Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Vampire Academy Episode 5

The TV show Vampire Academy is based on Richelle Mead’s books, which are about a world of privilege and glitz. Even though they come from very different backgrounds, two young women are friends even though they are both getting ready to finish school and join vampire society.

Julie Plec’s new YA romance series is a very different take on the genre, but if you like vampires, romance, and drama about the end of the world, you should love this one.

If you’ve been watching this one, you might be interested in knowing when the next episode will come out. Well, wonder no more!

Here is all the information you need about when episode 5 of Vampire Academy will come out, including the date, time, and places where you can watch it.

Vampire Academy Episode 5

Where can I watch Season 1 of Vampire Academy?

Peacock has the show Vampire Academy that you can watch. Right now, there is no information about streaming outside of the US, so this is only for US viewers.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of Vampire Academy will come out in the US on Thursday, September 22 at 12am (ET)/9am (PT). Be aware that sometimes episodes can take a while to show up, so if it’s not there, you might want to refresh your app every so often.

With subtitles, Vampire Academy should be dropped. Episode 5 is expected to be about 50 minutes long, which is about the same length as the other episodes.

How many episodes does Season 1 of Vampire Academy have?

There are 10 episodes planned for Season 1 of Vampire Academy, so there are 5 more to come after this one. After the first four episodes came out last week, the show will go back to its usual one episode a week schedule.

Is there a video for Season 1 of Vampire Academy?

Yes, there is! Below is a trailer for Season 1 of Vampire Academy:


At the start of the episode, a strange man walks down the street. The scene changes to Headmaster Cross’s office at Cross Academy, where he gives Yuki a bracelet that will temporarily paralyze Zero if it is touched to his tattoo. This is to stop Zero from biting someone if he ever gets out of hand. The first scene’s man shows up at Cross Academy. After what happened before, Yuki is now trying to find out where Zero has gone. The next day, Yuki and Sayori get to their lessons on time and find out that their teacher is leaving and a new one is coming. Toga Yagari, the man who was in the first scene of the episode, is the new teacher. Zero came to his lessons, but he left quickly when the rest of the group started asking him questions. Yuki tries to catch up with him, but Headmaster Cross stops them at the gates and tells them to do some things for him outside of the Cross Academy grounds. When Yuki and Zero are at a restaurant, a waitress interrupts their conversation because she thinks Zero is a member of the Night Class. Zero leaves the restaurant because of this. Zero then felt something and ran away.

Yuki went outside a little bit later and saw that Zero was nowhere to be seen. Yuki cut herself on a rusty rail while looking for Zero in the alleys. She just happened to be found by a Level E player, who then attacked her. Yuki’s Artemis helps her fight off that Level E for a while. When that Level E attacks her again, Zero uses Yuki’s Artemis to hit that Level E in the head. The Level E is still alive, so it attacks again. The Level E was cut by Takuma’s sword attack before Zero could kill it. He is also with Senri. Then, Takuma tells Yuki and Zero that they should come to the Moon Dormitory that night to find out why they beat the Level E. That night, Yuki meets Zero at the entrance to the Moon Dorms. Zero tries to give her a gun so she can shoot him if he gets out of hand, but Yuki is forced to take it. The vice dorm president told Hanabusa and Akatsuki to greet Yuki and Zero.

The reason for the get-together turned out to be Takuma’s birthday party. Takuma says that he killed the Level E vampire earlier because they are different from the vampires Yuki usually sees. They used to be people. Kaname says that he was the one who sent Takuma and Senri after the vampire. Kaname calls Yuki and Zero over and tells Yuki to sit next to him. When she does, he pulls her closer. He says that it is against the law to turn a human into a vampire, but in the past, when vampires and people who hunt vampires fought, humans were used as weapons.

Zero disagrees with Kaname and thinks it’s up to the vampire hunters to kill the Level E vampires. Kaname thinks it’s up to the Noble and Pureblood vampires to kill the Level E vampires. Kaname uses his powers to make Yuki’s wound from earlier feel better. Then, Kaname says that Zero didn’t attack the Level E in the alley earlier because Zero might have felt sorry for that Level E, which made Zero quickly point the Bloody Rose at Kaname. Seiren had her hand on Zero’s neck, so Zero didn’t pull the gun’s trigger. Kaname lets Seiren know that everything is fine. This makes the students in Night Class a little upset about what Zero did to Kaname. After everything that has happened, Takuma insists that they keep the party going.

