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Meet Jon Grauman’s Wife Lauren Grauman With Her Real Estate Expertise

Meet Jon Grauman’s Wife Lauren Grauman With Her Real Estate Expertise

Meet Jon Grauman’s Wife Lauren Grauman With Her Real Estate Expertise

Lauren Grauman, who is married to Jon Grauman, shows up on the Netflix reality show Buying Beverly Hills

Lauren is the leader of The Grauman Team and works as a real estate agent. She works for both the buyer and the seller. Also, the real estate agent knows how to negotiate in the real estate market.

She did a great job with her presentation in front of Leaders of Markets from all over the country. She knows how to run a high-stakes team because she has done it before.

Jon Grauman’s Wife Lauren Grauman

Meet Jon Grauman’s Wife, Lauren Grauman

The wife of Jon Grauman, Lauren Grauman, would make a small appearance on the Netflix real estate reality show Buying Beverly Hills to share her knowledge about real estate.

Lauren watches the market and her clients. The agent said that she always looks at every deal with the idea of buy and sell in mind. Every deal and group of people a realtor works with is different. She talked about her work on the Tom Ferry show on YouTube. When February comes.

Lauren knew very well what her life goal was and why she worked. The two people work together to improve their standard of living.

Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal named Joe and Lauren as one of the best real estate teams in the country. This made them feel both humble and proud. Joe says that her wife is on his team, and that they both work together.

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Lauren Grauman She might be between 30 and 40

She could be in her 30s or 40s. She was born in Southern California and grew up there. Also, the real estate agent was born in Los Angeles. She knows a lot about the housing market in her area. Lauren is the head of the family and runs the business.

On January 4, Lauren has her birthday. In 2022, the wedding day was celebrated in Napa Valley. Jon pinned “Happy birthday to this Wonder Woman, this devoted mother, this amazing wife, and this business leader.”

Jon also said that many people look up to his wife. She works harder than any other woman he has ever met. The real estate agent is a great mom, a great wife, and a kind and brave leader. The reality star is glad that she picked him to go on their trip with her.

On April 27, 2022, the son of Jon and Lauren turned five years old. 2017 was the year Easton Grauman was born. He is learning in Kindergarten right now. Maybe their sweet little boy has a kind heart, is curious, and likes to try new things. They gave their son the name E-man.

Jon and Lauren celebrated their daughter’s second birthday on March 1, 2022. Their daughter is named Olivia Grace. She was born in the year 2020 and is now in preschool. On August 22, 2015, they got married. Seven years have passed since they started dating. Before they got married, the two people were best friends and helped each other out.

Lauren Grauman Net Worth

Due to her years of experience, Lauren Grauman is worth more than $8 million.

She got her license in 2006 and is now in the business of selling homes. She is also the leader of a busy Beverly Hills real estate team. She and her husband run a business that sells the best homes in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Sources say that Joe, the husband of the realtor, is worth about $8 million. He made over $230 million in sales in 2019. So, he was named the best real estate agent in the country.

The L.A. Business Journal in Los Angeles County put Joe in 20th place. In the same year, he sold 822 Sorbonne Road for $75 million, which was the 10th highest sale in the history of Los Angeles.

Joe even sold a modern home designed by the well-known architect Hagy Belzberg for $24 million. He has worked in his field for more than 17 years and has lived in Los Angeles his whole life, so he knows the city well.

Joe has built a lot of homes and helped people get loans in Beverly Hills and on the Sunset Strip. He is known for building new homes. After Lauren joined The Agency, her husband Jon may have joined forces with her. Before that, she worked as a real estate agent for Prudential California Realty for four years.

In 2010, Lauren worked as an office manager and real estate agent for nearly three years at Peter Lorimer Group Estates in Beverly Hills. In July 2012, she quit the company and went to work for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. But in October 2014, she stopped working there and joined The Agency RE.

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Who does Lauren Grauman make a family with?

Jon Grauman is married to Lauren Grauman.

How old is Lauren Grauman?

She might be in her 30s or her 40s.

How much does Lauren Grauman have in the bank?

Lauren Grauman thinks that her net worth could be a million dollars.

Who is “Buying Beverly Hills”‘ Jon Grauman?

39-years-old Jon Grauman was born on April 7, 1983. He is the head of The Agency RE’s Estates Division and one of the best real estate agents in L.A. Jon has a special place in the American real estate business because he has been written about a lot in magazines like Los Angeles Magazine, L.A. Business Journal, and The Wall Street Journal over the years.

The Agency RE says that Jon sold properties worth $230 million in 2019 and $750 million just two years later. He is also popular on social media. His Instagram handle (@jongrauman) has more than 22,000 followers. Grauman also has a YouTube channel where he posts short, interesting videos that you should watch.

Jon got into the TV business in 2022 with a show called “Buying Beverly Hills,” which premiered on November 4 on the OTT giant Netflix. The top agents from The Agency RE, like Ben Belack, Sonika Vaid, Farrah Brittany, and Santiago Arana, star in the reality show BBH.

Jon Grauman
Jon Grauman

How did Jon Grauman start working in real estate?

Jon Grauman, who is 39 years old, was born in California, America, on April 7, 1983. His parents brought him up in Manhattan Beach, where he went to school and graduated from Mira Costa High in 2001. He got a job right away. His first job was as a loan officer at Rockland Financial. He did that job for only a year and a half before becoming a mortgage broker at Metro Cities Mortgage.

Even though he didn’t like his job all that much, he kept doing it for a long time. He was right there when the mortgage crisis happened in 2008. Around the same time, he got into real estate development and started building high-end homes for sale.

With his father, Jon Grauman

He finally quit his job because he wasn’t happy with what he was doing and knew he needed to be more front-facing instead of always being behind the scenes and arguing with underwriters.

From Mortgage Broker To Real Estate Agent

In 2011, Jon started working as a real estate agent for Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions. He was able to use the skills he learned as a mortgage broker to his advantage.

It was hard to start from scratch. Before taking on a new listing, he would do his research on what was great about the property and the area. He also worked on his communication skills, but he didn’t sell a single property in his first year. He didn’t give up and kept trying, and in the end, he made a name for himself as a polished real estate agent.

Three years later, he went to work at The Agency RE, where he has been ever since. Last year, in 2021, he sold something that was worth $500 million. In the end, he also started Grauman & Rosenfeld Group with his wife as CEO and Adam Rosenfeld as a partner.

The private life of Jon Grauman

Grauman is married, and Lauren Grauman is his wife. Sources say that the couple met in 2012 and got married in Paso Robles, California, on August 23, 2015. At the moment, the couple lives in Beverly Hills, CA, with their son Easton Grauman and daughter Olivia Grace. Jon’s wife is a great person. She takes care of him and their two kids, and she also helps run the business at Grauman & Rosenfeld Group.

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