She-Hulk is officially named The ‘Perfect Hulk’ in New Marvel Art – Aumag

She-Hulk is officially named The ‘Perfect Hulk’ in New Marvel Art – Aumag

Spoilers for She-Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics

Marvel’s She-Hulk is the “perfect hulk” in a stunning new cover art from Jen Bartel, giving the hero the title he deserves. In a new preview for She-Hulk #8, Jennifer Walters wears a sash and crown with a beautiful dress as the Hulk shows that being green doesn’t mean you have to be a monster as she looks stunning in the new Marvel Comics art.

She-Hulk’s new ongoing series from Marvel Comics has seen Jennifer Walters leave the Avengers and return to the world of law as she deals with the surprise return of Jack of Hearts. With each issue of the series, artist Jen Bartel (Blackbird) has done exceptional cover art and design work, focusing on some beautiful looks for She-Hulk. Bartel has also brought back Marvel’s corner boxes, with each issue of the popular comic featuring the hero at the top right next to the cover. With She-Hulk recently making her debut in the MCU, fans of Jennifer Walters have rarely had a better time than they do when it comes to great stories starring the hero.

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This week, Marvel Comics revealed its new solicitations for November, showing a new preview of She-Hulk #8. The cover image features Jennifer Walters as “The Perfect Hulk,” as the Jen Bartel image shows the hero wearing the titular sash and glittering crown while wearing a beautiful black dress. Like Bartel’s previous She-Hulk covers, the issue featuring the hero is a must-pick-up for collectors of the character and great Marvel art. Check out the cover for She-Hulk #8 below.

She-Hulk #8 by Rainbow Rowell and Luca Maresca will feature Jennifer Walters’ new arch-nemesis finally revealing who they are as readers will get answers as to who is the yet-to-be-seen villain of the series thus far. She-Hulk #8 will feature the “Perfect Hulk” cover by Jen Bartel as well as an X-Treme variant cover by Dike Ruan. See the synopsis for She-Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics below.

  • She-Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics
  • Cover by JEN BARTEL
  • • She-Hulk’s new archenemies have finally shown their face, and in this issue we pull back the curtain.
  • • Who are they?
  • • What do they want with She-Hulk?
  • • The answers to these questions will chill you to the core.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Jennifer Walters as “The Perfect Hulk” makes for a great cover art, with the fashionable look and party details of She-Hulk showing how beautiful the hero is even when she’s supposed to be in her monstrous “Hulk” form. Does the cover tease a story detail about how the hero could be considered the “Perfect Hulk” in the Marvel Universe? Readers will find out more when they collect She-Hulk #8 from Marvel Comics featuring the Jen Bartel cover when it hits comic shops and online retailers in November.

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