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Jill Wagner Family, Father David Wagner & Brother Brandon Wagner

Jill Wagner Family, Father David Wagner & Brother Brandon Wagner

Jill Wagner Family, Father David Wagner & Brother Brandon Wagner

Jill Wagner is a famous actor and model who was born in the United States. Her “All-American charm and magnetic sense of humor” are what people know her for most.

Wagner was born in Winston-Salem, North California, on January 13, 1979. She and her older brother grew up there. Her grandfather and father, who was a retired US Marine, took her.

Jill is an American actress and one of the most well-known and important people in the world. She became well-known because of her roles in Teen Wolf and Punk’d. She has also been a TV host and made important contributions to a number of movies.

She is creative and has many skills. She is known as a model, an actor, and the person who hosted the game show “Wipeout” on ABC for six of its seventh season. She went to the “Barbizon Modeling and Acting School” and got a degree in business management.

Jill Wagner

American parents gave birth to Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner was born in North Carolina to an American family. Her father, David Wagner, and her brother, Brandon Wagner, were part of her life growing up.

The actress’s father is a retired U.S. Marine who has helped her live well since she was a child. She went to Ledford Senior High School for high school and North Carolina State University for college. She got her degree in 2001.

Jill often posts pictures of her family on her verified Facebook account so that her fans and followers can see them. On September 27, 2019, she posted a picture of herself and her brother Brandon Wagner with the caption, “The last day I spent with my grandmother, I was with my brother. I really like that tire swing “on her public Facebook page.

As of 2022, she hasn’t said anything on social media or the internet about her mother. Her mother was not around when she was growing up because she died while giving birth to her. But her father worked hard to make sure she had a good childhood. She was raised by her father and her grandmother.

Also, the actress’s parents are American citizens who follow the Christian faith. When it comes to her zodiac sign, the actress is a Capricorn because she was born on January 13.

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David Lemanowic and Jill Wagner are happy to be married

Jill Wagner and David Lemonwic were together for more than a year before they got married in 2017. Wagner and Lemanowic are happy in their marriage as of 2022.

Jill and David were together a long time ago, when Wagner was only 17. Wagner says that they had to try a few times before they got it right, but their story is so good that Hallmark is thinking about making it into a movie.

In 1996, when the actress was 17 and still in high school, she met Lemanowicz for the first time. At the time, David was 20 and trying to make it as an ice hockey player. Wagner’s husband played for a minor league team in North Carolina, where she lived. When they saw each other, they ran to each other at the same time.

Later, in April 2017, they got married. They have been married for about five years. Their relationships and love life keep getting better. They often share pictures of their dates on social media sites.

Jill Wagner
Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner and David Lemanowic are lucky to have such lovely kids

David Lemanowic and Jill Wagner are lucky to have two beautiful daughters.

On April 17, 2020, Jill and David’s first daughter was born. She was born on July 4, so her parents gave her a name that was patriotic, smart, soft, and strong.

Daisy Roberta was born on August 19, 2021, making her both couples’ second daughter. Before the baby was born, the actress posted about her pregnancy on Instagram, since she didn’t do that with her first pregnancy. The actress said that both she and her baby had some problems after giving birth.

Also, the problems are over, and the couple and their kids are now having a great time at home in Tellico Plains.

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Early Life

Wagner was born in North Carolina, in the city of Winston-Salem. Her father, David Wagner, was in the U.S. Marines. Her grandmother also helped raise her. In Wallburg, North Carolina, she went to Ledford Senior High School. Wagner went to North Carolina State University and got a degree in business management in 2001. In her teens, she took classes at Raleigh’s Barbizon Modeling and Acting School.


Wagner moved to California after college to start a career in show business. In 2003, she was chosen to be on the MTV show Punk’d, where she took part in a number of sketches. The next year, Wagner was #90 on Maxim’s list of the Hot 100 Women of 2004. In July 2006, she was on the cover of the American FHM magazine.

In 2006, she played Krista Starr in Blade: The Series, which aired on Spike TV. She was a co-host on WGN America’s Inside the Vault. Wagner has also been a guest star on several TV shows, such as Quintuplets and Bones. On stage, she has been in Junebug (2005) and in the horror movie Splinter (2008).

In March 2008, it was announced that Wagner would be the on-field host for the ABC game show Wipeout, which debuted on June 24, 2008. Wagner said in April 2011 that she was leaving Wipeout after four seasons to focus on her acting career. Vanessa Minnillo took her place for the fifth season of the show. In late August 2012, it was announced that Wagner would co-host Wipeout for its sixth season, a role she kept for the rest of the show’s run.

Jill Wagner
Jill Wagner

Wagner made an appearance on the MTV show Teen Wolf in June 2011. Wagner appeared on Rhett and Link’s third episode of their YouTube show The Mythical Show in 2013. [14] This was in response to an episode of their talk show Good Mythical Morning in which they said they went to college with a girl who interested them but they were too shy to talk to. It turned out that girl was Wagner.

