Lottery Sambad Result {Live} 23 September 2022 Today 2 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM

Lottery Sambad Dear Morning Results For 24.09.2022

The Lottery Sambad Dear Lottery Result Today 2 PM Morning Result is updated here. The Morning Lottery Result will be out at 2 PM, now players can check the Morning Result PDF from the table provided below.

Lottery Sambad Result – 2 PM Lottery Result PDF – Download Here

Lottery Sambad Dear Saturday 6:00 PM Result For Today 24.09.2022

The Lottery Sambad Dear Lottery Result Today Evening 6:00 PM Result is updated here. The Evening Lottery Result will be out at 6:00 PM, players can check the Evening Result PDF from the table provided below.

Lottery Sambad Result – 6:00 PM Lottery Result PDF – Download Here

Lottery Sambad Dear Evening 8:00 PM Results For Today 24.09.2022

The Lottery Sambad Dear Ostrich Evening Lottery Result Today Night 8:00 PM Result is updated here. The Night Lottery Result will be out at 8:00 PM, players can check the Night Result PDF from the table provided below.

Draw Name & Code Result Link
TBA Today Night at 8:00 PM Evening Result

Lottery Sambad Dear Evening Result 8:00 PM Lottery Result PDF –  Download Here

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad:

Nagaland State is one of the 13 states which have the authority to host all the legal lotteries. The Directorate of the Nagaland State Lotteries is the one who manages the Nagaland Lottery. Morning lottery sambad is a very popular and most famous lottery game in Nagaland. People in and around Nagaland have got a fantastic opportunity to try their luck and win a considerable amount of cash. The ticket price of Nagaland is Rs.6. To win this, participants will have to take part in the lottery, which is purely based on luck. These are legal lotteries which are hosted by Nagaland. Almost all the people can try this lottery who are nearby or living in Nagaland.  

How Is Nagaland State Lottery Conducted?

The Nagaland State Lottery is conducted at P.R.Hill Junction, Kohima-797001 by the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. The ticket price of the lottery is just Rs.6. If you are one of the winners on the list, then it is mandatory that you should turn in your ticket with a copy of the claim forms available online. While presenting the ticket, winners would make sure that the ticket should be intact and without any kind of damage. The winner should have to attach a government-recognized photo ID and passport size photographs, along with the claim form. Accept tampered or mutilated tickets will not be accepted. Also, the tickets which are damaged will not be accepted. 

How to buy Lottery Sambad Tickets Online?

For any lotto and gaming, the ticket has always been an ignition. You can’t play the game without a ticket to form some lotto. A ticket is just like a portal into any game. So, when we’re talking about our Nagaland State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery, Mizoram State Lottery, Goa State Lottery, or Sikkim State Lottery, you’ve got to have a ticket. Without this ticket, you cannot proceed to the game. 

For this reason, local stores, ticket bookers, brokers, and game dealers will purchase a ticket form, from whom you can get the ticket. Also, you can buy tickets for the lotto on the internet too. Even tickets can be purchased via phone. But the best way for all these lottos to buy the ticket is through a local, trusted dealer. Make sure that you buy the ticket before the declaration of the results. Make sure you follow the points given below, to take part in the lottery without any issue.

  • Players should be very careful while buying the tickets.

  • Buy your lottery ticket before the declaration of the result

  • All dealers are busy booking the tickets or issuing the tickets to the players in the last minutes so there are possibilities that you might not be able to register your ticket at the time.

  • Once booking your ticket, ensure that you have correct personal information such as name, email, phone number, and, most importantly, bank account number.

  • A faulty or typo bank account number could cause you to lose money 

  • Keep your ticket in a safe and smooth place to avoid interacting with stains

How To Check Results for Nagaland State Lottery Sambad?

The result of the Nagaland State lottery can be viewed and  checked on the official website, i.e. or The Nagaland Lottery Results for Morning, Evening and the Night Draw can be viewed here. Here in this page we provide you the frequent updates on the Results For Everyday at all three time zones. Scroll down to know the details about the Cash Prize of the Lottery Games. 

Lottery Sambad Morning Lottery Games and the Draw Timings

This lottery is held every day at Morning, Evening and at Night. The Details about the Nagaland Lottery  Morning  Lucky Draw is given below, scroll down to know more.

Lottery Draw Day Timing
Dear Loving Morning Monday 1 PM
Dear Sincere Morning Tuesday 1 PM
Dear Faithful Morning Wednesday 1 PM
Dear Kind Morning Thursday 1 PM
Dear Tender Morning Friday 1 PM
Dear Gentle Morning Saturday 1 PM
Dear Affectionate Morning Sunday 1 PM

Lottery  Sambad Live Results are updated here. Here you will also get the Live Results PDF Link. By utilising the link given here the players can download the Results at 16.00 Am, 4.00 PM and 8.00 PM in the PDF Format.

