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Soulmates Gets Canceled at AMC, Reversing Season 2 Renewal
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Soulmates Gets Canceled at AMC, Reversing Season 2 Renewal

AMC previously renewed Soulmates but the network has now gone back on that decision.

AMC has pulled the plug on Soulmates. Previously, the show debuted on the network in 2020. AMC had been so confident in its success that it was renewed for season 2 months ahead of the show’s premiere. As more than two full years have passed since that renewal, some fans may be wondering when season 2 will arrive, but an update has come in on the show’s status, and it’s not good.

THR reports that AMC has officially canceled Soulmates, reversing that season 2 renewal. The decision appears to partly cost-related as it comes after AMC Networks laying off around 20% of its workforce. Another series that was in the works on a second season, 61st Street, was also recently canceled at the network, and in this case, the whole season had already been filmed. The new series Invitation to a Bonfire, which was far into production as well, was also axed.


Meanwhile, the THR report notes that other factors were also considered when it came to canceling Soulmates. Series co-creator Brett Goldstein’s schedule keeping him busy is cited as another reason, as he increases his duties working on the Apple TV shows Shrinking and Ted Lasso. Throw in disappointing ratings, and all the ingredients were there for AMC to quietly cancel the series late last year, though that news hadn’t been revealed until now.

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AMC Had High Hopes for Soulmates

Soulmates AMC (2)

Created by Goldstein and William Bridges, Soulmates is set in a world where a futuristic company has developed a test that can determine one’s perfect romantic match. Each episode features a self-contained story with different results for characters looking for their soulmates. It was a concept that AMC was impressed with, as the network noted at the time of the season 2 renewal, appearing to be confident that viewers would be similarly ecstatic.

“We were immediately drawn to the unique premise of Soulmates as it explores love and relationships from several touchpoints in a way that naturally feeds the zeitgeist, prompting conversations around human connection, relationships and happiness,” said AMC Studios co-president Dan McDermott. “These are stories and themes that resonate and feel almost timely given today’s climate in which so many of us feel disconnected or are coping with shifting relationship dynamics. We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with Will and Brett who never fail to deliver the very best in high-caliber, imaginative storytelling.”

A variety of stars appeared in the first season, including Sarah Snook, Kingsley Ben-Adir, David Costabile, Georgina Campbell, Shamier Anderson, Bill Skarsgard, Malin Akerman, Charlie Heaton, and Betsy Brandt.

You can stream Soulmates on AMC+.