You are currently viewing Siargao Island Villas – “A New Dimension Of Luxury and Relaxation”

Siargao Island Villas – “A New Dimension Of Luxury and Relaxation”

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Siargao Island Villas – “A New Dimension Of Luxury and Relaxation”

Siargao Island Villas – “A New Dimension Of Luxury and Relaxation”

What to love about Siargao Island Villas? There are a lot of things and here are some details.

SIARGAO ISLAND VILLAS – Here are some details about this luxury accommodation from the locations, amenities, services, and rooms.

Idyllic retreat. Buffet breakfast. Sun-kissed shores. Relaxing treats.

Who can say no to these? The Siargao Island is a piece of heaven already but inside this piece of heaven are the scattered luxuries on the famous island and among the top rated is the Siargao Island Villas.

About the resort

This paradise is located in General Luna, the center of nightlife and food scene on the island – a place where luxury meets nature. This resort has a stunning and pristine beach setting where all you need for an unforgettable island vacation such as the refreshing island breeze with comfort, elegance, and luxury, are achieved.

The resorts boasts about their sun-kissed shores and inviting coastline. The beach has chasing waves and crystal-clear waters. It is also nestled in the middle of lush jungles. Guests many also enjoy the pristine swimming pool that has a breathtaking beach view. The place promises “unparalleled and serene swimming experience amidst the beauty of the shore”.


  • Island Hopping
    • Php 1,600/PAX
    • Tri Island Hopping JOINER (Guyam, Naked, Daku)
    • Inclusions: Tour Guides, Boat Rentals, Boodle Fight Meals
    • Inclusion Fees: Entrance, Environmental, and Docking Fees
  • Rentals
    • Motorcycle Rental – Php 500 per day
    • Shared Van – Php 400/pax per way
    • Private Van – Php 2, 000 (good for 5) per way (succeeding pax will be charged Php400 each. The van can accommodate a maximum of 10 persons. Happy Hour is every Tuesday and Friday from 4-7 pm.)
  • Private Van (Land Tours)
    • DIY Land tour via Private Van Inclusions: Van, Driver, Fuel
    • DIY Land Tour is for Php6,000 available from 8am to 5pm only
  • Land Tours Joiners (Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Rock Pools, Maasin River and Coconut Viewing Deck)
    • Php 2,200 per person
    • Boodle Fight Meals
    • Inclusions: Tour guides, Van transpo, Lunch
    • Inclusion Fees: Entrance, Environmental, Docking Fees
  • Sohoton Cave Tour Joiners
    • Php 3,000 per person
    • Inclusions: Tour Guides, Van Transpo, Entrances, Lunch

For Relaxation

  • Whole Body Massage – Php750/hour
  • Whole Body Massage w/ hot-stone – Php 1500/1hr & 30min
  • Combination and Whole Body Massage – Php 900/hour
  • Foot Massage – Php 600/hour
  • Back Massage – Php 600/hour 
  • Ventosa with Whole Body Massage – Php 1500/1hour & 30min
  • Dry Whole Body Massage – Php 1,200/hour 
  • Foot Reflex – Php 700/hour
  • Thai Massage – Php 1200/hour
  • Free Yoga session every Saturday and Sunday from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm at the Beachfront


  1. Premier Suite
  2. Island Villas
  3. Beachfront Villas
  4. Garden Villas

You stay include s the following features:

  • Inclusive Breakfast Buffet: Enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet during your stay.
  • Buffet breakfast starts at 6am-9am.
  • Indoor hot & cold shower, private bathroom
  • Private safety deposit box
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Heater
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hair dryer and toothbrush (upon request)
  • Complimentary toiletries (replenished daily)
  • Complimentary water, coffee & tea
  • In-room minibar (with extra charges)


Warung is the highlight of this place. It is undeniable that good food makes a good vacation and this place made sure that guests will have the best of the best, most especially in terms of dining.

This restaurant serves Indonesian food – a real and authentic “Gourmet Indonesian Affair”.

What can you say about this? Let us know in the comments!

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