Janno Gibbs Final Moments With Father Ronaldo Valdez

Janno Gibbs Final Moments With Father Ronaldo Valdez

Janno Gibbs Final Moments With Father Ronaldo Valdez

“Malagim talaga yung eksena,” says Janno Gibbs but he still stayed.

Actor-singer Janno Gibbs shares story of his final moments with his father last veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez before he passed away.

In a previous article, the family of late actor Ronaldo Valdez held a press conference to address some issues and air their dismay as to how the case of the actor has been handled. According to actor-singer Janno Gibbs, the police officers involved should issue a public apology because of the lapses in handling the case and the investigation.

The case of Valdez was mishandled according to them.

This is because a video has leaked and some of their personal details has been publicized. Their lawyer who was beside him said, “Kapag ongoing investigation, dapat walang leakage. Meron tayong privacy ng family, meron din tayong confidential data information. So, mishandling talaga… Remember, this is the very same day na in total shock pa ang family and then nadagdagan pa ng insensitivity ng pulis.”

They demanded an apology the way personal details and private videos regarding the case has become – widespread and publicized.

He is also mad at vloggers accusing him as mastermind in ronaldo’s death. In a report, the actor also opened up about the final moments he had with his father.

It was tragic and dark and he was still in disbelief that it all happened. He is still in disbelief that he was able to bear it all and witnessed everything. But despite how tragic it was, all he did was stay. He just stayed beside his father and never left him.

When it happened, among the first people to see everything was him, his wife Bing Loyzaga, the driver, and their housemaid. The incident left his wife traumatized.

“Matagal pa siyang humihinga, e. Kahit na… malagim talaga yung eksena. But I stayed with him. Na ganun yung…”

He was still breathing when they discovered him but no longer has consciousness. He stayed with him for 10 to 15 minutes before the rescue and authorities came. He did not mind the situation and his only concern at that situation was to say goodbye to his father while he was still breathing.

“Hindi niya kinaya. So yun, mabigat. So… siyempre at that time, wala sa akin dahil kahit malagim yung eksena… wala, ang concern ko is habang humihinga pa, maggu-goodbye na ako. Kini-kiss ko na siya. Pero after, e, siyempre nagpa-flash sa akin yung eksena, di ba?” he said.

With everything they have witnessed, they are now planning to seek the help of a psychiatrist. But as for him, he feels like he is just handling the post-death situation well. He has no regrets and it helps that his father was living with him when he was still alive.

Knowing that he was able to take care of him and look after him ease his mind.

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