Is Rashid Armand From ‘Interview With The Vampire’? Is Rashid A Vampire or Human?

Is Rashid Armand From ‘Interview With The Vampire’? Is Rashid A Vampire or Human?

Fans think that Rashid is really Armand from the book “Interview with the Vampire” because of how he acts.

In the modern world, Louis de Pointe du Lac is a vampire who lives in Dubai and is a part of the TV show. He tells a journalist named Daniel Molloy his story about life and the next world.

Fans of both the book and the show have been trying to figure out a few things, especially about the character Rashid, who doesn’t appear in the book.

Interview With The Vampire

Is Rashid from “Interview with the Vampire” Armand?

Rashid works for Louis and takes care of all his needs. Unfortunately, this character isn’t in the book, which has made some fans wonder who he is in the series.

Comicbook says that in the show, he looks out for Louis so much that some people think he’s really a major character from a book. People think he might be Armand, who is one of the main bad guys in the book.

Some Reddit users think that Armand is serving Louis while pretending to be Rashid because he sees Louis as his ticket to the modern world, which he hasn’t been able to join.

But some people say that Armand would never serve anyone because of who he is. Also, Rashid does not say in the show that he serves Louis like he is his god. Rashid also didn’t answer when Daniel asked if Louis was his god. Instead, he changed the subject.

On the other hand, some people say that Rashid could be the series’ version of David Talbot, who in Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is actually a Talamasca. It is a secret group that studies and looks into supernatural things.

Fans think that Rashid may be part of the organization because he knows a lot about vampires. Still, there is no proof that Rashid is Armand. Fans might have to wait to see how the story goes and how the character changes over time.

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Is Rashid a person or a vampire?

Some viewers say that Rashid is not a person. Even though it’s not clear if he’s a vampire or not, people say he’s not human either.

In the same way, one user said that all of Daniel’s servants wear masks when he goes to see Louis because he is immune-compromised. But Louis doesn’t wear a mask because, since he isn’t human, he can’t give the virus to Daniel.

Rashid is another person who does not wear a mask. So, this could be a sign that he is not human. People think he might be a vampire too because he always wears gloves and never stands in the sun.

Another user thought he might be a Mummy named Ramses, who is an immortal in the Vampire Chronicles. However, AMC does not own the rights to Ramses’ book, so many people have ruled out this possibility.

Despite all the guesses and theories, viewers still don’t know who Rashid really is. But people think that the story will take a big turn and have a big reveal in the next few seasons.

In “Interview with the Vampire,” who is Rashid?

In Interview with the Vampire, Assad Zaman plays the role of Rashid.

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Is Rashid from Interview with the Vampire’s character Armand?

Fans have thought that Rashid might be the character Armand from the novel in the Interview with the Vampire series, but there is no proof of this.

Interview With The Vampire
Interview With The Vampire


Daniel Molloy, a reporter in present-day San Francisco, talks to Louis de Pointe du Lac, who says he is a vampire. Louis talks about his life as a rich plantation owner in Spanish Louisiana in 1791. He is sad after the death of his wife and unborn child, so he gets drunk and wanders around the New Orleans waterfront one night. Vampire Lestat de Lioncourt attacks him. Lestat can tell that Louis is unhappy with his life and offers to make him a vampire. Louis agrees, but soon starts to feel bad about it. Lestat loves to hunt and kill people, but Louis fights his urge to kill and instead drinks the blood of animals to stay alive.

In the end, when the plague comes to New Orleans and kills the mother of a little girl, Louis eats the girl. Lestat turns Claudia, a girl who is dying, into a vampire so that Louis will stay with him. They raise her as their own daughter. Louis loves Claudia like a father, but Lestat treats her more like a student and spoils her. He trains her to be a cruel killer. After thirty years, Claudia’s mind has grown up, but she still looks like a child, so Lestat still treats her like a child. When she realizes that she will never get older or become a mature woman, she is angry with Lestat and tells Louis that they should leave him. She gets Lestat to drink the “dead blood” of twin boys she killed by giving them too much laudanum. This makes Lestat weak, so she cuts his throat. Even though Louis is shocked and upset, he helps Claudia dump Lestat’s body in a swamp. They plan for weeks to go to Europe to look for other vampires, but Lestat comes back the night before they leave, having lived on the blood of swamp animals. Lestat comes after them, but Louis sets him on fire, which gives them time to get to their ship and leave.

