Meet The Brownlow Medal Winner’s Partner Monique Fontana

Meet The Brownlow Medal Winner’s Partner Monique Fontana

Patrick Cripps: Meet The Brownlow Medal Winner’s Partner Monique Fontana

After sharing a passionate kiss with her girlfriend to celebrate the win of the 2022 Brownlow Medal, professional Australian rules football player Patrick Cripps has built a massive sensation around details regarding his love life and his relationship with Monique Fontana. This comes after he kissed her in celebration of him winning the 2022 Brownlow Medal.

The footballing sensation, who is now 27 years old, plays in the Australian Football League for the Carlton Football Club (AFL). In addition to that, he has been named an All-Australian and won the John Nicholls Medal three times. Also, in 2019, he was awarded the Leigh Matthews Trophy, and in 2022, he was awarded the Brownlow Medal. In 2015, when he first took home the latter prize, he did so at the age that made him the second-youngest player ever to do so.

Cripps was selected by the Carlton Football Club in the first round of the AFL National Draft in 2013 so that they could contract him (No. 13 overall). In Round 4 of the 2014 season, Cripps played his first game in the professional league against Melbourne.

However, the injuries that plagued him throughout the season restricted him to just three games.

In the first three rounds of the 2022 season, Patrick won 25 of a possible 30 votes for AFLCA MVP. However, in round four against the Gold Coast Suns, Patrick suffered a hamstring injury, which prevented him from continuing to compete.


Patrick Cripps

Patrick Cripps’s Relationship

In March of 2022, Patrick Cripps and his girlfriend, Monique Fontana, each posted an announcement on their own Instagram accounts that they were engaged. After this announcement, their followers are eager to learn the date of their wedding, but the couple has chosen to keep it a secret.

On the social networking platform Instagram that both of them use, they announced their engagement by posting a picture of themselves in which they are surrounded by balloons in a living room setting.

Monique and the man who will eventually become her husband are frequently spotted attending various social events together. She has never failed to make an appearance next to him and has been by his side during the majority of activities. They have a lovely connection with one another, but they have not disclosed either the date of their wedding or the location of the ceremony.

They appear to have a sweet connection with one another, which is something that many people find to be really enviable. On the other hand, their followers are eagerly anticipating the happy couple’s wedding bell to be rung as soon as it can be arranged.

Patrick Cripps: Who Is He?

Patrick Cripps is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for the Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League. He was born on March 18, 1995, and is currently 23 years old (AFL). Cripps is a three-time All-Australian and a three-time John Nicholls Medallist. When he initially won the John Nicholls Medal in 2015, he became the second-youngest player to win the award.

He won the Leigh Matthews Trophy in 2019 and the Brownlow Medal in 2022. In round 4 of the 2015 AFL season, he was recognized as a rising star and gained a nomination for the AFL Rising Star award. From the 2019 season until the 2021 season, Cripps was a co-captain of the Carlton football team. He took sole command of the team beginning with the 2022 season.

Patrick Cripps’s Initially in Life

Cripps was born in Perth, but his family relocated him to the rural community of Northampton in the state of Western Australia’s Mid West when he was quite young. A further two members of his family, Jamie Cripps (his third cousin) and Chris Mainwaring, have also competed in the Australian Football League (first cousin once removed). Cripps began his football career as a youth in Northampton, where he was a member of the East Fremantle Football Club’s junior and colts teams. After moving to Perth, he continued his football career with the West Australian Football League’s East Fremantle Football Club. At the 2013 AFL Under 18 Championships, he competed for Western Australia, where he was selected to play on the All-Australian Team and earn the position of vice captain.

Patrick Cripps’s AFL Career

Cripps was selected by the Carlton Football Club in the first round of the AFL National Draft in 2013, and he was subsequently signed by the club. Even as a junior, his playing style as a strong-bodied midfielder with a strong ability to win clearances by handpass drew comparisons with club great Greg Williams. Cripps made his senior debut against Melbourne in Round 4, 2014, but played only three matches during the season due to injuries. Cripps changed from his debut jumper number of 16 at the end of the 2014 season, to number 9 after it was vacated after the delisting of Kane Lucas.

In just his second season, Cripps at 195 cm/6 ft 5 in established himself as a top inside midfielder, finishing 8th in the league for contested possessions and 11th for clearances, and earning strong acclaim for his attacking use of handball.

