Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Draw 4297 Results for 24th September 2022

Saturday Tattslotto Draw 4297 Results

Get the live Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Draw 4297 Results here. Players who participate in the Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Draw 4297 can check the Saturday lotto results 4297 on our page along with the winning numbers. The Saturday Lotto Draw will be held every Saturday and the results will be released once the draw is over. Stay connected on our page to check Saturday lotto Tattslotto Draw results 4297

Tattslotto 4297 Results for Saturday 24th September 2022

The Saturday Tattslotto Draw 4297 results 24th September 2022 will be updated on this page. The Saturday Tattslotto 4297 Results will have the winning numbers of the players who will be participating in the Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Draw 4297. Players can check the Saturday Lotto Results 4297 at 7:30 pm AEST on 24th September 2022 here.

Saturday Tattslotto

Check out the Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Draw 4297, Saturday Lotto Results 4297 and Saturday Lotto Tattslotto details here. The Saturday Tattslotto Draw will be held every Saturday and you can check the result at 7:30 pm AEST. The entire details on Saturday Lotto are given below.

Saturday Tattslotto Lotto Winners and Prizes

Check out the Saturday Tattslotto Results 4297 on 24th September 2022. Here are the Saturday Lotto divisions, combinations and odds listed in the table below. Participate in the Saturday Lotto Draw 4297 and win exciting prizes.

Division Combination Odds
1 6 mains 1 in 8,145,060
2 5 mains + 1 sup 1 in 678,755
3 5 mains 1 in 36,689
4 4 mains 1 in 733
5 3 mains + 1 sup 1 in 297
6 3 mains 1 in 53

How to play Saturday Lotto?

If you are interested to play Saturday lotto Draw 4297, then here is the information about the gameplay. Saturday Lotto is a game of chance where 6 numbers and 2 supplementary numbers are drawn randomly from barrel of 45 numbers every Saturday. Well, the supplementary numbers determine prizes in divisions 2, 5, 8. The single game of Saturday Lotto requires choosing 6 numbers from 1 to 45. Saturday Lotto Draw takes place at 8:30 PM AEST on Saturdays. Match your 6 numbers with 6 winning numbers to win the division 1 prize

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