Louis and Claudia moved to Paris in 1870. They had been all over Europe and the Mediterranean looking for other vampires, but they couldn’t find any. Santiago and Armand, two vampires, happen to meet Louis by chance. Louis and Claudia are invited by Armand to his coven, the Théatre des Vampires, where vampires put on scary plays for humans. On their way out of the theater, Santiago reads Louis’s mind and gets the idea that Louis and Claudia killed Lestat. Armand tells Louis that Claudia’s safety depends on him sending her away, so Louis stays with Armand to learn what it means to be a vampire. Claudia asks Louis to turn Madeleine, a human woman, into a vampire so that she can be her new friend and protector, and he reluctantly agrees. Soon after, the Parisian vampires kidnap the three of them as punishment for killing Lestat. Louis is put in a coffin, and Claudia and Madeleine are locked in a room where sunlight burns them to ash. Armand does nothing to stop this, but he sets Louis free the next day. In order to get his own back, Louis goes back to the theater at dawn and sets it on fire. This kills all the vampires, including Santiago. Armand shows up just in time to help Louis get away from the sun, and he again invites Louis to stay with him. Louis tells Armand he doesn’t want to be with him and leaves. He can’t accept Armand’s way of life, which involves forgetting the past and knowing that Armand let Claudia’s murder happen.

As the years go by, Louis never gets over Claudia’s death, so he wanders the world alone and feels sad about it. In 1988, he goes back to New Orleans. One night, he meets an old, sick Lestat who lives alone in an abandoned mansion and eats rat blood, just like Louis did. Lestat says he’s sorry he turned Claudia into a vampire and asks Louis to come back with him. Louis says no and walks away. Louis’s interview with Molloy comes to an end, and Molloy asks Louis to be his new vampire friend. Louis is angry that Molloy doesn’t understand the story of pain he told, so he attacks Molloy to scare him away from the idea. Molloy runs to his car and drives away while playing the cassette tapes of Louis’ interview in his car. Lestat shows up on the Golden Gate Bridge and attacks Molloy, taking over the car. Lestat, who was brought back to life by Molloy’s blood, gives Molloy a choice he “never had”—whether or not to become a vampire—then laughs and keeps driving.


In April 1976, not long before the book came out, Paramount Pictures bought the rights to Rice’s novel. But the script was stuck in development hell for years. The rights were sold to Lorimar before Warner Bros. bought them. Warner Bros. asked Neil Jordan to direct again after the huge success of his film The Crying Game (1992). Jordan was interested in the script, which he called “really interesting and a little bit theatrical.” After reading Rice’s book, he was even more interested. He agreed to direct as long as he could write his own script, but he didn’t get a writing credit. The themes of Catholic guilt that run through the book are what attracted Jordan “The story was the best one I’d ever heard about wallowing in guilt. But I don’t know why I do these things; I don’t have a plan.”

David Geffen was in charge of making the movie, and the budget was $70 million, which was a lot for a vampire movie. Jordan said these things:

It’s not often that you can get a big budget for a complicated, dark, and dangerous movie. In the past, vampire movies were usually made on a shoestring budget and with simple sets. David Geffen has a lot of power, and he gave Interview a lot of money. I wanted it to be a big, epic story like “Gone with the Wind.”


Anne Rice turned her novel Interview with the Vampire, which came out in 1976, into a screenplay with Alain Delon in mind to play Louis. Later, when Interview was being cast, Anne Rice and fans of the book wanted British actor Julian Sands to play Lestat[9]. However, Sands was not a well-known name at the time—he was only known for his role in A Room with a View—so he was turned down, and Tom Cruise got the part. Cruise got a record $10 million salary and a cut of the profits because he was such a big star. Anne Rice was critical of the casting at first. She said that Tom Cruise was “no more my vampire Lestat than Edward G. Robinson is Rhett Butler,” and that the casting was “so strange that it’s almost impossible to imagine how it’s going to work.” She suggested a number of other actors, like John Malkovich, Peter Weller, Jeremy Irons, and Alexander Godunov. She said that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise should switch parts and “I tried for a long time to tell them that Brad Pitt should play Lestat and Tom Cruise should play Louis, but they wouldn’t listen. They don’t listen to me, of course.”

After seeing the finished movie, Rice was happy with Cruise’s performance. She said, “From the moment he showed up, Tom was Lestat for me,” and “That Tom did make Lestat work was something I couldn’t have seen in a crystal ball.” She called Cruise to tell him she was wrong and that she liked him.

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