Julia Fox slams critique on TikTok for saying she “needs botox”

Julia Fox slams critique on TikTok for saying she “needs botox”

Uncut Gems entertainer Julia Fox clapped back via social media after a TikToker condemned her for her ‘bad botox job’ in spite of the entertainer not having received any cosmetic procedures. The TikTok video containing multiple stitches has turned into a web sensation after Fox herself answered one of her critics by saying they needed to ‘break the cycle’ of insulting women. Fox had at first taken to the application to discuss child support. She begins the video by inquiring, You know what maddens the sh*t out of me. Her harmless video was about a rant on how child support ought to pay for your wasted time.

This video was stitched by another woman who began the video on a comparable note inquiring, You know what enrages the sh*t out of me? Your bad botox. You can’t actually miss it. She then proceeded to point at Julia Fox’s face around her forehead, saying her muscles are as yet pulling at her eyebrows and making lines. She then said that the entertainer needed somewhat more botox. Julia Fox again stitched that video and slammed the individual with a two-point comeback. She overlayed a text that previously declared that her face was free from botox. She then proceeded to say that the individual was exceptionally centred around the negative and attacked women as a result.

Julia Fox Denies Having ‘Bad Botox’ After A TikTok Video Critiqued Her Appearance

Julia Fox addressed a TikTok video that critiqued her appearance and suggested she had bad botox. Julia Fox, 32, answered the allegation on Saturday with a video shared on her TikTok Stories. The allegation first started this week when Fox shared a TikTok video on Thursday where she discussed child support. Before long, a TikTok account stitched Julia Fox’s video and seemed to talk straightforwardly to Fox about her forehead. Do you want to know what irks the shit out of me? Your bad botox, the lady in the video said. You can’t actually miss it. Your forehead muscles are as yet pulling, so you get these lines simply on the sides of your eyebrows. The lady added that Julia Fox needed a little bit more botox. Julia Fox answered by sharing a video of her responding to the claims and a short composed message. I don’t have Botox however u obviously have an unsettled trauma and decline to recognize it making you emphasise the negative in each circumstance [and] b) attack women who aren’t tormented by misery like u. YOU need a little bit more therapy, Julia Fox added. Break the cycle babe!

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Julia Denies That She Had Any Cosmetic Procedures

Uncut Gems was the film that put Julia Fox on the radar. Born in Milan, Julia Fox moved to New York at the age of six, where she rose to fame after the Adam Sandler film, however predominantly for her evidently great looks. Many have speculated that she has gone through a BBL surgery after fans saw a post with Kanye West and Madonna. Julia Fox has recently been open about her personal life, even confessing to an overdosing event during her teenage years and her skin condition (rosacea). The main thing the entertainer has claimed to have done all over is getting false eyelashes. She told a publication that she can’t live without finishing her top eyelashes, among other famous skincare and cosmetics items. Pictures of her from when she was in her mid-twenties were compared with her pictures now and fans have asserted that her beauty is natural.