Preview of The First Episode of Big Sky’s Third Season with Its Air Date, Time and Channel 

Preview of The First Episode of Big Sky’s Third Season with Its Air Date, Time and Channel 

Preview of The First Episode of Big Sky’s Third Season with Its Air Date, Time and Channel 

Big Sky is currently airing its third season, and it looks like things are about to get interesting. Private investigator Cassie Dewell, Undersheriff Jenny Hoty, and Newly Appointed Beau Arlen are all working together to solve the most challenging mystery they’ve faced to date.

The primary source of conflict in this story is an automobile accident that took place outside of Helena, Montana. As the three protagonists seek to solve the mystery behind the collision, they face peril at every turn and encounter a number of surprises along the way.

If you’ve been keeping up with this one over the past few weeks, you might be wondering when the next episode will be made available to watch online. Well, wonder no longer!

Here is all the information you need to know about the first episode of the third season of Big Sky, including when it will be released, what time it will air, and where you can watch it.


Big Sky Season 3

Where Can I Stream the Third Season of Big Sky?

Big Sky can be viewed on the ABC network as well as streamed online. Both options are available to viewers. This is an original series that is only available on one streaming platform; however, the first two seasons of the show are currently available on Disney+ and Hotstar in some territories, including the UK.

If you live in the United States and you are interested in seeing this but you were unable to catch the official release on Wednesday nights, you will be able to stream it on both and Hulu the following day.

Date of Release For The First Episode of Big Sky Season 3

On September 21 at 10 o’clock in the evening, the first episode of Big Sky Season 3 will be made available online (ET). On the other hand, there is currently no official release date for this one anywhere in the world, including the United Kingdom.

It is recommended that Big Sky be released with subtitling options for viewers who are catching up. It is anticipated that Episode 1 would run for approximately 43 minutes, which is comparable to the running time of the remainder of the episodes in the series.

How Many Episodes Will There Be In The Third Season of Big Sky?

We are making this assumption based on the fact that the previous season was extended to a total of 18 episodes and the fact that ABC has not yet made an official announcement on the amount of episodes for this season. Keeping this in mind, you should prepare yourself for the airing of 16 additional episodes after this one. However, once ABC has made their official statement, we will make sure to bring this section up to speed.

At least, there isn’t anything like that on ABC. Big Sky Season 3 will now be known as Big Sky: Deadly Trails, and EW has the exclusive first look at the teaser for the upcoming season.

The new moniker does not overstate the situation in any way. A hiker goes missing in the trailer, prompting Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), and new sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) to go into the woods to look for him or her.

There, they meet Sunny Barnes, played by Reba McEntire, the leader of a family backcountry outfitting firm. Sunny Barnes seems to have an unusually high amount of ties to instances involving people going missing.

There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming debut of Season 3 of Big Sky, which will take place in exactly one week. The crime drama got a new moniker — it is now labelled with the byline “Deadly Trails,” which is likely a hint to what Katheryn Winnick’s character Jenny Hoyt and Kylie Bunbury’s character Cassie Dewell will follow in this season — and two new series regulars to go along with it.

Reba McEntire, a legend in the world of country music, will star as Sunny Brick, described as “the erratic matriarch of the Brick Family” and “a successful backcountry outfitter with a secret history of missing clientele,” all of which sound suspicious as all get out. The third season will take place during one of Sunny’s hiking trips, which will eventually turn out to be the most difficult mystery that Jenny and Cassie have had to solve so far.

The character of Beau Arlen, played by Jensen Ackles

The actor best known for his roles in Supernatural and The Boys has been tapped for a recurring role in the upcoming third season of the show, and Ackles will maintain his role as the recently appointed sheriff who serves as Jenny’s superior.

McEntire and Ackles discussed their interest in Big Sky during a panel discussion held on September 14 by ABC as part of the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “We couldn’t refuse,” McEntire added. “When I get to come on the show with such wonderful characters that have already been established, and then with great storylines and things that I am looking forward to every time I get a script to see what happened — that is when I know the audience is going to be entertained,” the actor said. “To get to come on the show with such wonderful characters that have already been established.”

“When my initial talk took place with Elwood, he mentioned shaking some stuff up for Season 3, and I thought, well, I can shake,” Ackles said. “When my initial conversation took place with Elwoo, he discussed shaking some stuff up for Season 3.” He also made a lighthearted remark, saying, “I feel like I’m getting a little typecasting simply being a guy from Texas who wears boots, because I’m literally wearing boots right now and I’m from Texas.”

Ackles was also questioned regarding the parts that he has performed in the past, such as Soldier Boy in The Boys, and whether or not he is particularly drawn to characters that uphold their own interpretations of justice. Ackles stated, “I think there’s a certain feature of these characters that I feel like I would probably watch and find entertaining myself.” “I think there’s a certain aspect of these people that I would probably find entertaining myself.” “Which I suppose then makes it so that I love playing them and succeed in doing so,” I said, “by default.”
ABC gets credit for this.

The first two seasons of the show set in Helena, Montana, presented us with a good number of tense scenarios, but it appears that the third season will take things to a new level, what with bodies landing on the hoods of cars, blood dripping from a cave, and a hiker careening over the edge of a cliff.

Although some of the show’s most recognizable faces (and villains, such as Ronald and the Legarski brothers) have passed on to the great beyond, it is time to welcome a new cast of characters. After making his debut in the season 2 finale as a good ol’ Texas boy named Beau Arlen, Ackles returns to the show and is upgraded to a series regular.

Then there is McEntire, who is undoubtedly keeping more than a few things to herself as the affable matriarch of the family.

However, with Dewell and Hoyt working on the case, there is no question in our minds that the riddle will be resolved (albeit with a lot of bumps along the way).

Elwood Reid is back at the helm of the show, despite the fact that creator David E. Kelley will continue to serve in an executive producing capacity.

Big Sky Season 3
Big Sky Season 3

Is There Going To Be A Trailer For Season 3 Of Big Sky?

In point of fact, there is! You can check out the enticing trailer that CBS has released ahead of the show’s premiere by following the link below:

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