You are currently viewing Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang “Tampuhan”, Male Host Reveals The Reason

Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang “Tampuhan”, Male Host Reveals The Reason

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Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang “Tampuhan”, Male Host Reveals The Reason

Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang “Tampuhan”, Male Host Reveals The Reason

This was the reason why Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang had a “tampuhan”

It’s Showtime hosts Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang had a “tampuhan” before and this was the real reason behind it.

In friendship, having “tampuhan” is very normal as conflicts and misunderstandings are part of human interaction. It can arise from a variety of reasons but what is important is that you know how to resolve conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner, this is most especially essential if a close friend is involved.

As for best friends Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang, they’ve also had their fair share of this.

This topic was opened when Bang appeared in the vlog of Vhong Navarro and Ogie Alcasid. He was put on a hot seat and did not had any other choice but to reveal the story behind so as not to stir further speculations and issues.

According to Ryan, he and Kim are really best friends but the “tampuhan” happened when she disclosed something that she should have not. Navarro told him, “Ang tagal niyong hindi nag-uusap, ha. Parang three weeks din, ah.”

He immediately clarified that it was not “pag-aaway” but rather a “tampuhan”.

It all happened when he asked her to keep his love life secret first. However, she got really excited about it that she disclosed it in Showtime. He asked to keep quiet about it at first as his girlfriend is non-showbiz and he would like to respect her and her family who is not involved in any way to the industry they are in.

“Pero gusto ko keep it private kasi hindi naman siya artista, yung girlfriend ko, e. Tapos gusto ni Kimmy, sa sobrang excitement, magkuwento sa Showtime. Yun lang naman yon. Kumbaga, ayokong magkuwento about my girlfriend. Kasi siyempre, bago pa lang kami. Siyempre, para respeto rin sa pamilya niya,” he explained.

Ryan then added that perhaps she got so excited about it since he’s been waiting for someone for so long and she’s her best friend.

Last August 2023, Ryan revealed his girlfriend. Her name is Paola Grace Huyong and she was with the Showtime host when they went to Hong Kong.

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