Natalia Grace's adoptive parents Michael and Christine Barnett: Abuse case update

Natalia Grace’s adoptive parents Michael and Christine Barnett: Abuse case update

Natalia Grace’s adoptive parents, Michael and Christine Barnett, have drawn authorized and public consideration amid allegations of abuse.

Natalia Grace is a disabled Ukrainian orphan dwarf. The case takes a brand new flip as she confronts her adoptive father, Michael Barnett, in regards to the despicable abuse.

He was adopted by Michael and Christine Barnett in 2010. He has been blamed for years by his adoptive parents. They even petitioned a decide to vary his authorized age from eight to 22.

Now, in a six-part documentary sequence titled The Strange Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia SpeaksHe shares his facet of the story.

This article particulars Natalia’s case, specializing in the actions and allegations of her adoptive parents, Michael and Christine Barnett.

Natalia Grace Adoptive parents Michael and Christine Barnett

Adopted by Natalia Grace ParentsMichael and Christine Barnett have been embroiled in a tumultuous authorized saga marked by allegations.

The story begins in 2010, when Michael and Christine Barnett adopted Natalia Grace. He has spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, a uncommon genetic dysfunction that causes dwarfism.

The couple initially mentioned Natalia was six years outdated. They later expressed doubts about his age.

The scenario grew to become tense when Christine found pubic hair whereas making an attempt to swim. Also, Natalya’s hidden menstrual cycle was revealed.

The Barnetts had been confused and fearful. They cited “evidence” that Natalia was older than they mentioned and took steps to vary the authorized age to 22.

The allegations in opposition to Natalia by her adoptive parents are disturbing and embrace various claims.

Natalia Grace Abuse Case Update: What Did Her Parents Do?

The Natalia Grace abuse case Update revealed disturbing allegations.

In 2019, Christine Barnett mentioned that Natalya threatened her household with a knife of their sleep. He additionally pushed her in opposition to an electrical fence and even put bleach in her espresso, saying: “I’m trying to poison you.”

The Barnetts had been arrested on little one neglect expenses in 2019. This was after they left Natalya in her residence in Indiana and moved to Canada.

Michael was acquitted in October 2022, and Christine’s case was dismissed in March 2023. The closure of the Natalia Grace abuse case introduced reduction and lingering questions.

In October 2022, Michael was acquitted of kid neglect expenses associated to abandoning Natalia in her Indiana residence. Subsequently, in March 2023, Christine Barnett dismissed her case.

The trial ended with Christine Barnett being acquitted, leaving the case in limbo.

Parents Michael and Christine Barnett blamed Natalia Grace

The allegations made in opposition to Natalia by Michael and Christine Barnett are complicated and critical.

They argued that Natalia was not a toddler, however a harmful sociopath with homicidal tendencies. The Barnetts claimed Natalia was making an attempt to kill them, holding a knife and watching them on the mattress.

However, these claims are contested by Natalia, who categorically denies any intent to kill. documentary sequence, The Strange Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speakssheds gentle on Natalia’s facet of the story.

It was a problem to the narrative constructed by his adoptive parents. Natalia proves her innocence within the documentary sequence and questions the lies constructed by the Barnetts.

Medical proof, together with DNA testing to find out her chronological age, indicated she was 22 when the Barnetts claimed she was solely eight.

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