Strawberry Picking Baguio - Details To Experience This

Strawberry Picking Baguio – Details To Experience This

Strawberry Picking Baguio – Details To Experience This

STRAWBERRY PICKING BAGUIO – Here are some things to know about this activity if you are heading to Baguio City. This can be done in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, a worthwhile activity for tourists who would want to personally pick the strawberries they want to bring home with them.

Strawberry Farm Baguio – When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Here are some details about the Strawberry Farm Baguio in La Trinidad.

STRAWBERRY FARM BAGUIO – This is one of the common side trips of visitors of Baguio City and here are some details about it.

Apart from pine trees, Baguio City is also known and loved for its sweet strawberries. People would love to see the lush farm of strawberries and personally pick them from the plant itself.

Baguio sells different products from this fruit like taho, cakes, jams, wines, and ice creams.

One of the famous side trips tourist would like to take is going to the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. This is where people can buy strawberries by personally picking them. This place is considered one of the most valuable tourist spots of Baguio.

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Exploring La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

This is located in La Trinidad Valley in the province of Benguet, just nine kilometers away from the center of Baguio City. There’s no entrance fee and this is open to visitors everyday from 7 am to 5:30 pm.

There are various ways in going there. You may take a cab, ride a jeepney, or bring your private vehicle.

A kilogram of strawberries costs Php 780.00.

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When is the best time to visit?

The best time is during February and March, the peak season and is the best time for some strawberry picking. This is a delightful experience to pick your own strawberries and be greeted by rows of strawberry plants looking heavy with its vibrant ripe fruits.

What is prohibited?

Bringing pets inside the farm is not allowed and cigarette smoking is also strictly prohibited within the premises.

Strawberry Farm Baguio

When picking, make sure to be gentle as the ripe one can easily get squished. They are delicate. Go early and wear appropriate dress for this. For you convenience, get a basket to carry your fruits. This will also help in maintaining the freshness of your harvest.

Apart from strawberries, the farm also has patches of lettuce, broccoli, and many others. You can also pick out some of these to take with you home.

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