Landbank Housing Loan Requirements You Must Submit To Apply

Landbank Housing Loan Requirements You Must Submit To Apply

Landbank Housing Loan Requirements You Must Submit To Apply

Landbank Housing Loan Requirements You Must Submit To Apply

List of Landbank Housing Loan Requirements for Application

LANDBANK HOUSING LOAN REQUIREMENTS – Listed here are the documents needed in applying for the Easy Home Loan offer of Landbank.

Are you looking for a bank where you may apply for a housing loan? In the Philippines, one of the trusted entities that you may turn to for the said type of loan offer is the Landbank of the Philippines.

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The Landbank of the Philippines is one of the biggest banks in the country. It is under the government and provides several loan offers for the benefit of the Filipino people apart from the Landbank credit card. It also has special loan offers fisherfolks and farmers.

With regards to the housing loans offered by Landbank, one of them is the Easy Home Loan. It is open for both locally-employed and self-employed individuals.

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The Landbank Easy Home Loan is open to finance several purposes including the following:

  • acquisition of a residential property
  • house construction
  • refinancing of existing home loan

The Landbank Housing Loan requirements depend if you are a locally-employed individual or a private individual owning a business. There is also a separate list of required documents in applying for a loan involving a condominium unit.

If you are a locally-employed individual, here are the documents that you must submit to Landbank to apply for the loan offer:

  • Personal Information Data Sheet
  • Certificate of employment
  • Latest pay slip indicating net take home pay of borrower
  • Any two of the following latest Billing Statements:
    • Electric Bill
    • Phone Bill
    • Water Bill
    • Credit Card Bill
    • TV Subscription Bill

For self-employed individuals who want to apply for the loan, here are the Landbank Housing Loan requirements you must submit to the government bank for the application:

  • Business Registration and Licenses
  • Biodata
  • BIR-stamped Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the last three years

In case the property involved is a condominium unit which is undeniably a popular preference of many people nowadays, here are the documents that Landbank requires in applying for the loan offer:

  • Master Deed of Restriction
  • Building and Unit Floor Plan
  • HLURB Permit to Sell
  • HLURB Locational Clearance

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