Meet Hugo Poulton Haynes, The Son of Rachael and Leah Haynes

Meet Hugo Poulton Haynes, The Son of Rachael and Leah Haynes

Meet Hugo Poulton Haynes, The Son of Rachael and Leah Haynes

Rachael Haynes, an Australian cricketer, expressed her gratitude by saying that “our world has grown a little lighter” after the birth of her first child with her wife, Leah Poulton.

Haynes, who plays for the Australian women’s cricket team and is the vice captain of the national team, and her partner, Leigh Poulton, who played cricket for both New South Wales and Australia before retiring, have recently became parents.

On September 15, 2022, Haynes surprised the world by putting a stop to her two-decade-long cricket career by announcing her retirement from both international and state cricket. Haynes’s career spanned both international and state levels of cricket. Rachael Haynes, a cricketer from Australia who plays an important role for her country’s women’s national team, has won six world championships.

At the WACA, in a match against Sri Lanka that took place during the group stage, Haynes delivered what is widely considered to be one of the most impressive performances of the tournament. She was selected to serve as Australia’s vice-captain for the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2022, which was hosted in New Zealand.

In addition, Haynes was selected in May 2022 to serve as the vice-captain of Australia’s cricket squad for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. These games will take place in England.



Rachael Haynes

Hugo Poulton Haynes: Who Is He?

On October 1, 2021, Rachael Haynes and her wife Leah Poulton became parents for the first time to a son whom they named Hugo Poulton-Haynes.

Her hamstring injury, which was reported previously, was the reason why she did not participate in the historic pink-ball Test match that was played against India. Haynes was supposed to go with Australia to face India, but she was forced to withdraw from the series after sustaining a hamstring strain in the first one-day international that was played at Harrup Park in Mackay. Haynes was supposed to go with Australia to face India.

Haynes, who just recently declared her retirement from the sport of cricket, gave birth to her first child with her partner Leah Poulton only a few days after a hamstring injury forced her to leave the India series in Queensland early and prevented her from participating in a test match. Haynes and Poulton are expecting their first child together.

“While disappointed to miss the Test, yesterday fate took hold and we welcomed Hugo Poulton-Haynes into the world,” she stated after Hugo was born. “While unhappy to miss the Test, fate took hold and we welcomed Hugo Poulton-Haynes into the world.”

Haynes, who is now 34 years old, stated back in August that she would not miss the delivery of her child and would be going back to the place where she grew up, despite the fact that she was aware of the stringent quarantine requirements.

She was a member of the Australian squad when it began the Day-Night Test at the Carrara Oval in Queensland the year before. But she left the hospital and headed back to their house in Sydney to be with her pregnant wife till the baby arrived. Haynes expressed her appreciation for her family by posting a touching photo on social media in spite of the fact that she was unable to attend the Test match against India after giving birth to a child.

A great number of cricket players have sent their best wishes for the mother and kid’s continued good health as well as their congratulations to the happy couple on the birth of their first child. “Congratulations to @RachaelHaynes and Leah on the arrival of Hugo!” was the message that was posted on the official Cricket Australia Twitter page.

 Hugo Poulton Haynes’s Age

Hugo Poulton Haynes entered the world on Friday, October 1, 2021, making him only a few days shy of his first birthday. At this point in time, he is 11 months old.

The firstborn child of Rachael and her partner, Leah, will turn one in October of this year, which is a few weeks later than usual. And to commemorate that momentous day, his cricketer-duo mothers probably had had an idea in mind for how to ensure that the celebration of their child’s first birthday would be nothing short of a resounding success.

In addition, on May 1, 2022, Rachael and Leah celebrated their very first Mother’s Day with their son Hugo by their side. They came to the conclusion that the best way to honor the occasion would be to volunteer their time at a charitable organization. The pair made purchases at the UNICEF Virtual Charity Gift Store, then packaged their thoughtful presents and dispatched them directly to mothers and children located in different parts of the world.

Difference in Age Between Rachael Haynes and Her Companion Leah Poulton

Both Rachel and Leah have officially hung up their cricket cleats at this point. The maximum age difference between the two lovers is three years, given that Haynes is 35 years old and is currently 38, making it the older partner in the relationship.

Haynes, who has won six times the title of world champion, was born on December 26, 1986 in Carlton, which is located in the Australian state of Victoria. Her first memories of the sport involve her playing with her relatives in the backyard with a bat made out of a fence post. She also has vivid memories of watching matches on television, which led her to develop a deep admiration for the late Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

On September 15, 2022, at the age of 35, she made the announcement that she would be retiring. It has been decided that Haynes will not play cricket at the international or state level, but she will continue her career in the domestic league. On the other side, her life partner and wife, Leah Poulton, who was also born in February 1984, follows a career path that is analogous to hers. A few years ago, Lean decided to hang up his cricket cleats.

