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Dion Dublin's believed that he saw the ghost of his dead dog,Big Frank.
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Meet Gorgeous Wife of Footballer Dion Dublin – Louise Dublin

Dion Dublin is a 53-year-old former football player and the pride of Manchester United who has a place in a million people’s hearts.

Dion has a huge fanbase around the world but mostly covers the UK. He is a remarkable and beloved football player, which brings out curiosity about his life in a million people’s minds.

Some of the inquisitive facts about Dion Dublin include:

Dion Dublin on Celebrity MasterChef:

Dion has often agreed with the fact that his wife does all the cooking. However, the former footballer appeared on Celebrity Masterchef, a reality TV show, in 2021 as a contestant. In the competition, he served the meal to honor his mother, which was Calypso chicken with a red wine cashew sauce, rice and peas, and garlic and paprika flatbread. Unfortunately, Dion was eliminated because of his burnt bread and overcooked rice.

Commentator, pundit, and TV personality

After his retirement from his professional football career, Dion didn’t sit back. Dublin started as a Tv pundit for Sky Sports and a commentator alongside Martin Tyler. Furthermore, not only he is known for his spontaneous football skills he is mostly known for his role as a presenter in the tv show Homes Under the Hammer.

Dion Dublin’s zodiac sign

Dion Dublin, a famous celebrity, was born on April 22nd, 1969. Dion shares his birthday with other people related to the sports industry, like Darren Moore, West Bromwich Albion, and Mikel John Obi, as they were all born on April 22nd. The fact that he was born on April 22nd indicates that the former professional footballer’s zodiac sign is Taurus. As a result, it indicates that former England player Dion possesses positive Taurus traits.

Possesses the skill of playing percussion instruments.

Dublin is fond of percussion and is a semi-professional percussionist. Furthermore, Dublin invented his own model of cajon called The Dube, which is a stylish cube percussion instrument. Additionally, the instruments come in four different sizes and the colors and tones can be customized.

Dion Dublin is fond of his dogs.

The former England football player, Dion Dublin, owns two dogs. However, his first dog had passed, whose name was Big Frank, who died in 2017 after battling cancer. Even Dion has claimed that he captured the ghost of his dead dog, Big Frank, on camera after scattering his ashes on the beach.

Dion Dublin’s believed that he saw the ghost of his dead dog,Big Frank. ( Source :
mirror )

Furthermore, Dion has another dog of the same breed, an English bullmastiff named Maggie. However, he seems to have a loving memory of Big Frank until now, as he shared an adorable picture on his Instagram account of Big Frank and Maggie on the occasion of International Dog Day.