What is the prize Value for the Lottery Sambad Morning Game?

Lottery Draw Day Prize Amount
Dear Loving Morning Monday Rs. 16 lakhs
Dear Sincere Morning Tuesday Rs. 16.8 lakhs
Dear Faithful Morning Wednesday Rs. 16.8 lakhs
Dear Kind Morning Thursday Rs. 16.8 lakhs
Dear Tender Morning Friday Rs. 16.8 lakhs
Dear Gentle Morning Saturday Rs. 16.8 lakhs
Dear Affectionate Morning Sunday Rs, 16.8 lakhs

Lottery Sambad Dear Lottery Result Morning 1 PM Weekly Draw Names

Check out the Weekly Draw Names for the Morning 1 PM Result.

Day Morning Draw Names
MONDAY Dear Cherished Morning
TUESDAY Dear Admire Morning
WEDNESDAY Dear Respect Morning 
THURSDAY Dear Love Morning
FRIDAY Dear Valuable Morning
SATURDAY Dear Treasure Morning
SUNDAY Dear Precious Morning

Lottery Sambad Dear Lottery Result Evening 4 PM Weekly Draw Names

Check out the Weekly Draw Names for Evening 4 PM Result.

Day Evening Draw Names
MONDAY Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak
TUESDAY Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
WEDNESDAY Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
THURSDAY Dear Bangashree Ichamati
FRIDAY Dear Bangashree Damodar
SATURDAY Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
SUNDAY Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi

Lottery Sambad Dear Lottery Result Night 8 PM Weekly Draw Names

Check out the Weekly Draw Names for Night 8 PM Result.

Day Night Draw Names
Monday Dear Eagle Evening
TUESDAY Dear Parrot Evening
WEDNESDAY Dear Flamingo Evening
THURSDAY Dear Hawk Evening
FRIDAY Dear Ostrich Evening
SATURDAY Dear Vulture Evening
SUNDAY Dear Falcon Evening

Sikkim State Lottery Morning Results Schedule:

Sikkim state lottery is probably the first Lottery Sambad result which is announced at 1 PM. Check the Sikkim state draw playlist day wise with the Sikkim State Lottery names, which are given below.

Lottery Draw Day Timing
Dear Cherished Morning Monday 1 PM
Dear Admire Morning Tuesday 1 PM
Dear Respect Morning Wednesday 1 PM
Dear Love Morning Thursday 1 PM
Dear Valuable Morning Friday 1 PM
Dear Treasure Morning Saturday 1 PM
Dear Precious Morning Sunday 1 PM

West Bengal State Lottery Day Results Schedule:

West Bengal State Lottery Result will be out every day at 4 PM in the evening. Check the West Bengal state draw playlist day wise with the West Bengal State Lottery names. 

  • Dear Banga Lakshmi Raidak- Monday

  • Dear Banga Lakshmi Torsha- Tuesday

  • Dear Banga Lakshmi Teesta- Wednesday

  • Dear Banga Shree Ichamati- Thursday

  • Dear Banga Shree Damodar-  Friday

  • Dear Banga bhumi Ajay- Saturday

  • Dear Banga bhumi Bhagirathi- Sunday

  • Nagaland State Lottery Night Result Schedule

Nagaland State Lottery results will be released everyday at 8 PM night. Check the Nagaland state draw playlist day wise with the Nagaland Lottery names which are given below. 

  • Dear Eagle Evening- Monda

  • Dear Parrot Evening- Tuesday

  • Dear Flamingo Evening- Wednesday

  • Dear Hawk Evening- Thursday

  • Dear Banga shree Damodar- Friday

  • Dear Vulture Evening- Saturday

  • Dear Falcon Evening- Sunday

What is the Prize value for Lottery Sambad Winner?

Lottery Sambad Department organizes both the morning and evening lottery in two separate names. The prize money which is found in the lottery also varies daily. Lottery tickets have a face value of Rs 16. The prize amount will be given to the first 5 winners. However, consolation prizes will be provided to all the participants taking part in the lottery. Each winner’s prize value varies according to the position they score in the lottery game. The prize value for each position of the winners starting from 1 to 5, along with the consolation prize value is given below. 

Winners Prize Value
1st Winner Rs. 16.8 lakhs
2nd Winner Rs. 16000
3rd Winner Rs. 1600
4th Winner Rs. 160
5th Winner Rs. 161
Consolation prize Rs. 16000

Lottery Sambad day result 4 PM @ West Bengal:

Lottery Sambad 4 PM draw will be currently held in West Bengal. 4 PM Sambad Lottery has nothing to do with Nagaland, as it is held only in West Bengal. Relative to the 16 AM Morning Lottery Sambad, very few participants take part in it.