Now that the couple has broken up with their longtime love of cricket, they will have more opportunities to spend quality time with each other and their son Hugo.

Rachael Haynes’s Net Worth

Rachael Haynes, an Australian cricketer who is 35 years old and has a net worth of $1.3 million, has had a spectacular career that has helped her achieve that wealth.

She has now been able to put her cricketing career behind her, and she can take some time to relax and reflect on the golden days of her life. She served as the vice captain of the Australian women’s national cricket team. In addition to that, Haynes was the coach of the national squad that won six world titles.

The player for the Sydney Thunder brings in a respectable salary thanks to her successful career in cricket. Even though it has been claimed that men and women on the national team would be compensated equally, the agreement is still simply on paper at this point.

According to a new deal that Cricket Australia negotiated in the latter half of 2021, Australia’s female athletes now earn the highest salaries of any other group in the country. Even semi-professional cricket players at the state level are able to practice without the requirement for a full-time work to supplement their income. This is the case even though women do not make as much money as males playing cricket at this level.

According to the Daily Mail, women cricketers who play for their states now make an average of $40,000 per year, which is an increase of 22% from the contracts they had previously received. On the other hand, those who play for the national team now make an average of $180,000 per year.

Income Generated from Contracts for Sponsorship and Endorsement

Haynes’s list of sponsors includes a select group of reputable individuals. In 2011, she struck a fruitful business partnership with Lend Lease Breakers. In addition to this, the Australian Captain has also committed her Major partnership to the Thunder Nation.

Students who participate in the Intern program, which is financed by the Lend Lease Australian Diversity Council, will have the opportunity to find meaningful employment in an environment that is both welcoming and flexible in terms of scheduling. Because of this, Rachael will be able to successfully combine working, practicing, and playing in her role as a cricket player.

Ian and Jenni Haynes, Rachael’s Parents

Rachael Louise Haynes was born to Australian parents Ian and Jenni Haynes. Her full name at birth was Rachael Louise Haynes.

Her mother and father brought up her and her siblings in Victoria, Australia, in a close-knit family environment. She only has one parent, so it is wonderful that her family can lavish all of their love and attention on her. They had never attended a World Cup before, so it was an incredible experience for them to watch their daughter compete for their country in the tournament.

After receiving an offer from a neighbor, Haynes decided to become a member of the North Balwyn Cricket Club when he was eleven years old. Box Hill Cricket Club was quick to pique her interest, and she eventually teamed up with Meg Lanning, who would go on to be a colleague of hers for Australia, to play at the highest level there.

Haynes received his VCE from Our Lady of Sion College in the year 2004, where he studied. She completed her studies at the Australian Catholic University and earned a Diploma in Management from the Box Hill Institute before graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the university. Prior to that, she completed her studies at the Box Hill Institute.

Rachael Haynes Is Retiring From The World Of International Cricket

Rachael Haynes, one of the most important players on the Australian cricket team, called it a career on September 15, 2022, bringing an end to her participation in international cricket.

The vice-captain of the Australian women’s cricket team has announced her intention to retire from both national and international cricket competition. When this season of the WBBL with Sydney Thunder is through, she will have finished her professional career and all of its associated competitions.

Haynes served as interim captain of the Australian national team on 14 separate occasions when Meg Lanning suffered an injury. This included the 2017–18 Ashes series, in which Lanning was unable to participate because of a shoulder injury.

Haynes, who bats left-handed and plays in the top order for Australia, made her debut in international competition in 2009 against England at Lord’s. She scored a total of 3818 runs in international play, with 2585 of those runs coming in one-day internationals. She also scored two centuries during her career.

She praised everyone who had a hand in her captivating career, saying, “Playing at this level isn’t possible without the help of many people” (Playing at this level isn’t possible without the assistance of many people).

She had been talking about her planned retirement for the past year, and she finally brought up the subject at the World Cup in New Zealand. She claimed that whenever she went to bed, she had the same thought running through her head. whether she is willing to go with the plan? In spite of this, she is no longer working.

Rachael Haynes
Rachael Haynes

Quick Facts About Rachael Haynes And Her Wife Leah Poulton

Full Name Rachael Louise Haynes Leah Joy Poulton
Age 35 38
Born December 26, 1986 February 27, 1984
Birthplace Carlton, Victoria, Australia New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian Australian
Net Worth $1.3 Million $1.5 million

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