Edwards and an unidentified father, he was raised with his stepfather Patrick and younger sister Tanisha. Brenda is a singer who finished 4th in the second season of X-Factor.

While the news of his death can be considered true now, the date of his demise is yet to be confirmed.

Also, the reason for his passing could not be known.

Jamal Edwards Net Worth

The net worth of Jamal Edwards is estimated at $10 million.

He is the founder of SBTV and was known to own the Sony Subsidiary record label Just Jam.

Edwards was an entrepreneur, author, director, and DJ as well. Adding to his fortune is his YouTube account.

Furthermore, he served as an ambassador for Google Pixel as well.

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