You are currently viewing Manipur Kuki Girl Women Paraded Video Viral Original No Blur, Incident Sparks Controversy Online

Manipur Kuki Girl Women Paraded Video Viral Original No Blur, Incident Sparks Controversy Online

Manipur Kuki Girl Women Paraded Video Viral Original No Blur, Incident Sparks Controversy Online

In recent news, it was reported that two paraded women were seen naked in a viral video that is highly circulated on Reddit and Twitter. The video is one of the highly viewed over the internet. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the viral video and news. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Manipur paraded video viral original

In this article, you must get the complete information about the Manipur Woman Paraded original and viral video on Reddit and Twitter. Earlier, the stories of Crime Petrol, Savdhaan India, etc felt like an illusion or a part of the drama that is shown on Television. However, learning the news of the Manipur Woman Paraded Video confirms that those are not just stories. Significantly, these incidents can disturb an individual at both mental and physical levels and more specifically the entire nation. Recently, a horrific video from Manipur went viral in which a few people were seen forcing two women to be naked and shoot a video for the same. Reportedly, the video went viral on July 19 over several social media platforms leaving everyone in a complete shockwave. Scroll down to the next section to know more about the news. Manipur video girl parade original video

Article Topic Manipur Woman Paraded Video
State Manipur
Current CM of Manipur N. Biren Singh
Ministry Bhartiya Janta Party
Viral Video Date 4th May 2023
Manipur Woman Paraded Video Content A forceful parade by Manipur Kuki Woman
Purpose of Manipur Woman Paraded Video To expose the negative actions of the opposition Tribal group and to make people aware of the helplessness of residents who become victims of such incidents in the state.

According to a Manipur journalist, The Hindu, reportedly, the video contained the gang rape of the two females. The women were forced to be in an open posture in front of the camera, which seemed terrible and disgusting. In today’s world, people can go to each and every extent and have forgotten the humanitarian nature of society. The date when the video was shot is May 4, 2023. Currently, the offenders are surfacing to the frontiers to be one of the opposition parties of a tribal group in Manipur. The group forced the women to be undressed and then compelled them to move across the entire village and later gang-raped them. Scroll down to the next section to learn about the news in a little deep manner.

India: Two Women Paraded Naked & Manipur Woman Paraded Video Original Download Free

Manipur Woman Paraded Video

Here’s what was in the Manipur Paraded Video, notably the state police are working towards closing the case as soon as possible. The case has already been registered for such a criminal offense. In a report, the officials said that the people who were engaged in this incident will be taken to court and proper action will be taken towards the same. At the moment, people across the world are searching for the Manipur video’s original download link to watch the Parade video online. However, we feel so sorry and condemn that such people are asking for the link and hence we do not entertain the fact to host the video link to watch it. Scroll down for more details and information.

Manipur Assault Horror: 32 Year Old Identified From Viral Sexual Assault Video, Arrested

On Thursday, the Indigenous Tribal Leader Forum’s event has to happen and just one day before the event, the video was released on various social media channels. The purpose of sharing this news is to spread awareness of the condition of the victim tribal group as well as about the culprits. However, at a political level, the incident has highlighted all the affected areas under the current ministry. The ultimate purpose of the video is to expose the negative actions of the opposition Tribal group and to make people aware of the helpless situation of the people living there who become victims of such incidents within the state. Scroll down to the next section for more in regard to the news.

Manipur Woman Paraded Original Video Viral

Reportedly, ITLF claimed that the content in the video clearly represents the empathetic condition of the two women. They were feeling helpless at the moment and were constantly appealing for help. The culprits themselves created the video and have made it viral intentionally. Moreover, tension is created in the environment of the state after viewing the video and listening to this thrilling news. This incident has completely broken the 2 women physically, socially, emotionally, and most importantly, mentally. Yesterday, the paraded videos are getting viral on social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter. Therefore, you can watch the complete story from these digital platforms.

Manipur Women Paraded Video: 2 Month Old Horrific Video Of Women Paraded Naked & Assaulted On Camera Goes Viral

Here’s what the government has to say about the tragic incident. The Indian government has sent the notice to Twitter because the video is circulating on social media freely. The government is doing everything to cop with the situation and also identified the people who can be seen in the video hence initial actions must be taken against them. Furthermore, it was reported that it is not the first case in the state and previously several unrevealed incidents had already happened for which the victim was either a woman or children. The opposition party is continuously asking for the resignation of the Manipur CM, as no action is being taken for such cases in the state.