He finished second in the 2015 AFL Rising Star award after holding favouritism with bookmakers for much of the year, and he won the John Nicholls Medal as Carlton’s best and fairest to become the second-youngest winner in the award’s history.

Cripps recovered form after a poor start to the 2017 season as he was recovering from a back ailment. He went on to average 24.9 disposals and 6.7 clearances from 15 games before a fractured leg ended his season.

Alongside defender Sam Docherty, it was announced that he will be Carlton’s joint vice-captain before to the start of the 2018 season. Carlton’s vice-captain responsibilities began with that announcement.

Cripps had a fantastic year in 2018, finishing in second place for AFL Most Valuable Player vote and won his second Carlton Best and Fairest award. He also received All Australian honors. Cripps managed to become the leading disputed possession winner for a single season haul, surpassing Patrick Dangerfield’s previous record of 386 with 388. Cripps had an average of over 29 touches each game and was able to do this. After that, he decided to extend his contract with the team through the end of the 2021 campaign.

Cripps and Sam Docherty were selected co-captains of the Carlton football team in October of 2018.

In 2019, Cripps would have his best season to date, averaging an incredible 8.5 clearances, 17 contested possessions, and 6.2 tackles a game. This would be his best season to yet. This would be sufficient to clinch the win and bring home the Leigh Matthews Trophy.

It has been hypothesized that Patrick Cripps was hampered by a persistent back problem throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons, which may account for the significant decline in his overall performance during those two years. Despite this, neither the club nor Patrick ever publicly acknowledged it as fact. Cripps was more than serviceable and was considered an essential component to Carlton’s midfield despite the fact that he did not perform up to his own exceptionally high standards.

In the beginning of the year 2022, Patrick received 25 out of a possible maximum of 30 votes for AFLCA MVP in the first three rounds of the season. However, in round four, he suffered a hamstring injury while playing against the Gold Coast Suns.

Meet The Partner of Olympic Gold Medalist Patrick Cripps

Patrick’s girlfriend, Fontana, holds a nursing license and is employed in the medical field. From 2007 until 2014, she attended Iona Presentation College, where she graduated with her high school diploma. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Notre Dame Australia with a degree in nursing, qualifying her as a registered nurse.

Additionally, for the months of November 2019 through February 2021, Monique worked at Pattersons Insurerbuild as the customer care team head. In addition to that, the young woman spent the months of July through December 2019 working at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne as a registered nurse.

Prior to it, in the year 2021, she admitted that she suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fontana was required to repeat the phrases “free of malignant disease” and “free of plane accident” hundreds of times each day so that she could “guard” herself and her family from potential harm.

Patrick Cripps, who is her lover and has been described as “very emotionally astute,” is able to lift her up anytime she is in pain and has helped her get well as a result of their relationship. According to her Instagram account, the woman who would one day marry football player Patrick enjoys traveling and can frequently be spotted going to a variety of locations across the world.

In addition, the girlfriend of the athlete who won the gold medal can be found on the social media platform Instagram under the handle @monique fontana. She has more than 11.4 thousand followers and has about 180 posts on her social media platform.

Patrick Cripps’s Relationship Timeline

The football star Patrick Cripps, who is now 27 years old, appears to have known the woman who will become the love of his life, Monique Fontana, since 2016. It is possible to draw such a conclusion due to the fact that Captain Criplan uploaded a picture of her in 2016 and captioned it as a hurricane.

It is reasonable to infer that the two people have known each other for at least six years and have been romantically involved for more than five of those years. When Monique knew him, Cripps tried his best to establish his name as a professional football player.

The footballer’s girlfriend has known him since trying to establish his identity back in the days until the day where he earned various honors and successes. In 2016, Cripps further reinforced his place as one of the leading inside midfielders in the AFL by collecting a terrific score.

According to his Wikipedia site, in round four of the 2015 campaign, Cripps was nominated for the AFL Rising Star award. From 2019 to 2021, Cripps served as Carlton’s co-captain; starting with the 2022 campaign, he has been the team’s sole captain.

Patrick Cripps
Patrick Cripps

Quick Facts:

Full Name Patrick Cripps
Nicknames Crippa


The bull

Age 27
Date Of Birth March 18, 1995
Place Of Birth Perth, Western Australia
Profession Australian Rules Footballer
Years Active 2014-present
Height 6 ft 5 inch
Weight 203 lb
Instagram @patrickcripps

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