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PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode How to Fix? A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix It

PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode How to Fix? A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix It

PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode

A home video game console called the PlayStation 4 (PS4) was created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The “Orbis OS” operating system for the PlayStation 4 is based on a modified version of FreeBSD 9. Playback of Blu-ray discs and DVDs, including 3D Blu-ray, is supported. Due to the lack of an infrared 780 nm laser on the console, CD playback is no longer supported. Nevertheless, when you boot up your PS4 console in safe mode, it will only be running the bare minimum of system requirements. When you boot your console in safe mode, you have access to a few options that you can use to diagnose the system.

Make sure your USB ports are functional before starting your PS4 in safe mode because you’ll need to connect your controller to the PS4 via a USB connection in order to utilize it. Then, you have a variety of solutions to pick from that could aid in problem-solving.

PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode Causes

When the PS4 boots up in Safe Mode, it can be a sign that there are serious problems with the system files. Moreover, the PS4 Safe Mode loop issue has a number of other reasons as well.

  • Your PS4’s power cables could become damaged or destroyed.

  • Due to an improper shutdown or other actions, the database became corrupt.

  • The PS4’s operating system software can be out of date or improperly installed.

  • Lack of power prevents the PS4 from operating normally.

  • HDMI cables that are loose or blocked input ports

PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode How to Fix?

The following six efficient troubleshooting techniques are summarized. Until the problem is resolved, let’s try each one in turn.

1. Restart the PS4

Restarting the PS4 can help resolve connectivity issues, minor bugs, and other issues that may have caused it to get trapped in Safe Mode. You can restart PS4 by pressing the Power button on the device or by selecting the Menu option. You can also exit Safe Mode by selecting the Restart PS4 option.

Step 1: Start your PS4 and confirm that your controller is plugged in.

Step 2: After entering Safe Mode, choose to restart your PlayStation 4 by selecting that option and pressing the X button.

2. Verify the power cables

It is well known that broken cables can result in improper power distribution and inconsistent power flow, which can lead to the PS4’s Safe Mode loop. So, it’s essential to check to see if the power lines have any problems. Replace it if one of them is damaged. In order to prevent loose circumstances, ensure all the connections are connected properly.

3. PS4 System Software Update

If your PS4 is constantly stuck in the Safe Mode loop, there may be an issue with the system software. If the problem still exists, you can try updating the PS4’s system software. The PS4 system software can be updated using the System Software Update feature or by installing the update from a USB stick.

4. Rebuilding the PS4 database

As was already explained, a corrupted database is the cause of the PS4 Safe Mode loop issue. Rebuilding the database can clean up the corrupted file and help free up space by scanning the console’s hard drives. Here, you can test whether rebuilding the PS4 database works. Simply choose Rebuild Database from the Safe Mode menu to accomplish this. Reset the PS4 to its factory default settings.

Some users claimed that resetting the PS4 to its factory default settings fixed the PS4 Safe Mode loop issue. With no need to lose your applications, games, or data, it can then reset your PS4 console to its default settings. Selecting Restore Default Settings from the Safe Mode option will allow you to do that here.

5. Set up the PS4

You might have to think about initializing your PS4 if none of the solutions mentioned above work. All the data and settings on your system drive will be deleted, and your PS4 will be reset to its factory defaults. Hence, before initializing, we strongly advise you to make a backup of your PS4 hard disk. When you first turn on your PS4, you have two choices:

Initialize PS4: The PS4 Safe Mode menu’s option 6 is for doing so. If you choose this option, your hard drive will be erased and the PS4’s system settings will be returned to their factory defaults, but the system firmware will be preserved.

Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software): In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, it is item 7. By selecting this option, your PS4 will be reset to its factory settings and the whole system drive, including the system software, will be deleted. That is to say, when the operating system has been initialized, you must reinstall it.

Of course, your only option is to send your PS4 to customer support if none of the other options work.

When is Safe Mode on the PS4 a Good Idea?

PS4 In many circumstances, such as display problems, freezing or lagging, blank screens, and more, safe mode might be helpful. If nothing else functions, attempting every option in safe mode is a decent final resort. These are several circumstances in which it might be better to use safe mode.

Display Problems: Safe mode can be of assistance to you in a few different ways if you are having trouble using your PS4 because the screen is black or blank. You might try rebooting in safe mode first, which might quickly solve the issue. Attempt the Modify Resolution option if it doesn’t work. Your console’s resolution will be changed to 480p so you can access the settings on your PS4 and try other troubleshooting techniques while still being able to view your screen. If your PS4 is linked to a 4K TV that doesn’t support HDCP 2.2, the option to set HDCP mode on the PS4 Pro may be useful. You can change it to an earlier HDCP version, which can fix problems with your TV’s display.

Playthrough issues: You can use safe mode to try and solve issues like a lot of lag or a game that frequently freezes and crashes. First, determine whether any improvements are required. Problems with internet connectivity may prevent your console or games from receiving updates, which would undoubtedly affect gameplay. The option to rebuild the database is also an option. This will recreate the database on your PS4, which could resolve the problem with games crashing. Your PS4 will then exit safe mode and restart normally so you may access your games or programs once more.

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