Steven Seagal Net Worth; How Rich is Steven? The Talks Today
Steven Seagal Net Worth; How Rich is Steven?

Steven Seagal Net Worth; How Rich is Steven?

Steven Frederic Seagal is an American actor, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist, and reserve deputy sheriff. His estimated nett worth is $16 million. He is a well-known action movie star and a master of various Japanese martial arts. His movies feature high-voltage violence together with social and environmental consciousness and spiritual ideas.

On April 10, 1951, Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan, and at the age of 17, he visited Japan. He trained in martial arts there, receiving black belts in Aikido, karate, judo, and kendo while also learning Zen and teaching English. He then opened the first martial arts school in Japan as a Westerner. Before coming back to the United States, Seagal lived in Asia for roughly 15 years. He then started a new martial arts school and worked as a celebrity bodyguard. His former spouse Kelly LeBrock and Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz were among his clientele. Ovitz assisted Seagal in securing a deal to produce martial arts movies for Warner Bros.

Together with cinematographer-turned-director Andrew Davis, he painstakingly reworked a mediocre police drama into their debut movie, Above the Law (1988). It was highly received, and Seagal became an overnight sensation among fans of the genre. When Seagal appeared in his most well-known film, Under Siege, which was directed by Davis, he gained widespread acclaim. He made his directing debut in 1994 with the socially concerned yet poorly received On Deadly Ground.

Segal is a guitarist in addition to acting and performing in the visual arts. Two of his albums, which included songs with artists like Tony Rebel and Stevie Wonder, have been released. He also gained fame on television alongside Steven Seagal in Lawman, an A&E Network reality series that centred on him as a deputy in Louisiana.

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  • Source of Wealth:

    Film, Television, Martial Arts, Music, Writing, Law Enforcement, Business

  • Age:


  • Birth Place:

    Lansing, Michigan, United States

  • Marital Status:

    Married (Erdenetuya Seagal)

  • Full Name:

    Steven Frederic Seagal

  • Nationality:


  • Date of Birth:

    April 10, 1952

  • Ethnicity:

    Ashkenazi Jewish, English, German, distant Dutch

  • Occupation:

    Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Martial Artist

  • Education:

    Buena Park High School

  • Children:

    7 (Ayako Fujitani, Kentaro Seagal, Arissa Seagal, Dominic Seagal, Kunzang Seagal, Annaliza Seagal, Savannah Seagal)


    Asset 2010Value of his home in Scottsdale, Arizona