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Open the Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2: Step by Step

Alan Wake 2 is an attention-grabbing recreation filled with mysteries and puzzles, and one in all these intriguing challenges includes discovering a locked field close to a cell residence in Cauldron Lake.

This locked field is accompanied by a cryptic word that reads, “Confused? Follow these steps! Wash your arms, take the rooster out of the fridge and fall asleep.” To open this mysterious Cauldron Lake field and reveal the desired Cult Stash, we’re right here to information you to open the Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Steps to unlock Cauldron Lake Box Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2

To unlock the Cauldron Lake field, you might want to decrypt it and observe the directions in the word. Each step is represented by a novel image hidden inside the recreation. Let’s break down every step and its corresponding image:

Step 1: “Wash your hands” image

  • Begin your journey by coming into the trailer behind the locked crate. This space could be a little blurry, so it is best to activate a flashlight for higher visibility. When exploring the trailer, pay shut consideration to the kitchen space close to the entrance.
  • Here you can see a novel image. The look of this image could fluctuate from recreation to recreation, however in your case, it’ll in all probability appear to be two triangles. These triangles are positioned subsequent to one another, one at the high and the different at the backside, creating a novel and intriguing sample.

Step 2: Get the rooster out of the fridge image

  • Your journey continues as you seek for the fridge situated subsequent to the kitchen at the entrance to the trailer. On the aspect of the fridge is the key to the subsequent image.
  • This image will likely be much like the first one, with one main distinction. In this image, the triangles usually are not positioned subsequent to one another, however stacked on high of one another. The design could make you surprise about its that means.

Step 3: “Sleep” image

  • The final piece of the puzzle awaits you in the subsequent room. Here you’ll come throughout a small mattress resting on the flooring, creating a comfy place to sleep.
  • Next to the mattress, under the window, you can see the final image. This time, it is one other set of triangles, however this time they’re spaced aside, creating a novel and considerably mysterious sample.

How to unlock Cauldron Lake Box?

Now that you have found out the secret of all three symbols, it is time to return to the locked field outdoors. Here’s how one can proceed to unlock it and entry the Cult Stash:

  • Stand in entrance of the locked field.
  • Act on the lock and observe the actual order given in the word: first enter the image that represents “wash your hands,” adopted by the image that represents “take the chicken out of the refrigerator,” and at last, the image that represents “sleep. “
  • As you enter every character in the appropriate order, the lock responds and the field steadily unlocks in entrance of you. Suspense and anticipation builds as you stay up for the Cult Stash content material in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 delights gamers with its difficult puzzles and mysteries, and the Cauldron Lake field is not any exception. With a mysterious word to information you thru the course of, you have efficiently opened the field and revealed the treasure in the Cult Stash.

Continue to discover the world of Alan Wake 2 as it’s stuffed with extra mysteries and adventures ready to be found. Enjoy the journey!

FAQ – Opening Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2

What is the Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2?

  • The Cauldron Lake Box is a puzzle in Alan Wake 2, a online game recognized for its thriller and suspense. To advance in the recreation, gamers should unlock this field by following a collection of steps represented by distinctive symbols.

Do the Cauldron Lake Box unlock symbols change with every recreation?

  • Yes, the characters to unlock the Cauldron Lake Box could fluctuate from recreation to recreation. The recreation presents a dynamic and unpredictable expertise that retains the problem recent and fascinating.

What occurs after I unlock the Cauldron Lake Box in Alan Wake 2?

  • After efficiently unlocking the Cauldron Lake Box by coming into the appropriate symbols in the specified order, you’ll achieve entry to the Cult Stash. These vaults normally include priceless in-game rewards or gadgets that may improve your gaming expertise.

Is it essential to observe the actual character order to open the Cauldron Lake Box?

  • Yes, to unlock the Cauldron Lake Box, it’s essential to enter the symbols in the actual order given in the cryptic entry. Deviations from the sequence could end result in a failed try. So be observant and ensure you observe the directions fastidiously. Enjoy the problem!

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