Ivana Alawi Birthday - She Received These Gifts For Her Special Day

Ivana Alawi Birthday – She Received These Gifts For Her Special Day

Ivana Alawi Birthday – She Received These Gifts For Her Special Day

IVANA ALAWI BIRTHDAY – The famous actress vlogger just turned 27 years old and in her latest vlog, she unboxed the presents given to her. Although she did not ask for anything, she remained grateful to those who remembered her special day and thoughtful to give her a present.

Ivana Alawi Receives Expensive Birthday Gifts

Here are the gifts Ivana Alawi received on her birthday.

Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi turned 27 years old and for her birthday, these are the gifts she received from the people who love her.

One of the well-loved actresses and content creators in the entertainment industry is Ivana Alawi. Last December 25, 2023, she turned 27 years old and many people remembered her on this special day.

Some greeted her while some sent gifts for her like foods, cakes, wines, and items from luxury brands.

In her newest vlog, she opened the gifts she received collected by her sister. She does this every year where she opens her gifts one at a time to share with her viewers.

She sat down to open the boxes of presents given to by her closest friends and family.

For her birthday and Christmas, since the day she was born falls on Christmas day, she received several. She received cakes and drinks that she had already consumed. Some boxes also come in familiar orange boxes of brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Her sister Mona gave her a more personalized box of presents which contained a tumbler to remind her to stay hydrated, bowl where she can eat her ramen, her favorite snacks, and many others.

From Dra. Vicki Belo, she received two bracelets from a luxury brand – one for Christmas and one for her birthday. The Belo founder has always been generous. In a previous article, Dra. Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho’s generosity was appreciated when they gave their makeup artist and personal assistant money for a shopping spree in Milan.

The other gifts she received are coffee maker, pairs of shoes, pairs of heels, bags, perfume, chocolates, clothes, tea set, scented candles, and many others.

In her video, Ivana also thanked the people who greeted her online and the people who took the time to greet her on the comments. She did not need the material gifts but still, she’s thankful to those who insisted their thoughtfulness based on the video.

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