Jeroo Billmoria Bio, Age, Height, Family, Relationship and more

Jeroo Billmoria Bio, Age, Height, Family, Relationship and more

Jeroo Billimoria is an Indian social entrepreneur who was born on July 20, 1965. He is also the founder of several international NGOs.

Several books have been written about her work. Aflatoun (Child Savings International), Childline India Foundation, and Child Helpline International are some of her most recent projects. Jeroo started Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) in 2011. This is her most recent project.

Occupation entrepreneur
Nationality India
Date of Birth 1965/07/20
Birth Year 1965
Birth Month 07
Birth day 20
Jeroo Billmoria

Jeroo Billmoria Biography

Jeroo Billimoria was born in the city of Mumbai, India, on July 20, 1965. Her father worked as a bookkeeper. When Billimoria was young, her mother taught her to have strong beliefs about how people should act. Her father died when she was 17 years old. Billimoria got a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai (formerly the University of Bombay) and a Master of Arts in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India, where she was named “best student.” Billimoria also has a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management from the New School for Social Research University in New York. From 1991 to 1999, she was a teacher at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

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Social entrepreneurship

Billimoria has started a number of social organizations, such as Child Helpline International, Childline India Foundation, MelJol, the Credibility Alliance, and Aflatoun. She is the head of Child and Youth Finance International at the moment. Billimoria’s social and humanitarian work has helped millions of children around the world. He has been called a “shining example” of the world’s “leading social entrepreneurs.”

Billimoria started working with street kids in India, many of whom had run away from home. He also started the Childline India Foundation, which is an emergency phone line for kids in India that is open 24 hours a day. After talking to street kids on the phone through these helplines, Billimoria noticed that many of them were smart and creative, which are two traits of good entrepreneurs. But some of them got involved in crime, drugs, or prostitution. Billimoria made Aflatoun, a non-profit group that teaches kids about money and social skills, to help kids break out of the cycle of poverty and crime. The main goal of this group is to teach kids about themselves, their rights and responsibilities, and teach them how to handle money in a basic way.

Jeroo Billmoria
Jeroo Billmoria

How I grew up and went to school

Billimoria was born in Bombay, India, to a social worker and an accountant. She was raised in a family that cared a lot about helping others, and when her father died young, she decided to do the same. Billimoria got a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai, which used to be called the University of Bombay, in 1986. In 1988, he got an M.A. in social work from India’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and in 1992, he got an M.S. in non-profit management from New York City’s The New School for Social Research. She was a teacher at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences from 1991 to 1999.

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Billimoria went on a six-month trip in 1989, then went back to Tata Institute of Social Sciences and became an instructor there. Several of her graduate students got jobs as social workers in shelters in Bombay.

As soon as she realized that Bombay’s many services for children needed to work together, she tried to get them to do so. She gave up trying to convince them after several failed attempts and finding little support for the idea.

Instead, in 1991 she started a group called Meljol (Coming Together) to bring kids from different backgrounds together to work on projects that would help the community. This group wants to teach children how to be good citizens by teaching them about their rights and responsibilities and giving them chances to do good things for their community. Meljol’s philosophy is based on the idea that everyone should have the same rights, chances, and respect.

Based on her work with children who lived on the streets of India, Billimoria started the Childline India Foundation in 1996. It is a 24-hour emergency phone service for children. In the future, all public phones will be able to call Childline for free. This will help children find help in places where there may not be an emergency shelter. In June 1998, Childline held an event and asked people from 29 cities in India, including the government, to help spread the word about the Childline phone service. Anand Bordia, who works for India’s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as a joint secretary, had talked to Billimoria about making Childline available all over the country. After the presentation, Bordia and A. P. Singh, the deputy secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Social Empowerment, both offered to help Childline grow to ten cities. A month later, India’s minister of social justice and empowerment, Maneka Gandhi, talked to Billimoria and said that Childline should be made bigger so that children in all of India’s biggest cities could use it (totaling more than 1 million in population). [9] Childline had grown to 43 cities in India by 2002, and 12 more were coming soon.

Billimoria started Child Helpline International, which is a worldwide network of phone service providers for children who need help in an emergency. This network has taken calls from more than 140 million people in 133 countries so far. By keeping track of what kinds of emergencies children face, CHI is able to find trends and let government and non-government organizations know about them. This way, emergency help can be tailored to meet the needs of each community.

Jeroo Billmoria
Jeroo Billmoria

Meet Jeroo Billimoria

Jeroo is a social entrepreneur who has helped millions of children around the world through his work. She started a number of businesses with a global impact, most of which help young people get ahead. Her interest in social entrepreneurship goes back to her childhood, when both of her parents worked hard to make a difference through their social work. Jeroo started her first group, MelJol, in her home city of Mumbai, India, just like her parents had done. MelJol (Coming Together) helps children have healthy attitudes and learn how to be good citizens by giving them chances to help the environment in a positive way. After starting her first organization 20 years ago, Jeroo has become a well-known social entrepreneur with groups that work all over the world. She is a Schwab Fellow and an Ashoka Fellow. The Skoll Foundation gave her the Social Entrepreneurship Award.

Helping children all over the world

During her time at Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), where she worked in the Department of Family and Child Welfare, Jeroo ran a field action project that gave her the chance to meet children who lived on the streets. Slowly, kids in trouble started reaching out to her. It became clear that these children need a service that can help and support them right away. Jeroo worked to set up the Childline India Foundation, which is a free emergency phone line for kids who need help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Childline was the first time the country tried to give street kids quick access to help, like police help and medical care. Childline handles between 8 and 10 million calls and 300,000 interventions every year through its unique social franchise network of 980+ partner organizations across India. Jeroo still has a place on the board of the organization.

After Jeroo moved to the Netherlands, she promised to help children around the world in important ways. She started Child Helpline International, which is a worldwide network of phone service providers for children who need help. In 2003, 49 child helplines got together to form Child Helpline International, which was the first meeting of child helplines from all over the world. Jeroo says that when she grew the network, she learned from what her predecessors had done and used the operational models of European helplines that were already in place. Today, the worldwide network is made up of 173 full and associate members, which are groups from all over the world that listen to children every day.

In 2005, Jeroo used her Skoll Foundation Award to teach people around the world about money and social issues. Jeroo started Aflatoun International because of an action research project she had started in India. The goal of this non-profit group is to teach children about their economic rights and responsibilities, as well as to help them learn and practice basic skills and habits for managing money. Today, the organization has an impressive 345 partners in 108 countries, and each year it teaches social and financial skills to more than 10.5 million children.

Age, height, and body sizes

Jeroo Billimoria is 54 years old right now. The height and weight of Jeroo Billimoria are not known. Dress and shoe sizes, as well as full body measurements, will be added soon.

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Jeroo Billimoria doesn’t talk about himself or his love life. Check back often, because we will keep adding new information about relationships to this page. Let’s take a look at Jeroo Billimoria’s ex-girlfriends and hookups from the past. Jeroo Billimoria would rather not talk about his marriage and divorce.

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