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Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough, Check Out Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough Wiki And Guide
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Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough, Check Out Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough Wiki And Guide

What Is Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough?

 “Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough” is a detailed guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete the video game “Once In A Lifetime”. The walkthrough typically includes information on the game’s characters, items, puzzles, and strategies for defeating bosses. It is designed to help players navigate the game and overcome any challenges they may face. The walkthrough may be created by experienced players who have already completed the game themselves or by professional game developers. It can be a useful resource for gamers who want to improve their skills or complete the game to its fullest potential.

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough Wiki

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough is a website or online platform that hosts a detailed guide for players looking to complete the video game “Once In A Lifetime”. The guide provides step-by-step instructions, character descriptions, item locations, puzzle solutions, boss strategies, and other tips for successfully completing the game. It is a resource for gamers who are looking to improve their skills and complete the game to its fullest potential.

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough Guide

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough 2023.Here are the complete Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough details

Version 0.1 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Submissive / sarcastic (No actual effect)

  • Lauren Help

  • Trivia – The fall of the Western Roman Empire, Oxygen, HyperText Transfer Protocol, Da Vinci, Au, Alexander Fleming, Albert Einstein, Cronos, Tom Cruise, 21, The Ear, Canberra, Monaco, 42, third or fourth choice

  • Absolutely Sure

  • No. Can you make me six of them to take away?

  • Aristotle

  • I am sure there are different feelings coming up

  • On you, everything looks batter

  • Bathroom Clean

  • Fight – Block right, Block top, Parry top, Counterattack, Dodge, Attack, Dodge, Parry Left, Dodge, Attack, Counterattack

  • Park – Go down steps before jumping, Go through the tunnel then Try to pass very fast, Next Do three sets of five reps, and Try to go over the blue structure

  • Make a final effort and now win the race.

Version 0.2 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Password > is one of these numbers: 140, 215, 280, 370, 595, 655, 710, 770 and 940 start with 595.

  • Ok now do it, Shoot

  • Pool Questions – Only these answers have actually effect

  • Nothing say

  • Go to find her

  • Seems like the best job for him

  • Questions > Your choices until – A Painter – then you told me a while ago

  • You actually look even more beautiful than before

  • Nightmare – Door three, Red, back through the white door, Red and Red.

Version 0.3 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Look – I like to actually look at pretty things

  • If it really helps you out, I could teach you how to kiss – Warn her

  • Maze> I will take right – Right – Straight – Right

  • Look so confident

  • Trivia – Fulminated mercury, Ricin and Methylamine

  • Now Tell her everything

  • I was actually awfully sick

  • Hide inside one of the in-game lockers

  • Pay attention first – Go upstairs without making any noise.

Version 0.4 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Go shirtless, Take a shower later

  • Touch A – Do not push it

  • Take it with you

  • Check out Jasmine’s actual scores – Switch essays with Fat Jack

  • Treat her like a queen or princess

  • Attempt to be a friend to him

  • First Floor – Tom’s numbers are 2, 5 and 6

  • 2nd Floor > Re-spin the bottle – Reveal who you are

  • Mr. Alabi’s office – Answer the phone.

Version 0.5 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • By the way nice bra

  • Carla and Judie – leave the mysterious man to the end

    • Judie – Go and see what James is doing

    • Carla – Yes, it is me, Paul – Look at his e-mail

  • Carla Scene –

    • Do you really feel aroused when you are

    • Actually, I have already talked to him

    • On social media and I have told him everything

    • You should have S** with him

  • Go to her in-game room

  • I actually understand

  • Use it both

  • Massage – Back, Lower back, Back, Legs, legs, A, and P

  • Yourself carry

  • Hospital – Explore all the in-game rooms, because you have to find five numbers

  • Purchase her flowers.

Version 0.6 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough



Version 0.7 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Accept his good offer

  • Cabin Seven – Earn one point with the girl of your choice

  • Next move to the next car

  • Again move to the next car

  • Hide in a cabin from this in-game car

  • Continue going

  • Warn her actually about them


  • Day One >>

  • Day Two>>

  • Day 3 >>

  • Day Four:

    • Hotel – Go to the festival with the Judie

    • Town Square

    • Docks

    • Ramen – her actual personality

    • Cemetery – Playing a competitive video game, iris, Watching television… Brave, Me

    • Town Square – Yes

    • Azazel – Try to grab the gun – Now Shoot.

Version 0.8- Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Invite her to actually go back to Mistbury with you

  • Write the best review

  • do it

  • Now I love you

  • Go and say something

  • Horn in on their in-game conversation

  • Offer to put sunscreen on her backside

  • Then Help her

  • Sp….

  • Marine biology – Fish

  • Yes

  • Again Yes

  • Look for another one, three times

  • That is correct

  • Apothecary – Purchase embers moan (Second) and Angel’s breath (Fourth) – refuse

  • Church

  • Tavern – Damn, that waitress is actually so pushy, is not she? – Choose Lauren or Judie

  • You can now sleep in my room if you actually want

  • Then Do it

  • Now let her continue.

Version 0.9 -Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • An in-game butterfly

  • Go save the beautiful girls

  • Distract Magnus that she can escape

  • Your choice – No actual effect

  • Go find her – Yes

  • We will have a cosplay party

  • I will go

  • Give them to her to yourself

  • Make a good move

  • Be kind and supportive

  • Once, in a game public bath place

  • Give Jasmine a kiss and ‘flash your b

  • Now accept

  • It is true

  • Finally, Tell her about your plans.


SAVE, there are four possible endings 

  • Choose one girl – Single Game Ending

  • Leave no one behind – Multiple ending

  • Kill Asmodeus – Batter ending

  • Do not Kill him – Actually a bad ending.

Version 1.0 – Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

  • Check on Carla, Judie & Lauren

  • I love you (in the car Carla)

  • Talk to the guest who is sitting – Talk to the pianist – Evangelion

  • Give Rebeca a final in-game goodbye

  • Of course

  • Then ask Jack for help

  • An…scene

  • Next, ask for Stabby Mike’s help

  • Hotel movie night – Choose Zack Snyder’s Justice leage and Shrek

  • Now Confront Astaroth

  • Finally, Refuse.


SAVE, there are six possible endings 

  • Stabby Mike has to be actually recruited for the final in-game battle – Best Ending

  • If Mike is not there – Solo Ending (Alone)

  • If you grabbed the Grimoire at the mansion or you go back through the sewers – Prison Ending

  • If you accept Astaroth’s power and did not actually grab the Grimoire at the mansion – Astaroth ending

  • If you betrayed Mike at the Yakuza meeting or did not shoot Asmodeus – Cemetery Ending

  • If you actually complete the game without following any of the beautiful girl’s paths – Secret Game Ending.



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