Leigh Brookfield Wedding DJ Video Viral On Snapchat Update

Leigh Brookfield Wedding DJ Video Viral On Snapchat Update

A viral Snapchat video appearing wedding ceremony DJ Leigh Brookfield committing the surprising act of urinating on a person who came upon he has most cancers has precipitated standard outrage and condemnation.

Leigh Brookfield, a outstanding 40-year-old wedding ceremony DJ in Llanelli, West Wales, has come below intense scrutiny and backlash from the shared.

It got here after a broadly shared Snapchat video captured him urinating on a person who printed he was once suffering with prostate issues.

This surprising photos precipitated standard outrage and brought about a direct police investigation into the alleged assault.

The incident briefly modified Brookfield’s popularity, fueling a firestorm of controversy surrounding his movements and illustrating the significant penalties of his conduct outside and inside the neighborhood.

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Leigh Brookfield’s wedding ceremony DJ video is going viral on Snapchat

Leigh Brookfield discovered himself on the middle of controversy when a Snapchat video of a marriage he was once DJing at went viral.

The demanding video presentations him drawing near an aged gentleman on the urinal who was once complaining of prostate issues.

As an alternative of reacting with compassion, the DJ on the wedding ceremony seems to purposely urinate at the guy’s again whilst he’s going through away.

His movements appear surprising and disrespectful.

The Leigh Brookfield Wedding ceremony DJ was once noticed urinating on an aged gentleman as he spoke about prostate most cancers, as noticed in a Snapchat video. (Supply: Day by day Mail)

The video briefly unfold on social media, sparking outrage amongst audience at Brookfield’s impolite conduct.

In keeping with the shared backlash and a couple of stories of the assault, police in Dyfed Powys, Wales, the place the marriage happened, stated the incident and introduced an investigation into his behavior.

A police investigation is prone to glance into the entire cases surrounding the video and DJ’s blatantly degrading act towards a prone aged particular person.

As the tale unfolds, he should solution for his dangerous conduct stuck on tape and face imaginable felony penalties.

Leigh Brookfield urinated on a person with most cancers

shared outrage at Leigh Brookfield’s callous misconduct intensified as extra main points emerged in regards to the incident.

An aged gentleman, Brookfield, who was once urinating, has printed he’s combating prostate most cancers, sparking fierce complaint for exploiting the struggling of a prone guy.

His insincere apology on Fb, wherein he brushed aside the act as a drunken romp with buddies, precipitated additional outrage quite than calming the uproar.

Other people criticized his deficient try to rationalize despicable conduct, highlighting the unforgivable cruelty of humiliating a most cancers affected person.

Responses on social media have been harsh, criticizing the profanity and highlighting the innate disrespect without reference to the sufferer’s situation.

Wedding DJ Leigh Brookfield
Wedding ceremony DJ Leigh Brookfield was once compelled to cancel his Boxing Day tournament after a social media incident ended in the reprehensible act. (Supply: Day by day Mail)

The apology was once poorly gained, with people speaking disgust at his efforts to downplay and justify the sort of deficient trick.

Because the furore grew, the shared identified the conduct of the marriage DJ, which mirrored badly on his persona and whole loss of empathy.

The effects highlighted the will for accountability and compassion when any other human being suffers.

Brookfield realized the exhausting approach that vulgar pranks on the expense of unwell folks move the road and feature actual penalties.

His popularity is tarnished and he faces ignoble penalties, together with doable fees of benefiting from a prone aged particular person in a show of vanity that has no position in civil society.

The Leigh Brookfield Hoax Controversy

The effects of the viral video have been tough for Leigh Brookfield’s skilled lifestyles. Firms and purchasers distanced themselves from him after the incident.

Stamps nightclub in Llanelli canceled his gig reserving after finding out of the video, reflecting the swift penalties of his movements.

It was once met with rising shared scorn and a cascade of consumer cancellations, reflecting the seriousness of the location.

One girl in particular said her aim to withdraw her products and services for the approaching tournament amid this backlash.

Wedding DJ Leigh Brookfield
Leigh Brookfield’s Boxing Day gig at Stamps nightclub in Llanelli has been postponed because of the revelation of a scandalous video. (Supply: Day by day Mail)

The placement escalated when Dyfed Powys Police showed their investigation and contacted the alleged sufferer, signaling the seriousness of the subject.

The incident now not best broken the popularity of the DJ, but additionally drew consideration to the results of such unacceptable conduct.

It serves as a formidable reminder of the accountability that people, and particularly shared figures, undergo of their movements and of the results that apply when the bounds of decency are grossly crossed.

A marriage DJ’s disgusting act of urinating on a person, particularly any person with well being problems, has attracted nationwide consideration.

This appalling conduct brought about a police investigation and ended in severe skilled penalties for Brookfield.

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