Kirsten Dunst Says She's Proud Of Iconic Upside-Down Spider-Man Kiss The Talks Today
Kirsten Dunst Says She's Proud Of Iconic Upside-Down Spider-Man Kiss

Kirsten Dunst Says She’s Proud Of Iconic Upside-Down Spider-Man Kiss

Kristen Dunst says she’s proud of her iconic handstand kiss with Tobey Maguire in director Sam Raimi’s film spider man.Dunst played Peter Parker’s love interest Mary Jane in all three of Raimi’s films spider man Trilogy from 2002 to 2007. spiderman 3, Sony has rebooted the live-action film series twice. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man fell in love with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey in the first reboot in 2012 the Amazing Spider-Man The second has Tom Holland befriending Zendaya’s MJ. While the latter two relationships rival Maguire and Dunst’s characters, there’s no moment that rivals the first film’s famous kiss.

the original spider man It’s full of memorable moments, but the handstand kiss is arguably the most iconic, for reasons including Maguire’s almost drowning during filming. In the scene, Dunst’s Jordan rescues Maguire’s Spider-Man from a group of robbers and kisses him on the run while the latter hangs upside down. Now, Spider-Man’s kiss ranks as one of the best on-screen sex scenes of all has become so irrevocably linked spider mansuperhero movies and pop culture, from to the oc arrive Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Holland even said the kiss was a thing of the past spider man The scene he wanted to recreate.

in a recent interview W MagazineDunst talks about the legacy of her 20-year-old kiss scene with Maguire spider man. The actress revealed that she didn’t feel like it was a famous nighttime kiss while filming, especially given that water kept getting into Maguire’s nose, making it difficult to breathe. Still, in retrospect, she takes pride in being a part of it. Read what Dunst had to say below:

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“But the way it presented to me, [Sam Raimi] Gave me the book of the famous kiss so it made me realize how romantic and special it was that Sam wanted this book…although Toby didn’t necessarily feel that way when he hung upside down… I’m proud to be one of them part. This looks like a great kiss. “

Dunst went on to talk about how the decision to be part of Raimi’s first Marvel movie was “not at all“A big one, said she “Just knew Sam was going to do something special” — from his indie/cult-classic background to casting Maguire and Willem Dafoe.Remy’s influence is undeniable spider man The Marvel Cinematic Universe Trilogy.About the Spider-Man Movies, the Recently Released Spider-Man: No Way Home Marking the high point of the franchise. The movie ties together three generations of Spider-Man films, including returning Sony characters like Dafoe as the Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx as Electro and, of course, And Maguire and Garfield as Spider-Man.

The apparent inclusion of past Spider-Man’s has sparked widespread speculation that their respective love interests MJ and Gwen will join them in the latest Spider-Man movie. While the writers had this in mind early on, it wasn’t. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home renewed interest in the past spider man Movie, Dunst said she is ready to reprise her traditional roles in future films.As for Raimi, the director is about to make his Marvel Universe debut with the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. If that movie lives up to its name, anything can happen. So why not make a subtle (or not-so-subtle) reference to the handstand kiss that started it all?

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Source: W Magazine

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