Raj Bisram Net Worth As Antiques Roadshow Host, How Much Does He Actually Make?

Raj Bisram Net Worth As Antiques Roadshow Host, How Much Does He Actually Make?

In 2022, Raj Bisram, who knows a lot about antiques and road trips, has a net worth of $2 million.

Raj’s quick wit and charm make him a memorable TV personality. His knowledge and intuition make him a respected dealer and expert in the antiquities business.

Raj’s interest in old things is very interesting. His career started as a Physical Training Teacher for the British Army. Then he became a ski racer for the army. Finally, he became an Austrian ski instructor.

Besides being a TV host, he has been a co-owner of Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers for more than 25 years. It’s easy to see why he is such a popular dinner speaker: he has had a very interesting life and is a great storyteller.

Raj Bisram

 Raj Bisram have Net Worth

Value: $2 million

Primal Information says that Raj Bisram has a shockingly high net worth of $2 million. Raj knows a lot about fine art and sells and auctions antiques.

He has been on several shows, such as Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip, during his career. On his website, Raj says that he has been interested in antiques since he was a child and that he bought his first one when he was ten.

Raj is a co-owner of Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers, which holds monthly auctions for a global market and attracts a wide range of excellent art, antique furniture, fine quality porcelain, chattels, silver, and jewelry.

Over the years, they have had a lot of specialty sales that were well attended, such as sales of vintage motorbikes, fine wines, timepieces, and art from American Indians.

Raj and his business partner made the British Silver Hallmark Recognition software, which lets users quickly and easily recognize silver marks from a database of 20,000 marks. This saves them time compared to looking through books. The app is used and supported by people who work in the antiques business.

Fine Art & Antiques Expert & Dealer

In April 2013, when Anita Rani hosted the event, Raj joined the other merchants from the Four Rooms. In 2014, the show won the RTS Best Daytime Award and the National Reality TV Award.

Four Rooms was first shown on Channel 4 on May 24, 2011. People from the public try to sell their expensive and collectible items to one of the four dealers in order to get a cash offer.

In 2013, Raj is known for buying Lord Nelson’s Will. Raj is well-known as a speaker because of the crazy and funny stories he tells. He performs at charity events and business meetings, like those for HRH Prince Harry’s charity, Walking with the Wounded. This must have been where he got most of his money.

He also did magic as a job

Raj has always been interested in magic. He used to be a member of the Magic Circle and has performed magic for kings, queens, and famous people all over the world.

He often uses his skills as an auctioneer and magician to raise tens of thousands of pounds for national and international charities, such as The Variety Club of Great Britain, Demelza House, Pestalozzi International Village Trust, and many others.

He still does magic tricks for his guests after dinner. He uses his magic skills as part of his entertainment after dinner, and two of the waiters surprise everyone by turning out to be magicians as well.

The three of them go around to all the tables and make things disappear and reappear, which is a fun and memorable way to end a dinner party.

The Magic Circle is a group of more than 1,500 magicians who are known all over the world. All of the best magicians are members, like Dynamo and David Copperfield. In 1905, a group of magicians got together to start the private club.

Raj Bisram served in the army

After college, the auctioneer joined the British Army as a PTI instructor in The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)

He was also a good athlete, but he had never skied before. Because of this, the army sent him to Bavaria for an exercise called “Snow Queen” to teach him how to ski. In an interview, he said, “I felt right at home in the highlands, in the snow, on a pair of wooden skis.”

Raj practiced skiing for the next three and a half years before he joined the army ski team. He went to a military drill in Bavaria and soon started racing skis for the army. He later raced for the British Army in the Slalom and Downhill.

After he got out of the service, he went skiing and traveling as much as he could. Raj moved to Austria after working for a short time as the road manager for the Flying Skiis air stunt team.

Raj was the first person trained to teach skiing in Ellmau who wasn’t Austrian. He was also the first British Asian to teach skiing in Austria. In Austria, he got his Austrian Ski Instructors papers and started working as a ski instructor in the Tyrol town of Ellmau.

But he quickly realized that he should be in the antiques business. Raj still loves skiing and the cute village of Ellmau, and he tries to go there at least once a year.

Raj could have made a good living if he had joined the British army. Statista says that the average annual pay for a private in the British armed services in 2019–20 was a little more than 20,800 British pounds. This is down from almost 123,100 pounds, which was the average pay in 2017–18.

 Raj Bisram
Raj Bisram

Showing up on reality shows

Raj has been a professional on several British TV shows, including the very popular BBC show Antiques Road Trip, because of his knowledge.

Also, he has been on the well-known TV shows Bargain Hunt and Flog It! more than once over a long period of time. He was the host of Posh Pawn and Sarah Beeny’s Four Rooms for Channel 4, which won the National Reality TV Awards and the RTS Best Daytime Award in 2014.

Throughout his career, Raj has worked with many great, unique, and historic objects. Raj says that one of the most interesting things he ever bought was something from the award-winning Channel 4 show Four Rooms.

When he went with Anita Manning on an antique road trip, she bought and sold an old bronze Chinese Buddha, which was a first for an antique road trip. They paid £50 for the item, but it sold at auction for more than $3000.

Raj says that it takes years of reading, handling objects, talking to experts, and listening to their advice to be able to find a good antique.

Charity Is Done

Raj helped start The Tommy Club, a charity that helps veterans of the armed forces. Together, they have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes.

It’s an annual gift to a charity that helps some of the most vulnerable veterans in the country. There has never been a more important time for us to say we will help veterans than now.

The money that members raise will be used to help those who have served in the military. The Tommy Club gives its Champions only chances, content, and more, while also raising money for the many Royal British Legion Industries sectors.

He also likes bridge and poker, where he has won a tournament. He also likes to cook, ski, play cricket, and play tennis.

His Family and Early Years

Raj Bisram married Susan R. Bisram in 1983, and they now have two children together. He was born in London, and his name was Rajkumar. The 66-year-old expert has been telling his followers on Twitter about his latest projects. There, more than 8,000 people follow him.

He has been teaching people who are interested in old things through online courses. The famous person talked about his family when he was young and is honest about his personal life and childhood.

He had two sisters and went to Highgate School in North London

In an interview, Raj was asked how his parents felt about him going into the antiques business. He said that by the time he decided to do it full time, they had pretty much stopped giving their opinions on his career choices because he had already been in the army and was a professional skier, so going into the antiques business seemed pretty normal.

Raj would have gone into sports management if he hadn’t chosen to work with old things.

He comes from an Indian family with a long history

Raj grew up in a traditional Indian family in London with his parents, two sisters, and other family members. One of his favorite childhood memories is taking Sunday trips with his family in the car and having lunch in the English countryside.

Raj enjoyed these times so much that he spent most of his adult life in India and other parts of the world.

When they weren’t going on drives, his parents would take him and his sisters to the Curzon Cinema on Turnpike Lane on Sundays to watch the big Indian movie and hang out with their friends.

Who is the wife of Raj Bisram?

Susan R. Bisram is Raj’s wife.

Is Raj Bisram a magician?

Raj was an Associate Member of the Magicians Circle and spent a lot of his early life traveling the world as a magician.

How much money will Raj Bisram have in 2022?

It is thought that Raj Bishram has a net worth of $2 million.

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