Wagner was chosen to host the original INSP show Handcrafted America in 2015. The show’s third season started in August 2017. Wagner was in Braven, a Canadian movie (2018).

She has been in made-for-TV movies on the Hallmark Channel since 2015. In 2019, she played Amy Winslow in the Mystery 101 movie series on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

Jill Wagner, who is known as the “American Girl,” has made a name for herself as an actress and TV personality by working hard and being funny and charming all the time. Her wide range of work and quickly growing fan base show that she is liked by a wide range of people who can relate to her easygoing wit and down-to-earth personality. Few artists have been able to switch back and forth between acting and hosting without a hitch. Jill has broken down barriers with her natural ability to do both by becoming known and successful around the world. Jill is always passionate about the things she works on, so she joined forces with well-known producer/director Taylor Sheridan to work on the new female-led series Lioness as a co-creator, executive producer, and actress. In this international spy thriller, Jill works with Zoe Saldana, who also plays a role and is an executive producer, and Nicole Kidman, who won an Oscar for her role and is also an executive producer. Jill is a talented actress who has worked in a wide range of film and TV genres for nearly 20 years. Her wide range of work has not only made her a major name and presence in the entertainment industry, but it has also earned her unwavering respect and acclaim. Starring opposite Jason Momoa, Jill appeared in the breakout independent film, Braven. Jill’s first big role was in the award-winning horror movie Splinter, where she played opposite Shea Whigman and made a big impression. The movie is a disturbing but masterfully made horror film. Jill showed that she could be the main character in a feature film, which gave her a cult following. Jill also starred in Teen Wolf, a hit show on MTV, where she was a strong presence. Kate Argent was one of the main bad guys for the first four seasons of the show, and Jill played her. Jill was offered the chance to host Teen Wolf’s after-show, Wolf Watch, because of how popular she had become on the show and how well she fit the role of a TV host. Jill’s natural talent and ability to improvise helped her get noticed in Hollywood, where she was cast as the first regular female sketch performer on Ashton Kutcher’s hit TV show Punk’d on MTV. Family and faith are the most important things to Jill, both in her movie story and in her real life. Jill and her paternal grandmother, who helped raise her as a child, had a very special and unique relationship. As Jill’s career kept getting better, chances to work with The Hallmark Channel started to come up. Jill would ask her grandmother for advice about what projects would be best to do. Jill told me, “We made a deal because my grandma loves to watch these kinds of movies. I’ll send her any of these scripts that come my way, and if she likes them, I’ll do them. These movies are for her.” And it was this value that got Jill her first role in a Hallmark Channel movie and keeps her working in movies, even fan favorites, to this day. Autumn Dreams, Christmas Cookies, A Harvest Wedding, Maggie’s Christmas Miracle by Karen Kingsbury, Pearl in Paradise, and Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa are some of the books she has written.

As Jill became a well-known talent on the Hallmark channels, her movies and TV shows became some of the most popular on the network. This led to her getting roles in more Hallmark Channel TV movies and mysteries, such as Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, Mystery 101, which was the highest rated mystery series on The Hallmark Channel, Hearts of Winter, The Angel Tree, and A Christmas Miracle for Daisy, which was the second highest rated movie for the newly launched GAC Family network. Jill was a natural at hosting, and she did it for some of the most popular network TV shows, like Handcrafted America on INSP.

In this inspiring series, Jill went all over the country looking for skilled craftspeople who still make popular items the way they always have: by hand. There’s no doubt that Jill’s lively, contagious, and unique way of getting to the heart of the story was a big reason why the show was popular for three seasons. Jill’s path to the spotlight as a host was set in stone when she spent an amazing seven seasons on the hit reality game show Wipeout on ABC. Jill and her brother were both born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their father was a former U.S. Marine who ran a tire shop in the area. When she was young, her father and grandmother taught her a set of values that would help her build a strong and stable life based on family and support. Because of this, Jill continues to honor and define her faith and “family values” in a way that shows respect, care, and love, just like the Wagners did. Jill and her husband are living their dream by raising their three young daughters on their historic working farm in Tennessee. There, Jill and her family raise cattle and crops, stay in touch with nature, and find balance in life by being part of a farming community. Jill went to college at North Carolina State University, where she got a degree in business. Jill has often said, “There’s nothing better than putting on my headphones, cranking up some classic rock, and hiking up a mountain.” She is a very active woman who is very committed to a regularly intense and challenging fitness routine. And whether she’s climbing a mountain or taking on new experiences and roles as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and talented artists, this All-American Girl’s message is always the same: “It’s the view from the top that makes it all worth it.” Jill has also devoted her life to “giving back” in a very passionate way. As the daughter of a military veteran, Jill has often paid tribute to him and other veterans by going to places like Afghanistan to support the troops. Jill is also very passionate and committed to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society causes she works on. Her untiring campaign within her own charity, “Jill’s Closet for a Cure”, continues to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for these diseases that have touched the lives of so many people, including her own family.

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