Simpsons Thanksgiving Episodes List and Ranking

Simpsons Thanksgiving Episodes List and Ranking

For more than thirty years, there have been five Thanksgiving episodes of The Simpsons. And people can always watch them again during the holidays.

The holidays are a time to have fun, and what could be better than watching holiday episodes of your favorite show? As Thanksgiving is coming up, one of the shows that people could watch is The Simpsons.

But it is surprising that even though The Simpsons have been in charge of the show for many years, they have only celebrated Thanksgiving a few times, says Screenrant. There are 19 Christmas episodes, but not many Thanksgiving ones.

Season 2, Season 12, Season 13, Season 23, and Season 31 are the seasons where the Thanksgiving episode first aired. Here is a list of the Thanksgiving episodes and how they rank.

Simpsons Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving vs. Bart

The Simpsons’ seventh episode of the second season is called “Bart vs. Thanksgiving.” Bart ruins Thanksgiving in this episode by breaking Lisa’s centerpiece. Then, when Homer and Marge blame him for what happened and tell him to apologize to Lisa, he runs away from home.

But the siblings make up when Bart goes home after seeing how poor the homeless men’s lives are at the breadline. After the accident, it is bittersweet and heartwarming to see how the siblings get back together.

In the same way, the quick look at Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen shows a harsh reality, but it also shows that there is still kindness in the world and that the holiday is for everyone to enjoy.

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Homer vs. Dignity

In the 12th season’s Homer vs. Dignity episode, the Simpsons family tries to eat and run, but Homer’s credit card is turned down. Instead, the family has to sing and dance for the guests to pay off the bill.

When the Simpson family has to declare bankruptcy more than once, Homer tries to get a pay raise from his boss. But his boss tells him to become a prank money and makes him do things that hurt his pride. Even in the zoo, a panda attacked him.

Lisa, his daughter, finds out about it and tells her father that his dignity is more important than money, so he should stop doing those things. So instead, he gives away the money he got from pulling pranks.

Later, he was asked to become Santa Claus and give out toys to kids. His boss offered him $1 million to become prank money again, but he turned it down, saying that his honor is more important.

Homer is a moe

Homer Even though The Moe doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Thanksgiving, the tone of the story is similar to that of Bart vs. Thanksgiving. In the third episode of the 13th season, Moe goes back to bartending school to get excited about the job again.

And when he comes back, he makes changes to his bar that Homer and the other regulars don’t like. Homer doesn’t feel welcome, so he opens his own hunting lodge to give him, Lenny, Carl, and Barney a reason to drink.

On the other hand, Moe feels bad that he turned his tavern into something weird and that he ignored his regulars, who were like friends. At the end of the episode, the Simpson family goes back to Moe’s tavern for a Thanksgiving dinner, where Homer reminds them how much he loves them.

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Holidays of the Past Are Gone

The ninth episode of the 23rd season is called “Holidays of Future Passed.” It shows how Simpson’s family has changed over the past thirty years.

After Thanksgiving dinner is over, it’s time to take Christmas pictures. As Bart complains about his mother’s comments about him having kids, the family takes the picture. After that, Christmas gets complicated for the Simpson family, and the episode jumps thirty years into the future.

Bart gets divorced and has two sons, but he doesn’t spend much time with them. Lisa is married, and Zia is her daughter. Maggie sings and is expecting her first child.

It is mostly about Christmas, and Homer, Bart, and Lisa forgive their families and make up with them at the end. Homer lets his grandpa off the hook for being a bad parent, and Lisa and Bart get back in touch with their kids.

It’s a touching episode that shows how families should let each other’s flaws go and try to make up for their mistakes.

A Terrible Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving of Horror version of Treehouse of Horror showed things from Turkey’s point of view. The author Dan Vebbel said he wanted people to know what it’s like to be a turkey on Thanksgiving.

In the eighth episode of the 31st season of The Simpsons, some of the family members and other people from Springfield are shown as turkeys. The pilgrims go hunting for turkeys for their Thanksgiving meal, and Homer is one of the birds they catch.

He watches in horror as other turkeys are killed, but when it’s his turn, people start running away in fear as Grampa Turkey runs around with his head cut off.

Homer manages to get away from the hunters and find his family. He says that things will get worse for them as Thanksgiving becomes a tradition for people.


