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Physical 100 Top 5 Contestants and Winners
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Physical 100 Top 5 Contestants and Winners

Physical 100 Wiki  

Physical: 100 is a South Korean reality competition series available on Netflix, created by Jang Ho-gi, a producer for MBC. The show premiered on January 24, 2023 and ran for 9 episodes, airing every Tuesday at 17:00 KST (08:00 GMT), with the finale airing on February 21, 2023. While the show is originally in Korean, it is dubbed into English for Netflix viewers. The premise of the show is to determine the ideal human physique through various tests of physical performance.

The competition involves one hundred competitors, each known for their physical attributes and physique, who compete in individual and team challenges, or ‘quests’, of strength, balance, agility, endurance, strong willpower, and strategy. The competition is formatted like a tournament, with participants being eliminated after each quest until only one remains to win the prize money of ₩300 million (equivalent to approximately US$240,000[a]). Each participant has a plaster cast of their torso on set; if they are eliminated after a quest, they have to destroy the cast with a sledgehammer. 

Physical 100 Top 5 Contestants 

Kim Min-cheol struggled in the first challenge of the final quest that focused on strength. He had difficulty reaching his key in the tug-of-war game, but he managed to get it and unlock his lock a second after Woo Jin-yong. Despite his elimination, Kim continued to compete in ice climbing and even posted a video of one of his races on Instagram. He participated in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup this year and ranked sixth in speed men.

Jo Jin-hyeong partnered with Woo in the second challenge of the final quest, but they lost the game. Jo had trouble flipping tiles and was losing energy. He faced off against Woo in the same game for three minutes and lost. Jo has been working out in the gym and spending time with Physical 100 cast members, as seen on his Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel showing his strength by breaking apart cars, although his last uploaded video was a year ago.

Park Jin-yong struggled in the third challenge of the final quest, where the final three had to run back and forth and ring a bell. He stopped after 85 reps and said that it was the first time as an athlete that his legs almost gave out. Park is a national team luge player who has made reaction videos to Physical 100 on YouTube and vlogs about his day and training.

Jung Hae-min faced Woo in the final challenge of the quest, where they had to pull an infinite rope. Jung initially had the advantage, but Woo took the lead and finished first. Jung has been traveling to Italy, Switzerland, and Spain, and ended 2022 strong by winning another race and getting a 50,000,000 won prize.

Woo Jin-yong struggled to pull the rope in the final challenge, but he found different ways to keep going, such as closing his eyes and going

Physical 100 Overview 

The South Korean reality show, Physical 100, has concluded on Netflix after four weeks of intense challenges and eliminations. The show features 100 contestants including athletes, special forces soldiers, and fitness influencers. It quickly became a popular streaming hit, with viewers comparing it to Squid Game. The final episode saw only five contestants left competing for the grand prize of 300 million Won (approximately £195,000). The first challenge of the show involved the contestants hanging from a metal frame by their arms for as long as possible. Those who lasted the longest won a “privilege” for the first quest. Kim Min-cheol and Kim Kyeong-bae were the champions of this task, but Kim Min-cheol hung on the longest and gained an advantage for Quest 1.

Quest 1 involved a ball possession game where contestants had to fight against each other. The winner was the person who had the ball when time ran out. The contestants had a choice of two arenas: a playground filled with obstacles or a sandy pool. Only 50% of the contestants made it through to the next round, and those who were eliminated had to break the white moulds of their torsos with a hammer.

Physical 100 Contestants Winners 

  • Kim Min-cheol

  • Cha Hyun-seung

  • Yang Hak-seon

  • Shin Bo Mi-rae

  • Im Jeong-yun

  • Seol Ki-kwan

  • Yun Sung-bin

  • Jo Jin-hyeong

  • Park Hyung-geun

  • Shim Eu-ddeum

  • Miracle

  • An Da-jeong

  • Nippert

  • Park Jin-yong

  • Lee Jun-myeong

  • Song A-reum

  • Miho

  • Ma Sun-Ho

  • Jang Eun-sil

  • Kim Sang-wook

  • Jang Seong-min

  • Nam Kyung-jin

  • Kim Ye-hyun

  • Jjang Jae

  • Hwang Bit Yeo Ul

  • Woo Jin-young

  • Kim Da-young

  • Seo Ha-yan

  • Ovan

  • Jung Hae-min

  • Kwak Myung-sik

  • Tarzan

  • Kim Kang-min

  • Choo Sung-hoon

  • Son Hee-chan

  • Kim Sik

  • Lee Min U

  • Lee Guk-young

  • Ju Dong-jo

  • Bang Ji-hoon

  • Jeong Han-saem

  • Bang Seong-hyeok

  • Park Ji Su

  • Choi Sung-hyuk

  • Kang Han

  • Son Hee-dong

  • Seong Chi-hyun

  • Park Jong-hyeok

  • DBO

  • Jo Jin-hyeong

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