Lottery Sambad night result 8 PM @ Nagaland:

In Nagaland, Lottery Sambad is held at 8 PM. People check this lottery result with different words like Sambad lottery night and Sambad lottery at 8 pm.

Lottery Draw Day Timing
Dear Flamingo Monday 8 pm
Dear Parrot Tuesday 8 pm
Dear Eagle Wednesday 8 pm
Dear Falcon Thursday 8 pm
Dear Vulture Friday 8 pm
Dear Ostrich Saturday 8 pm
Dear Hawk Sunday 8 pm

Lottery Sambad night 8 PM @ Nagaland Prize details

Lottery Draw Day Prize Details
Dear Flamingo Monday Rs.26 Lakh
Dear Parrot Tuesday Rs.26.01 Lakh
Dear Eagle Wednesday Rs.26.02 Lakh
Dear Falcon Thursday Rs.26.03 Lakh
Dear Vulture Friday Rs.26. Lakh
Dear Ostrich Saturday Rs.26.05 Lakh
Dear Hawk Sunday Rs.26.06 Lakh

Some important tricks to win Lottery Sambad:

  • The Sambad lottery night is a game of luck, so if you haven’t won anything lately don’t get unmotivated, your luck may change at any time and you may become a millionaire in the next draw. The goal is to continue to play regularly, without losing enthusiasm.

  • You make your own bets. Don’t ask friends or neighbours to buy anything for you. Buy bets with your own money, don’t borrow money from anyone let alone borrow to buy your morning bets on Sambad Lottery. If you don’t win any prizes, the money you owe would be hard to repay. Moreover, there is another chance that the person who lent you the money might want part of the reward that you win the dear Sambad Lottery

  • Carefully choose your numbers. Don’t use lucky numbers or the birthdays of your mates, or the like. Do a quest for the numbers previously drawn in the Sambad lottery you’re playing, and pick their numbers.

  • Never collect the numbers that have earned prizes before, especially if it was a while ago. Many people choose those numbers in the belief that it will bring fortune. This can occur once in a million times. Seek to be realistic in mind when selecting your Sambad lottery numbers. 

  • Buy over one Sambad Lottery bet and select different numbers for each bet. That will increase your chances of winning the Sambad Lottery

How to Download Lottery Sambad today’s Result?

The results will be published in the official site for all the lottery games, which can also be downloaded. Players who wish to download their Today’s Result can follow the steps provided below. Follow the steps carefully and get your results quickly for the lottery.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Now read through the site’s first paragraph, and go down while reading about the Sambad lottery

Step 3: Now you will see three different perpendicular maroon banners in the second heading and in paragraph

Step 4:  Each banner is filled with the Sambad lottery result link and will redirect you to the Sambad result

Step 5: So here you see, every banner with the name and time of the draw printed

Step 6: Now select your banner, and click it

Step 7: Now you can see your result and you can download the result in PDF format for reference.

How to claim the Lottery Sambad winning amount?

  • Submit your form to the Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery by filling all the details

  • Send your original copy of Prize photocopied attested by a gazetted officer also send 3 or 4 passport size photos

  • The government will not take responsibility for the loss of postage or lost tickets. 16. Prices on torn or spoiled tickets will not be offered, and they may be subject to legal proceedings.

  • The director will send the money by accepting the actual claims after cutting the necessary income tax etc

History of Lottery Sambad:

Lotteries have emerged from the Hebrew, Egyptian, Hindu, Chinese, and Roman peoples. Lotteries are very common random prize draw based gambling. This form of the game became popular in the early twentieth century and was considered illegal in many countries until the end of World War II. Casinos and lotteries in many countries were legalized in the 1960s, increasing funds for federal taxes. The first legal lotteries in the world were established during the 27th century in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England, and France. France became the first nation in 1538 to grant the State the opportunity of encouraging lotteries.

At the moment, lotteries are managed by the governments of different countries or by the local subdivisions. In Brazil, this Sambad Lottery appeared in Vila Rica, the former capital of Minas Gerais state, in 1984. The lotteries then spread all over the world. On April 31, 1944 the first regulation on the activity of lotteries in Brazil was issued. In 1908 came Virada ‘s Mega Sena which takes place every year on 27 August. Normal Mega Sena draws will be held on every Wednesdays and Saturdays, twice a week. Check out all the places where the lottery sale is legal and where the lottery sale is banned, which is given below. 

States list where lottery sale is legal:

States list where lottery sale is banned:

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