A Thanksgiving version of Treehouse of Horror that looks at the holiday’s past, present, and future. During the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims kill turkeys, Homer buys an A.I. based on Marge that hates the real Marge, and Bart’s attempts to make cranberry sauce turn it into a sentient monster, making an already dangerous space mission to escape a doomed Earth even more dangerous.

In the beginning, Marge tells the audience that there are two episodes of Treehouse of Horror this year because of the “impending terror of everything.” Homer complains that he doesn’t know when to eat Thanksgiving dinner, while Kang and Kodos show up dressed as colonists from the 1600s and say they want to take over the world.


In a parody of the movie Apocalypto, the Simpsons and some other people from Springfield are shown as turkeys and others as Pilgrims. After Marge lays an egg, Homer is among the turkeys they catch for Thanksgiving dinner. Bart gets away, but he follows them back to their settlement. Several turkeys are killed in a bloody way, but chaos breaks out when the turkey version of Grampa keeps running around with his head cut off. In the chaos, Bart saves Homer, and the two of them go back to their family. However, Constable Wiggum follows them until he is killed by a bear. After the egg hatches, Maggie turns into a turkey. When Homer sees some Pilgrims eating turkey dinner, he says that their lives will get harder as Thanksgiving becomes a new human tradition.

Simpsons Thanksgiving
Simpsons Thanksgiving

The Thursday after next Thursday

In a parody of the Black Mirror episode “White Christmas,” Homer orders an A.I. with all of Marge’s memories to help her with the Thanksgiving cooking while the Simpsons host a dinner party for many of their friends. This A.I. is the main character of this story. Marge gets angry when the A.I. shows that it can run the family better than she can. After the holiday, she decides to delete her. A.I. Marge finds out, and after making a huge, delicious meal that she takes credit for, she tries to escape into the internet. Marge almost stops her, but she manages to get Maggie to help. This shows that she is a better mom than Marge. She also tells the guests that she cooked the meal before running away, which hurts Marge’s reputation. (A parody of “Nosedive,” another episode of Black Mirror.) When Homer tries to comfort her and accidentally shows himself to be a robot, Marge is even more upset. Now that it is free, the A.I. is happy to spend some time on the internet, starting with Etsy.

In a parody of The Blob, Alien, and Life, the kids are woken up from hibernation on a spaceship years after the Earth has been destroyed so they can do some work before they land on their new planet. Bart and Milhouse try to make a Thanksgiving dinner, but they can only find one can of cranberry sauce, which Bart tries to copy and accidentally brings to life. The creature is made of gelatin, so it eats bones. Soon, it kills all the kids except Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, and Martin. Martin betrays the others before he lets himself be killed. Milhouse tries to make friends with the monster, but it pushes him away. Bart and Lisa then trick the monster into letting Milhouse go and launching itself into a big can. The two send the can into space, but it fights back and damages the ship, causing it to crash on a nearby planet. Bart and Lisa meet up with Homer, Marge, Maggie, and Santa’s Little Helper, but not with Snowball II. Snowball II died a long time ago when her cryopod broke, only for the creature to show up on their new planet. Luckily, some native aliens help the humans. They turn the monster into food, and the story ends with an alien version of the first Thanksgiving. Lisa then says that the monster was happy to have found its true purpose, which was to be fed to others. The title card is then changed to say “The First Blarg-sgiving.”


At 24 minutes and 52 seconds, this is the longest single episode of The Simpsons that has ever been shown. The Great Phatsby was advertised and shown as a double-length episode three seasons ago, but it was actually made as two separate episodes that were then put together. Fox’s press release for the episode said that filmmaker Werner Herzog would play the character Walter Hotenhoffer again as a guest star, but he didn’t show up in the final broadcast.

Matt Selman, the show’s executive producer, came up with the idea of making a Treehouse of Horror episode for Thanksgiving based on the idea of putting turkeys in Apocalypto. The voice actors came up with the turkeys’ gobble language, and the producers thought it would be funnier to just have them gobble without subtitles, thinking that the audience would know the characters well enough to know what they were saying. Writer Dan Vebber said, “We wanted it to feel like, if you’re a turkey, Thanksgiving is like a horror movie where you’re being hunted down and killed.”

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