Park Min-young Gets Entangled With Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Jae-young in New Drama

Park Min-young Gets Entangled With Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Jae-young in New Drama

The trailer for the upcoming romance Kdrama Love in Contract on tvN has been released, and we love the crazy love triangle that will soon be on the screen.

The drama is directed by Nam Sung-woo, and the main characters are played by Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, and Kim Jae-young. Lee Joo-bin, Kang Hyung-suk, Jin Kyung, and other actors play supporting roles.

Love in Contract

Love in Contract is about Choi Sang-eun, who runs a business that helps single men find temporary partners for different events. Her clients don’t have to get married to hire her. Instead, they can hire her for other events.

Jung Ji-ho has a long-term contract with Sang-eun, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he fills her schedule. Things look good for her until a new client named Kang Hae-jin comes to see her on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This starts a love triangle that won’t be easy to get out of.

The trailer shows her working as a partner for different people and then her time with Ji-ho. Next, we meet Hae-jin, a new client who gets caught up in a mess. Ji-ho gets our attention because he is mysterious, but Hae-character jin’s is also shown through how happy he is.

As Ji-ho sees how close the two men are, and as Hae-jin learns about Ji-violent ho’s hidden side, the tension between the two men grows.

The male leads only met each other because of Sang-eun. Since they still dislike each other, Sang-eun drops the bomb that she wants to quit her job. Even though she feels more at ease with Hae-jin, Ji-mysterious ho’s air always draws her to him.

Soon, the trailer ends on a funny note, with Sung-eun and Ji-relationship ho’s living up to the rom-com style, and we’re left eagerly waiting for the show to come out.

Have you ever noticed that when people get married, they often say a lot of nice things to each other in front of a lot of people?

Most weddings in the western world have a part where the two people getting married read or say what we call vows to each other.

People will sometimes write their own vows. My wife and I did just that. But most people will end up saying some version of this traditional vow:

It sounds good. But here’s what’s wrong. These words should be taken at face value. In other words, a promise. This is not the language of a contract.

“How do you know what real love is?” many people who want to get married ask. I usually tell them that real love is being willing to match what you say with what you do.

You can look at a relationship in two ways. Option A is “What do I get from this person?” Choice B is to ask, “What can I give this person?”

Option A is full of thoughts and questions that are about the person reading it. When someone is in a contract relationship, they always have to explain their actions and point of view. I always hear things like this:

When you’re in a contract relationship, you’re basically saying, “I’ll love you as much as I think you deserve.” It means that your promise to love your partner is based on a made-up set of rules and measurements that you are the only one who can change.

When you’re in a contract relationship, you tend to give or show love when it’s easy or convenient for you. You start giving your love to different people depending on your situation or, worse, how you feel.

Love in Contract
Love in Contract

I didn’t always know the difference between a contract and a covenant love when I was first married. I knew I had made a promise, but I also had pretty high standards, and if I didn’t think my wife was meeting them, I would start to get angry or picky. Even though we had just gotten married, I knew that if I kept going in that direction, we wouldn’t be able to build a good relationship.

The bottom line is that love is based on a contract. There is always a small voice in the back of the mind that says, “If you don’t measure up, he’s gone.”

No one ever wants to be in a relationship with a contract. But more people than they’d like to admit end up there because real love, covenant love, is hard work.

It also seems to go against what society and your own selfish wants tell you.

Love is not a competition. It doesn’t keep measuring what the other person gives you or what you give them in return with a ruler.

It doesn’t keep track of what’s right and what’s wrong. In fact, real love rarely makes lists because it is in it for the long haul and knows that most things tend to even out over time.

Real love doesn’t try to protect itself. It doesn’t do everything it can to win. It isn’t full of itself and doesn’t like to see its name in lights.

The words in the traditional vow are the best way to describe real love. No matter what, it loves. A relationship that is strong enough to last through good times and bad, sickness and health, plenty and lack, is a covenant relationship. It is steady, strong, and based on something much more solid than a situation or a feeling.

In a covenant relationship, you love the other person no matter what they do. This is because the other person has dignity and worth, and you have promised to love them with your whole being.

It means being willing to admit your mistakes, say you’re sorry, and then change the way you act. Covenant love means that you are willing to look past things that might bother you, to take on your partner’s problems, and to hope for the best in that person.

The longer I’ve been married, the more I’ve learned that letting go of small things is a key part of practicing covenant love. My wife does this well. I still haven’t gotten rid of a few small habits that drive her crazy. I always play with my wedding ring, I clean up her water glass before she’s done drinking, and when I pull weeds out of our garden, I leave them on the stone pavers instead of putting them in a yard waste bag.

On a more serious note, I can be very rigid when my plan doesn’t go as planned, I can talk too much and listen too little, and I can easily switch from being a teammate and life partner to being a coach.

But I’m glad that my wife doesn’t just push me away when I do something else that makes her mad. She wants real love, so she tries to see past her anger and chooses to love me even when I don’t deserve it.

Real love is putting someone else’s life ahead of your own, both in big and small ways.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion or that your hopes and dreams don’t matter. It just means that the best way to show someone we love them is to be willing to give up our own good wishes in favor of theirs. That’s what it means to not care about yourself.

When you stay even though it’s hard, you know you’re in a covenant relationship. When you don’t take the easy way out when there’s a problem. When you decide to get over a hurt or wound by forgiving and then forgetting.

But that doesn’t mean there are never any results. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be hard times. It doesn’t even mean you can be sure your partner will choose the same kind of covenantal love you do.

You can’t fully control how a relationship turns out, but you can control what you bring to it. If you want to feel real love, you must first be willing to give it.

So how do you know if the love you have is real? I think that is the best and simplest way to say it.

When you can think about your partner more than you think about yourself without putting down your own value and worth, that’s when you know you’re in a covenant relationship.

You’re not giving up your whole life on the altar of love. Real love lets you use everything you are to help your partner thrive and live the best life they can.

A love contract is a legal agreement that limits an employer’s liability when two of their employees are in a relationship. When an employee is in a relationship with someone else at work, the employer may decide to make them sign a love contract to protect the company in case the relationship doesn’t work out. This is mainly done so that neither person can sue the company for sexual harassment. So, the love contract says that the relationship is mutually agreed upon and that both people in the relationship have to sign it. The love contract could also include rules about how to act romantically at work.

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