Karishma Sharma And Andrew Tate Relationship, Tap To Know More!

Karishma Sharma And Andrew Tate Relationship, Tap To Know More!

Andrew Tate is an American-British social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer. Karishma Sharma is an Indian actress and model.

Karishma Sharma and Andrew Tate Relationship

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tat got arrested in 2022, 29 December for being accused of rape and human trafficking. Andrew is facing resistance in India.

Andrew Tate’s video in which he talked about the hook-up incident with Karishma, went viral. Karishma denied Tats’ claims. Andrew talked about his trip to India in a wide YouTUbe video.

It was believed that Karishma and Andrew were dating. Andrew alleges that they shared intimate moments. He hooked up with her and ignored her when she tried to act out a power dynamic. Tate was taken into custody.

Karishma Sharma clarified in a recent interview,

“He is lying. We never hooked up. I merely wanted to express my viewpoint so that people would be aware that he is a liar who is only interested in garnering attention. When he was taken into custody, I was overjoyed.”

Karishma also said,

“In or around 2014, Being from Mumbai, you get to know many people since you attend parties frequently. He and I met by chance at a Mumbai hotel party. I got along with him because you spoke to someone you think is attractive when you saw them. We had a typical discussion. We exchanged a couple of shots when he revealed that his mum is Indian.”

She added,

“He wanted me to take offense. I’m not in a position to, though. Recently, I’ve been struggling with anxiety. I try not to get involved in conflicts. He is brainwashing younger males to detest women. There are days when I cry because it bothers me. I had to discuss it.”

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