OWWA Burial Benefit for OFWs — Here's A Guide for the Dependents...

OWWA Burial Benefit for OFWs — Here’s A Guide for the Dependents…

OWWA Burial Benefit for OFWs — Here’s A Guide for the Dependents…

OWWA Burial Benefit for OFWs — Here’s A Guide for the Dependents…

OWWA BURIAL BENEFIT FOR OFWS – Here is a guide on the benefit offer that the dependents can claim following the death of an overseas Filipino worker.

While the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are out there sacrificing for the welfare of their families, the OWWA is also looking out for their welfare. Aside from the loan offers like the OWWA OFW Business Loan, the government office also has a Burial Benefit offer in case of death of an OFW.

OWWA Death Benefit — Here’s How Much Family of OFW May Receive

Guide on OWWA Death Benefit Amount for Dependents of OFW

OWWA DEATH BENEFIT – The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offers a Death Benefit for the dependents of a deceased Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Thousands of Filipinos are working abroad. Truth be told that these individuals work in other countries in the pursuit of giving their families and loved ones a comfortable life. It is through the higher compensation that they can earn that the goal can be achieved.

However, on the other side of being able to give their loved ones a comfortable life lies a lot of sacrifice — battling the constant longing to be with their families, toiling in a hard and risky job abroad, being alone in times of sickness and disappointments, missing a lot of celebrations with their loved ones, and many more.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered as real-life heroes. In the Philippines, one of the government agencies that mainly look after the welfare of the OFWs is the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or more popularly called OWWA.

OWWA has several services and offers for the welfare of the OFWs. One of which is the OWWA Death Benefit which aims to make sure that every active member of the government office who works abroad gets a decent burial in time of death.

It is open for application for the dependents of deceased OFWs who were active OWWA members when they passed away. Under the OWWA Death Benefit offer, the dependents of the deceased overseas worker will get a Death Benefit and a Burial Gratuity.

  • Death Benefit
    • Death due to natural causes — Php 100,000.00
    • Death due to accidental death — Php 200,000.00
  • Burial Gratuity
    • Funeral Grant of Php 20,000.00

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered not only heroes of their families and loved ones but as well as the modern-day heroes of the country. They bring in a lot of money to the country through the remittances they send their loved ones.

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