Kris Aquino Bares She's On Initial Stage Of Lupus, Vows To Keep Fighting

Kris Aquino Bares She’s On Initial Stage Of Lupus, Vows To Keep Fighting

Kris Aquino Bares She’s On Initial Stage Of Lupus, Vows To Keep Fighting

In a series of Instagram posts, Kris Aquino honesty shares details of her health condition.

Actress-host Kris Aquino turned to social media to update her supporters and followers regarding her current health condition.

Despite the new health issues that have been arising amid the treatments of other autoimmune diseases, Kris Aquino remains strong and steadfast for her sons and sisters. She honestly bared everything in her new posts on Instagram.

The 52-year-old TV personality revealed that she was initially reluctant to post her health update. This is because she lost more weight and her hemoglobin level declined.

To recall, in August of last year, Kris shared her improvement. It was a “slow progress” but while she was on the “correct path to remission,” she still has a “long way to go”. She’s been staying in the US since June 2022 for the treatment of her life-threatening autoimmune diseases.

She has several and some of them are chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and Churg Strauss.

Kris is not yet fully recovered but based on the new findings, she’s on the initial stage of lupus. She’s still treating her EGPA but amid this, her body showed more symptoms for another autoimmune connective tissue disease.

The fight continues

According to her, she is suffering from symptoms like high inflamatory numbers, anemia, constant elevated blood pressure at night, and appearance of the ‘butterfly rash’ on her face. These symptoms are telling that she’s at the initial stage of SLE or lupus.

According to the Department of Health, this condition occurs when the immune system of the body goes out of control. This results to inflammation and damage to the cells and organs. 

The symptoms of lupus is similar to many illnesses but the most distinctive one is having a facial rash that looks like wings of a butterfly that appears on both cheeks. This symptom occurs to many but not in all cases of lupus. As for Kris, she suffered from this symptom.

“My battle has become more complex but I promised my sons and my sisters- I won’t be a wimp. And I’m promising all my friends plus all who continue to pray for me: bawal sumuko, tuloy pa rin ang laban,” she said in her post.

She cried when she got the results but her sons and sisters made her not be a wimp. As per her words: “Bawak sumuko”.

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