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Quinta Brunson Discusses Predicting Tyler James Williams’ Heartthrob Status in “Abbott Elementary”
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Quinta Brunson Discusses Predicting Tyler James Williams’ Heartthrob Status in “Abbott Elementary”

Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson discusses how she knew co-star Tyler James Williams would become a heartthrob.

The creator, writer, and star of the ABC comedy series Abbott Elementary, Quinta Brunson, recently opened up about fellow co-star Tyler James Williams‘ heartthrob status. Brunson admitted to foreseeing this result from the start in an interview with The Guardian, saying,

“What’s funny is when Tyler and I started working together, we both knew he was not regarded as this ‘hot man in Hollywood’. I told him: Dude, you’re gonna turn into a heartthrob, the way Gregory is getting written.”

Williams portrays Gregory Eddie, a charismatic and lovable fifth-grade instructor. Brunson claims that the character’s portrayal was so endearing that she could see the heartthrob potential even before the show had begun to broadcast.

Abbott Elementary chronicles the activities of the staff and instructors at a failing public school in Philadelphia. The series has received praise for its endearing depiction of teachers who are committed to their pupils despite the difficulties they encounter.


In the interview, Brunson also touched on the significance of media representation, especially in programs that depict the lives of minorities. She stated that because Black educators are frequently underrepresented in mainstream media, she wanted to produce a program that correctly represented their experiences.

Brunson’s dedication to the series is evident in both her writing and acting, and her efforts have been successful. Williams’ sudden heartthrob status is just one illustration of how well-liked Abbott Elementary has been by viewers and reviewers alike. All in all, Abbott Elementary is a must-watch series that is both endearing and relatable, thanks to Brunson’s understanding of the casting process and her dedication to inclusion.

Abbott Elementary airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm (EST) on the ABC network.

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Abbott Elementary: Quinta Brunson Wins for Outstanding Actress at the NAACP Image Awards

Abbott Elementary

Per reports by The Hollywood Reporter, Quinta Brunson’s performance in the ABC series Abbott Elementary earned her the title of Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards.

The program, which follows the everyday activities of the faculty and staff at a struggling public school in Philadelphia, was created, written, and starred in by Brunson. Her authentic and endearing portrayal of the committed and passionate teacher Janine Teagues has received high acclaim.

After being presented with the honor, Brunson thanked the NAACP for their support and acknowledgment. She also thanked the Abbott Elementary cast and crew for their commitment to the program and their hard work.

The NAACP Image Awards have a long tradition of honoring the achievements of Black performers and creatives. Brunson’s victory is a noteworthy accomplishment not only for herself but also provides significant representation for Black women in the entertainment business. Brunson’s victory at the NAACP Image Awards is a testament to her talent and perseverance and is a well-earned honor for both her abilities and Abbott Elementary’s contribution to television. Her performance in the program also serves as a brilliant illustration of the value of authentic and diverse depictions in media.