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Kate Chastain names the real housewives star
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Kate Chastain names the real housewives star


Kate Chastain

former”Under deckChef Stew Kate Chastain has been very open about her thoughts on The Real Housewives franchises, and she recently called a RHOBH star.

On September 3, Chastain tweeted on the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and called out newcomer Diana Jenkins. “I was stuck in a van/boat with Ashton [Pienaar]… put me in a room with Diana. I’m ready #RHOBH.” As Below Deck fans will recall, Chastain and Pienaar clashed on Season 7 of the hit Bravo show and during a confrontation at a crew night out, a drunk Pienaar slammed into the van’s window, who brought the cast back to the yacht.

While Chastain made it clear that she’s not a fan of Jenkins, she recently praised another “Real Housewives” star. On July 22, former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville tweeted, “My favorite new person is @Kate_Chastain – and mostly not even new. Yes I’m currently on medication as my doctor has me on medicine LOL.” Chastain replied on July 23, “My new favorite human is @BrandiGlanville and no I’m not on medication right now but I’ve just had my second glass of bubbles Cast in, but honestly that’s pretty much my standard after 5pm idle.”

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Hannah Ferrier also commented on the RHOBH drama and shared that she sided with Garcelle Beauvais

Another Below Deck graduate addressed the recent drama on RHOBH, namely the horrific online bullying attack against Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son following Beauvais’ feud with Jenkins. “Below Deck Mediterranean,” said Chef Stew Hannah Ferrier Showbiz Cheat Sheet during an interview: “I hate [the attacks on] Kids I hate all that racism stuff… With housewives they go down, they get dirty. It’s a pretty brutal setup.”

Ferrier explained that drama often comes with Real Housewives show territory, saying, “They sign on to rip each other’s heads off.” Cast members who don’t bring drama are often not welcomed back for other seasons called, she announced. “So it’s pretty disgusting what’s going on here,” she told the publication. “Because I love Garcelle too. I think she’s such a fabulous woman. I’m definitely Garcelle and Sutton [Stracke] on Beverly Hills,” she laughed.

Many Below Deck fans wanted Chastain to join the Real Housewives franchise

There have been rumors a few times in the past that Chastain might join a Real Housewives franchise herself after retiring from Below Deck, but she clarified that she wouldn’t join due to the scale of the drama .

“I love Miami,” Chastain spilled Discretion recommended podcast. “I love this franchise. I think they’re all great. And interesting and fun and fresh. But since I’m on a housewives show, I’m not good at just being in front of the camera and maybe causing drama. I shy away from that.”

She said she enjoyed “Below Deck” because it’s a show “built around a profession.”

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