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Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God mode) 1.0.29

Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God mode) 1.0.29

About Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD APK

  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: God Mode

Johnny Trigger: Sniper lets you play as a sniper with the task of destroying bandits. They operate in an organized manner, so you need to know the lair to choose the appropriate position and attack. Players do not approach the enemy at close range, you will attack from a distance with high-precision weapons. Although it is an action game, Johnny Trigger: Sniper brings more entertainment elements. Players easily complete the level quickly, the number of enemies is not much, but you must not let any criminals. Hold your hand and move on the screen to the target, release your hand to shoot. The control is relatively easy compared to games of the same genre.

Enemies also have weapons but not as powerful as in Metal Soldiers 2, they shoot quite badly at long distances. But if you do not quickly destroy them, it is very easy to get injured. Those who are holding suitcases or keys you need to destroy first, do not let them escape. Johnny Trigger: Sniper allows the shooter to test fast moving enemies. If you want a more action game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives you a fierce alien war.

Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD – The raid to destroy the bandits

Johnny Trigger: Sniper launched a continuous raid on the bandit headquarters. Do not rush to shoot when you have not found an important target because they will be in chaos if they hear gunfire. Every bullet is fired, try to let it take the enemy’s life. JT Sniper has no ammo limit, but it shouldn’t take too long for each raid. In the later stages, the number of enemies increases, the player needs to immediately stop the danger before his life is threatened. There is a shotgun, but you can still get killed if the enemy hits a number of times.

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Unlock new weapons

Johnny Trigger: Sniper just rotates around the home screen with no additional options. The weapon will be unlocked if you complete the level, it can’t be bought even if you have a lot of money. In addition to the default weapon of Sniper Rifles, M4A1, Bazooka is one of the next guns you get. Players are not allowed to arbitrarily choose guns when playing, weapons are decided by the game. It can be said that Johnny Trigger: Sniper has quite strange rules, besides the main task you do not have many options.

gun upgrade

Like getting a new weapon, upgrades only appear at the end of some levels. Damage, Fire Rate, Stability, Reload Rate… these are parameters you can see but not always upgradeable. In particular, each Johnny Trigger: Sniper upgrade is only allowed once. So even if you have a lot of money when using the MOD version, you cannot use all the assets you have.

Unlock new skin

Skins act as new visual changes for each gun. Every time you complete the level, the skin unlock rate will increase. However, I don’t like how I have to watch ads to get new SayGames skins. You have to watch ads to get the new skin although it’s an effort once you’ve successfully completed the quest.

Download mod Johnny Trigger Sniper

Johnny Trigger: Sniper offers flash gun battles between you and bandits. Hostage rescue is also something you need to do on some levels. Don’t shoot the wrong hostage if you don’t want to play again. I didn’t complete the mission when I opened fire on the oil tank with the desire to kill the enemy quickly but that killed the hostage. Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD wiped out the evil gangsters and freed the innocent.

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Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God mode) for Android

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