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Anthony Edwards

NBA Star Anthony Edwards Was Raised By Brother Antoine And Sister Antoinette

NBA Star Anthony Edwards Was Raised By Brother Antoine And Sister Antoinette

NBA Star Anthony Edwards Was Raised By Brother Antoine And Sister Antoinette

Anthony Edwards was raised by his brother Antoine and sister Antoinette, who shared legal custody.

His brother, sister, and nephew were all present when his selection as the first overall choice in the 2020 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Edwards, a shooting guard for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, attended the University of Georgia.

Similarly, he finished high school at Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta, where he was rated as a five-star prospect and one of the top players in the 2019 class by major recruiting services. As a senior, he was named first-team USA Today All-USA and McDonald’s All-American.

He was the most anticipated talent to commit to play college basketball for Georgia, and he was named SEC Freshman of the Year after his first season with the team.

Anthony Edwards

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NBA Star Anthony Edwards Siblings: His Bond With Brother Antoine Through Basketball

Anthony Edwards has two older siblings, an Antoinette and an Antoine, who share legal custody of him.

Both of his siblings have made significant contributions to their younger brother’s upbringing. Basketball, on the other hand, appears to have helped him build a unique relationship with his brother Antoine.

The genius known as “Ant-Man” had always piqued the older brother’s interest. He always saw his younger brother being a great basketball player because he practiced his shot every day.

His older brother, Antoine, is seven years his senior. He has served as Edward’s guardian angel throughout his life, guiding him toward a brighter future.

In general, the above age is based on a 2019 article in which Antoine’s age was listed as 25.

Edwards was a running back, quarterback, and cornerback for most of his boyhood.

While playing youth football with the Atlanta Vikings, he was one of the top Pop Warner running backs in the country by the age of ten. However, after watching his brothers play the sport, Edwards switched his focus to basketball since it “seemed more enjoyable.”

He enjoyed playing basketball with his siblings at their grandmother’s house.

Anthony Edwards Sister Antoinette Came To His 2020 NBA Draft With Her Boyfriend

When the Timberwolves selected Anthony Edwards first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, his sister, Antoinette, and her boyfriend, Neil, were there to support him.

Antoinette, the mother of a son named Jace, also served as Anthony’s guardian after their parents died.

Edward’s siblings were all sports fans, with his sister playing softball and his brothers playing tennis, football, and basketball.

They have always been supportive, and their mother has never missed a single game since they began playing in school.

Though Edwards’ siblings’ social media sites are unknown, basic information about them can be acquired through an Apple podcast in which his two eldest siblings discussed parenting their brother.

They discussed how their lives had changed as a result of his guardianship and how they began to save money to provide facilities for their younger brother.

Anthony Edwards Parents: His Father Is Not Much Involved With Him

Edwards was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to his mother, Yvette Edwards, and his father, Roger Caruth. His father gave him the nickname “Ant-Man” when he was just three years old.

Given the information presented about his father’s lack of involvement in his childhood, it is probable that his parents were divorced when his mother was alive.

Edwards has endured far more heartbreak than a child should. His mother, Yvette, and grandmother, Shirley, both died of cancer when he was in eighth grade, just eight months after the hiatus.

Because Edwards’ father was not involved in his life, custody was given to his 28-year-old brother, Antoine. Edwards has been receiving care from Antoine and mentor/family friend Winfred Jordan since then.

Edwards No. 5 Jersey In Honor Of His Mother And Grandmother

Edwards dedicated his profession to his mother and grandmother after their deaths. His mother and grandmother died on the 5th of the month. Throughout high school and college, he wore the No. 5 jersey in their honor.

Similarly, he stated that it helped him at work.

After being selected first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, Edwards had two photos next to him: one of his mother and the other of his grandma.

The 21-year-life old’s was drastically transformed, and he was forced to learn and mature quickly.

The tragedy inspired him to work harder since he believed his mother and grandma would be proud of him if he succeeded. Now he has the opportunity to provide for his family.

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His Facebook Is Loaded With Portraits With His Mother

Edwards’ most recent snapshot of his mother was released on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2022. “I love you, mom,” he simply captioned an old photo of his mother.

Many of his followers and well-wishers placed comments on the page wishing his mother well and expressing their support, saying that “his mother is proud of him and hopes for a brighter future.”

Similarly, on May 11, last year, he published a photo of himself and his mother clutching a trophy he had acquired, in which one of the commentators wished his mother a happy birthday, referring to her as Vett.

Anthony Edwards Is Lil Ant Jr.’s Father

Edwards hasn’t posted many pictures of his family on Instagram, but there are several of him with his puppies and Ant Jr., the dog he regards to be his son.

The dog’s parents have also created an Instagram page for him, @antjr._, which has roughly 12k followers.

The majority of the images in the post show Anthony and his young champion having fun together, with “Pops: @theanthonyedwards_” stated in the page’s bio.

Ant Jr. is a mastiff-type dog from the United Kingdom. It is also known as the English bulldog or the British bulldog.

Who Is Anthony Edwards’s Wife?

The youngest Edwards also appears to have a girlfriend, as his most recent Facebook post features photos of him with a lovely woman with the caption “you’re the one.”

His girlfriend has a big Instagram following (about 80.5k) under the username @coutureinc2. Similarly, she is the mother of an elementary school football player.

Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards

Some Quick Facts About Anthony Edwards

Full name Anthony DeVante Edwards
Age 21 years old
Born on August 5, 2001
Residence Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Height 1.93 m
Parents Yvette Edwards and Roger Caruth
Siblings Antoinette and Antoine
Grandmother Shirley Edwards
Current team Minnesota Timberwolves

Some FAQs

Who Is Ant-man In NBA?

Ant Man is the nickname of NBA star Anthony Edwards. He got this moniker from his father, Roger Caruth, when he was just 3 years old.

How Many Siblings Does Anthony Edwards Have?

Anthony Edwards has two siblings, a sister, Antoinette, and a brother, Antoine, who currently share legal care of him.

What Kind Of Dog Does Anthony Edwards Have?

Anthony Edwards is a dog lover, and has a mastiff-type dog of British origin Bulldog, Ant Jr.