Nina Reveals Why She Hasn't Released An Album For Many Years

Nina Reveals Why She Hasn’t Released An Album For Many Years

Nina Reveals Why She Hasn’t Released An Album For Many Years

Nina Reveals Why She Hasn’t Released An Album For Many Years

Nina said she needs to re-learn her whistle tone

Soul Siren Nina revealed the reason why she has not released an album for many years now.

The last album that she released was back in 2011 and it was titled Stay Alive. Over the years, she has already released several albums and done sold-out concerts in the Philippines and abroad.

These past years, the Soul Siren somehow took a break from recording new songs or releasing albums.

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Based on the article in ABS-CBN News, the singer consciously opted not to make an album these past years. It is because she is still finding the right formula for a new album that she wants to release.

Nina wanted her songs to stay forever and not just a short-lived recognition from the listeners, and this was the challenge for her.

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I’m really looking for that formula na hindi siya tunog luma, hindi rin siya tunog bago, kasi pag ginawa mong tunog bago, madali naman siyang maluluma kasi it’s gonna be a trend. I want it to be a classic song that everybody will sing along again,” she said.

The singer also shared that she has been working with US-based producers on her new project but this needs a go-signal first for the release.

Fans have noticed the different vibe that she has now in performing, especially in her ASAP Natin ‘To appearances in which she would cover songs and feature her trademark whistle tone.

Nina shared that she learned to do her whistle tone without the noticeable preparation before letting it out. She said that the whistle tone should sound like it is part of the song.

During the pandemic kasi, it gave me the chance to find my voice, re-learn my skills. Inaral ko ulit. Feeling ko, may something wrong. Mas gusto ko na, hindi naman maiba, pero yung technique in the way I sing it,” she shared.

The singer does this to make sure that her voice does not crack when she hits those high notes.

Meanwhile, last year, Nina finally talked about her husband and her daughter in an interview. She said that there were still people who were surprised that she got married and had a child.

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