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Linda Blair Net Worth; How Rich is Linda?

Linda Denise Blair is a well-known producer in addition to an actress. Her total wealth is $16 million. Linda Blair’s riches is the result of her work on numerous films and television programmes. The 1984 documentary “Confessions of a Teenage Vigilante” featured Linda Blair. The book “Going Vegan” is another work that she co-wrote. Her portrayal of Regan, a toddler who is possessed, in the 1973 film “The Exorcist” stole the show. For this film, Blair was nominated for two Golden Globes and one Academy Award. She won the People’s Choice Award for this film’s best supporting actress. She reprised her role in Exorcist II: The Heretic, which was also where we saw her.

Linda was up to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in the horror genre at the 18th annual Malaga Fantasy and Horror Film Festival in 2008. She works with PETA, Feed the Children, Variety, and other organisations in addition to acting in movies, TV shows, and series.

She was reared in Westport, Connecticut, and was born on January 22, 1959, in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. She began working as a model when she was just 6 years old. In numerous low-budget horror and exploitation movies, such as Hell Night (1981), Chained Heat (1983), and Savage Streets (1984), Blair played the lead role. Of course, she didn’t truly become well-known until The Exorcist came out. Linda Blair hasn’t been able to make a comeback since she was charged with drug possession at the end of the 1970s, arrested, sentenced to three years of probation, and fined $5,000.


  • Source of Wealth:

    Film and Television

  • Age:


  • Birth Place:

    St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

  • Height:

    1.52 m (5′ 0″)

  • Weight:

    45 kg (99.21 lbs)

  • Marital Status:


  • Full Name:

    Linda Denise Blair

  • Nationality:


  • Date of Birth:

    January 22, 1959

  • Occupation:

    Actress, Producer, Animal Rights Activist

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