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Werewolf by Night on Disney+ in the MCU
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Other Marvel Comics Characters That Deserve a Halloween Special

Other Marvel Comics Characters That Deserve a Halloween Special

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting in the Halloween spirit with the Werewolf By Night (2022) Halloween Special. With monstrous characters such as this, it only fits that Jack Russell be introduced into the world of the MCU in such a fashion. But that brings one to wonder, what other characters from the history of the MCU could lead their own Halloween Special?

Here we will look at different characters from Marvel Comics history and detail why we believe they’re worthy of leading their own horror show. We will be giving a brief look at what the characters bring to the table and what a show centered on them would look like.

6/6 Man-Thing

DC has already brought their embodiment of nature’s wrath to the small screen with Swamp Thing, but Marvel can show off one of their most unique heroes in Man-Thing. After attempting to escape terrorist forces, scientist Dr. Ted Sallis tried to flee, only to crash into a swamp that would turn out to be the Nexus of Realties. The Nexus’s mystical properties and experimental serum in his body turned Dr. Sallis into the creature known as Man-Thing.

With little to no recollection of his previous life, Man-Thing would swear to guard the Nexus against any threat. While the terrorist group A.I.M would make many attempts, Man-Thing would also face supernatural threats such as demons and ghosts. A special could focus on Man-Thing’s tragic origin story and the vengeance he sought on those that had caused his transformation. And anyone who’s seen Marvel’s forgotten film Man-Thing (2005) knows that there are plenty of brutal possibilities for Man-Thing’s revenge.

5/6 Blade

With the daywalker already set to make his MCU debut with his own feature film, one could look forward to the possibility of this vampire hunter receiving his own Halloween special in the near future. With Mahershala Ali set to take the role that is synonymous with Wesley Snipes, Marvel would be wise to take any opportunity to endear the fresh face to the nostalgic fans.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy setting a precedent that characters prominent in film can still receive a holiday special, one only has to wonder what the story would be for Blade. Assuming that the film would cover Blade’s origin story, this special could be an action-packed tale of Blade attacking a vampire compound and single-handedly wiping them all out. Very similar to scenes featured throughout Wesley Snipes’ trilogy.

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4/6 Ghost Rider

The tale of Ghost Rider is one of a tragic deal a desperate man had struck with Mephisto. With Robbie Reyes already being introduced to the MCU with his hell-blazing 1969 Dodge Charger in Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, we would have to turn to a different spirit of vengeance. Perhaps we could turn to fan-favorite Johnny Blaze, the demon motorcycle rider.

With his penance stare, Johnny would terrorize street-level thugs and force them to bear the pain they had caused others. If Marvel should want to follow Prey’s (2022) lead and create a period piece, we could see the tale of the original Ghost Rider, a young boy who sought vengeance against a Wendigo that had slaughtered his tribe. With his hellfire mount being a wooly mammoth, there would indeed be a spectacular sight guaranteed should Marvel go down this route.

3/6 Brother Voodoo

With Doctor Strange going down the rabbit hole that is the multiverse with his newfound love interest, Clea, Earth could use a new sorcerer to aid Wong in combatting the dark forces. A Halloween special would be a spectacular way to introduce a new protégé of the mystic arts, and there is just the man for the job.

Jericho Drumm is a voodoo practitioner who became a houngan after studying under Papa Jambo in his homeland of Haiti. Jericho would take on cultists and evil priests throughout his early days before coming to America and meeting with the Sorcerer Supreme. While this was Doctor Strange in the comics, it would still be interesting to see how Wong handles a new student. Perhaps America Chavez could make a cameo in this special to help with any monsters born from other realms.

2/6 Arcade

Disney may not go to the level of gore that was set by the Saw franchise, but with rumors that they may allow future MCU projects to be rated R, a classic villain to bring forward would be Arcade. Traditionally an X-Men villain, Arcade is well known for crafting death traps and challenging people to escape them, with most civilians dying due to his machinations.

A Halloween special could focus on the youth of the MCU being trapped and having to find their own way to escape. Seeing MJ and Ned return without Spider-Man at the ready to save them could be an excellent way to showcase how capable the two are without their web-headed friend. Or perhaps Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova are trapped without their weapons and gear and must complete certain life-threatening puzzles to retrieve their equipment.

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1/6 Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa may already be set for her debut in the MCU, but the monster hunter still has her own story to tell. Elsa has often been considered a supporting character, but she has also proven to be one of the strongest warriors ever to grace the pages of Marvel Comics. With her family having a history of hunting monsters, a Halloween special could provide a peek at what life was like during Elsa’s childhood.

After a brief glimpse into the past, we can also see what Elsa’s first adventure may have been. Perhaps she sought out one of the many beasts to have escaped from Asgard during the events of Thor: The Dark World (2013), or maybe she defeated one of the many alien threats to have landed on Earth during the multiple invasions seen throughout the Infinity Saga. Either way, Elsa could provide plenty of action and scares for a Marvel Halloween Special.