PINNACLE IS ON TOP – Group tells Chief Uche Nnaji

PINNACLE IS ON TOP – Group tells Chief Uche Nnaji

The Enugu State Polling Booth Vanguard and the entire citizens of Enugu State are dismayed by the ignoble show put up by the APC Governorship Candidate, Chief Uche Nnaji during the presentation of his so called manifesto.

The presentation of a manifesto is a sacrosanct occasion where candidates have the opportunity to tell the people how they will manage their lives and resources. But Nnaji, who is expecting the people to make him their governor, turned this crucial into an avenue for petty bickering. Because Nnaji has no good thing about himself to promote, he used most of the time to attack the personality of Barr Peter Mbah and his manifesto. Nnaji said Mbah should not boast to be an oil and gas magnate. Mbah is not boasting of it.

Pinnacle Oil and Gas is an international oil conglomerate which everyone knows about. Pinnacle Oil makes a major contribution to the economy of Nigeria and has provided employment to many Igbos across the country. It is jealousy and littlemindedness that makes Nnaji to come to the public compare himself to a colosius like Barr Peter Mbah. The people of Enugu are not blind. We are the people to compare both of them. And Ndi Enugu have clearly shown that they stand on The ROCK. No petty gossip can take us away from that decision.

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Chief Uche Nnaji said he is a bigger name than Barr Peter Mbah in oil and gas. Ndi Enugu and Ndi Nigeria know that Barr Peter Mbah is Pinnacle Oil, let Nnaji tell us the name of his own company and his business address. Let him show us who has benefited from his company. It is not a matter of argument. We want to see the facts. Talking is cheap and our people say that you do not use mouth to put fish in the soup. You put hand into your pocket to do so.

Mbah has presented a world class manifesto with which he will use to take Enugu State to the pinnacle. He has a track record of verifiable achievements and the people of Enugu trust him. Chief Uche Nnaji’s manifesto is at best a sham. It is impracticable and founded on nothing. He promised to set up a bank that will be capitalized to 250 billion where the state will have only ten percent. Where will he get 225 billion naira investment in a new bank? Banks are not built by erecting structures. Banks are built on trust. People only invest in banks when they are viable and when the proponents have social capital which totally lack in both senses. Nnaji should not try to make himself popular by attacking the amiable Barr Peter Mbah. Whether Nnaji likes it or not, Ndi Enugu have decided to stand on The ROCK and nothing can change that.

Sign.. Engr. Peter Ugwuoke and Dr. Cecilia Okafor