The scene changes to Headmaster Cross and Toga, who are playing cards while looking at a picture of Yuki and Zero. Toga is upset that the Night students, not the vampire hunters, took care of the Level E from before. Toga gets mad and walks away. Back at the party, Yuki feels awkward as she watches the other vampires talk to each other. Even though Hanabusa tries to stop her, Yuki insists on leaving after Zero does. Kaname says that it’s okay for her to leave because she’ll come back to him in the end.

Zero is running away with a glowing tattoo. At the same time, Senri says something about vampires who can’t take blood tablets back at the party. Yuki finally finds him at the pool, where she sees blood tablets all over the ground. She runs to him and asks, “Can’t you take them?” Zero holds her, but his hunger for blood takes over and he gets ready to bite her. Yuki tells herself she needs to stop him, but she can’t bring herself to use the bracelet. Instead, she pulls them into the poor. Zero gets back to normal when he sees Yuki smiling at him. When they come up for air, everything is back to normal. But Toga shows up and shoots Zero in the shoulder. At the end of the episode, Zero tells Toga that he is “master.”

Vampire Academy Episode 5
Vampire Academy Episode 5


Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old Dhampir who is learning to be a guardian, and her best friend, the Moroi Princess Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir, are living quietly after escaping from the boarding school St. Vladimir’s Academy a year ago. Dhampirs are a mix of vampires and humans who are trained to protect the Moroi. The Moroi are mortal vampires who live a normal amount of time and die. They often have magical powers and come from royal bloodlines. They are soon found and sent back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, where they meet the Strigoi, the legendary undead vampires that Moroi turn into when they drain their victims of all their blood or are “turned.” Lissa’s friends start to avoid her, while Rose starts to like Dimitri Belikov, her Russian Dhampir mentor and a fellow Guardian.

Lissa starts to find threatening messages written in blood on the wall and a memorial to her family that blows up in the school church. They think it was done by their classmate Mia Rinaldi, who used to date Lissa’s now-dead brother Andre. Mia had a lot of one-night stands and hated Lissa because she was the only member of the Dragomir family still alive. She used sex to control two other students and get them to help her spread rumors about Rose. Christian Ozera, a Moroi whose peers don’t like him because his parents turned into Strigoi, tries to date Lissa. But Rose lies to both Lissa and Christian to keep him away. Christian and Lissa start to get close, but Rose tries to stop them from getting together.

Later, Rose looks into what happened to Sonya Karp, a teacher who helped her and Lissa get away. She finds video footage of Karp acting crazy because she used Spirit Magic. She also finds out that Lissa has the same rare power that their school’s founder, St. Vladimir, had: Spirit. Spirit is a power that heals illnesses and saves the lives of the dying, but using it slowly drains the user’s life energy with each use. Rose asks the headmistress, Ellen Kirova, for secret information about Karp. She tells her that Karp changed into a Strigoi and ran away before she went missing. At the same time, Lissa starts to see dead animals everywhere she goes. Rose finds out at the Equinox Dance that Mia is not to blame for all the dead animals. Lissa will soon be taken, and Rose, Dimitri, and Christian will run to save her.


In 2010, Preger Entertainment bought the rights to make movies based on Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy books. The movie, which was based on the first book, came out in theaters in the United States in February 2014 and did very poorly. After the movie didn’t do well at the box office, Preger Entertainment started an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for making a sequel based on the second book, Frostbite. But the campaign didn’t reach its goal, and in the end, the project was scrapped.

Julie Plec said on Twitter in March 2015 that she wanted to turn the books into a TV show. As part of Plec’s overall deal at Universal Television, Peacock picked up Vampire Academy straight-to-series in May 2021. Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre are the show’s creators, and Plec is also expected to executive produce the show with Emily Cummins and Jillian DeFrehn. The same people who made the 2014 movie, Don Murphy, Susan Montford, and Deepak Nayar, are also executive producers on the new show.


The main cast for the show was set in August 2021. Sisi Stringer would play Rose Hathaway, Daniela Nieves would play Lissa Dragomir, Kieron Moore would play Dimitri Belikov, and André Dae Kim would play Christian Ozera. Victor Dashkov was played by J. August Richards, Sonya Karp was played by Jonetta Kaiser, and Mason Ashford was played by Andrew Liner. Anita-Joy Uwajeh joined the cast as Tatiana Vogel, and Mia McKenna-Bruce signed on to play Mia Karp. These are new versions of Tatiana Ivashkov and Mia Rinaldi, two characters from the books. Meredith, a small character in the books, will be played by Rhian Blundell.


Bille Woodruff, who directed the pilot, and Julie Plec said that filming had begun in Spain in September 2021 in places like Pamplona, Olite, Viana, and Zaragoza.

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