Janno Gibbs Speaks About His Parents' Separation

Janno Gibbs Speaks About His Parents’ Separation

Janno Gibbs Speaks About His Parents’ Separation

Janno Gibbs Speaks About His Parents’ Separation

Janno Gibbs revealed that Ronaldo Valdez wanted to meet his American father

Singer-actor Janno Gibbs spoke about the separation of his parents the late veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez and Maria Fe Gibbs.

Ronaldo’s death is one of the tragic incidents that happened in the entertainment industry last year. He was found bloodied in his room with a gun in his right hand. In a previous interview, Janno narrated what happened after his father was found bloodied in his room. He said that his father was still alive at that time.

The Gibbs family condemned the allegedly “mishandling” that the Quezon City Police District did in his father’s case.

In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, Janno Gibbs directly confirmed that his parents separated. “Alam na naman ng karamihan, at least, not everybody, it’s almost been a year na my dad and my mom have been separated,” he said.

Previous reports stated that Ronaldo suffered from mental health problems after the separation. Veteran actress Boots Anson-Rodrigo even shared in an interview the behavior of Ronaldo on their movie set. She said that Ronaldo was really sad at that time.

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Janno said that since his parents separated, his father has been living with him. “After that happened, almost one year nang nakatira sa akin ang dad ko. I’ve been taking care of him,” the singer-actor shared. However, Janno did not divulge the reason why his parents separated.

The singer-actor also shared about Ronaldo’s effort to find his American father. Janno said that his father was like a G.I. baby and that he grew up without a father. Ronaldo was eager to find his father and this happened when he was already in his late 30s.

“That was very fulfilling to him. Hindi alam ng marami na so late na in his life na nakilala niya yung father niya,” Janno shared, adding that when Ronaldo met his father, that close a lot of doors for him.

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